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  1. Do you know exactly what was the problem with your credit history?
  2. So I got my PSLOC from Scotiabank last week...this forum was a huge help I just have one more little question: do you have to prove that you have an articling position lined up to get the 12 month grace period post-articling? Similar to how you have to provide a verification of enrollment form when you're in law school?
  3. Your account number is your 7-digit uOttawa student number and your payee is "University of Ottawa" or some variant of that.
  4. Seems like more and more people are accepting Queen's...so we should definitely start a facebook group! If there are people interested in being co-admins, send me a private message!
  5. And there's no guarantee that you'll get placed at the Confederation Place Hotel eh? I wouldn't mind living there, but I'd rather not live at West Campus...
  6. You take every grade you've gotten in your courses, then convert those grades into a number out of 4.0 according to this scale: http://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/olsas/c_olsas_b.pdf And then you add up all the converted grades, which you divide by the total number of courses you've taken. Voila...your OLSAS cGPA!
  7. It ranges from the LSAT being somewhat less important than the cGPA (eg. Ottawa, McGill) to being exactly as important as your cGPA (eg Manitoba).
  8. You should be accepted across the board, as long as you don't completely screw up your personal statement or something!
  9. London is actually pretty decent in size. The "Greater London Area" has a population of about half a million which would feel small if you're from downtown Toronto, but is much bigger than the "Greater Kingston Area" and their 150,000 people.
  10. Decided to accept their offer this morning! Coming from: the nation's capital Age in Sept: 22 Interested in Castle Program? I'd love to go...we'll see about the financial situation Area of interest? I'll let you know after 1L! Is there a facebook group up yet for the Queen's class of '16?
  11. Upon further review, the call on the field stands...uh what I meant to say was that I've decided on Queen's Thanks everyone for their input! I'll now work towards increasing the LS.ca presence on the Queen's board because they're lacking a little bit there compared to some other schools
  12. Osgoode's average cGPA for the 2012 entering class was 3.56, while the average LSAT score was 161. While your numbers are slightly below the average, your high L2 should give you a fair shot, especially considering that Osgoode is supposed to use a more holistic approach in their admissions.
  13. It is not renewable, so tuition will be a bit cheaper at Osgoode in 1L and then things will depend on how much bursary money Osgoode gives me in 2L and 3L. Obviously, I could apply for bursaries at Queen's every year as well, but that's also a crapshoot. I do have family in Toronto whom I could stay with, lowering my cost of living by a ton, but I would much rather not. I think I'm more likely to be working in Ottawa during the summers, so yeah, I would have to try and find a summer sublet in Kingston.
  14. Thanks everyone for their advice, I really do appreciate it. And I do kind of agree with what whereverjustice told me above...but at the same time, is there anything I would be losing out on by going to Queen's over Osgoode, objectively speaking? The scholarship + bursary from Osgoode makes attending Osgoode potentially even slightly cheaper than attending Queen's, which makes my decision a little bit difficult (though I'm going to have to take out a PSLOC either way to fund my education).
  15. Hello dearest LS'ers, After considering all of my options, I've narrowed down my choice of law school to attend to just two: Queen's vs Osgoode. I attended both schools' open house days, and would be comfortable choosing either option, but I just can't quite decide between the two...so I'm leaving my fate up to the internetz (okay, not quite, but I will take your opinions into account ) Queen's advantages: 1. Really liked the collegial atmosphere there (I come from a huge undergrad institution where I had to work extremely hard to make my student experience a positive one). It would be nice to attend a smaller institution for law school. 2. Closer to my SO. I could probably visit them every other weekend, compared to Osgoode where once a month would be max (financially + travel times). 3. Interested in criminal law. Though my interests may change in law school, I must admit. I'm also really not drawn to corporate law/Bay St. 4. Interested in working in Ottawa after graduation. Obviously, Osgoode wouldn't prevent me from working in Ottawa, but Kingston is closer + more Queen's alum/current students who want to work in Ottawa compared to Osgoode = connections Osgoode advantages: 1. Slightly better reputation overall (apparently). Might open a few more doors down the road. 2. In Toronto. I've lived in both Toronto and Ottawa for significant periods and it's not that I don't mind being in a small town, but I guess I am more used to living in bigger cities. 3. Wide range of course offerings from being a bigger school, which could be very useful as my interests are not set yet. Obviously, many world-class profs are at Osgoode too. 4. Offered bursary + scholarships vs none at Queen's. Nothing huge, but costs of attending Osgoode would not be significantly higher than Queen's for me. So wise ones...lead this 0L down the path of righteousness (or something like that )
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