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  1. Hey RJar, I attended UNSW in Sydney, Australia for one year with the singular goal in mind of transferring back to Canada. I paid (borrowed from a Canadian bank) my way through that process and couldn't afford to stay longer so I didn't have a choice...I had to succeed. Prior to initiating my plan, I called the Dean at my target Canadian law school and asked what grades I would need to get in as a transfer student. I would recommend that you take that approach. Begin a relationship with that person and determine what it is that you need in order to transfer back. Stay connected with them and let them know of your progress. Also, know that the admissions process for 2Ls coming in as transfer students IS NOT the same as it is for 1Ls. At least it wasn't at my Canadian law school. I was on the admissions committee in 3L, so I can attest to that. If you go overseas, but don't succeed in transferring back, well...in my small(ish) town in Ontario, I know of three lawyers who have foreign law degrees (two who obtained a UK law degree and the other, an Australian law degree), and they appear to be happy in life and with their legal careers (after having been accredited, of course). Sure...it's a longer route and more expensive, but there are other rewards that they obtained in their process. Finally...you can look me up to corroborate my post. I've been accused in the past of "trying to sell something" when I tell my story, but all I'm trying to provide is hope and encouragement. Best of luck
  2. You might just have a few too many questions packed in there. I would suggest that you look to advisors other than on this site when it comes to the "life goal" elements that address why you should or should not seek a law degree. With respect to the question of "is it possible to complete a degree in Australia, come back to Canada and make a living?"...the answer is yes, without a doubt and I can point you to half a dozen individuals that I know personally who have done it, myself included. The caveat to this is: it requires that you work hard, that you have financial support and that you are willing to sacrifice in some ways. I don't think the answer is: "no, try something else because your motivations don't seem appropriate." Perhaps some soul searching is in order though....because the life of a lawyer is not an easy life. It's hard work. Are you up for that? If so, develop a plan, make sure your family is on board before you engage, and then execute it to the best of your ability.
  3. Sam8989, it wasn't a shortcut for me. It was a long and arduous road. It was more expensive, too. It was also perhaps a bit more difficult to find a job in Ontario. However, I studied for my first year in Australia; then, I transferred to Windsor; then, I found a job . 7 years later, I'm still at that job - at a mid sized firm - and am successful in my role. So, if that's what you want to do, then work hard at it, and your road may be longer but you'll get there eventually. This is not a race and it's not supposed to be easy. Best of luck and please reach out to me if you need any encouragement or guidance.
  4. Alright. This issue is too personal for me to be able to see the whole picture clearly. I apologize for "spamming," and name calling. I won't do either again.
  5. it's not exceptional. block me from the website if you have to....but on the odd occasion that i come on to the site....im going to track down the fear-mongering on this topic....and im going to reject such comments in a sarcastic fashion. That's all that they deserve
  6. Bro....we need to talk. Come and have a chat with me.
  7. I'm on a rant because 3 years ago when i wanted to do the same as the OP, i was confronted with the same fear-mongering and it pisses me off. I went to Australia, worked hard, got in in Ontario, and I'm crushing....so...I want the OP to know that he should go for it, and I want all these people to know that they're full of crap.
  8. What? going to law school is never a risky proposition. get real bud.
  9. Why listen to fear-mongerers on this website. What kind of jokesters do you think spend their time on here...making wasteful pessimistic comments. Look....you wanna get into law school. Go to Australia...maybe don't choose Bond....but Bond is still do-able. Friend of mine went straight from Bond to U of T. I went from UNSW to Windsor. These people posting....will probably look at my post and scoff at Windsor...but they're morons. Do what you want. Work your backside off in Australia. Enjoy yourself over there. Transfer back....and crush Canadian law school like I did. No worries bro. Don't listen to this garbage, and stay off this website if you don't want to be inspired by fear.
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