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  1. I was surprised to learn this.
  2. I don't think there's anything wrong with asking the question. And, in my opinion, asking the question does not demonstrate any sort of hubris. After all, aren't questions like these what this site is for? One of the great things about lawstudents.ca is that it functions to reduce some of the informational asymmetry that exists amongst people pursuing a legal education and career. Because the truth is that some people--even far in advance--will have the opportunity to ask these questions elsewhere, and they will. Perhaps they will have relatives or parents' friends who are judges or law professors. There's nothing wrong with using your network to get information--indeed it should be encouraged. But this board might be the closest access OP has to a law professor right now. I don't know anything about OP. Perhaps she/he is a 0L with a general interest in academia trying to imagine what a career in legal academia will entail. It appears that the path to becoming a law professor can be a relatively long one--what is wrong with trying to get one's head around exactly what is involved?
  3. You're right, I can only speak for my experience this year. I didn't even know it was possible to have a class average below 6.0.
  4. Like Tagger said, most schools do not take MA GPAs as anything more than a soft factor, but there are exceptions. As for those exceptions, a single B+ shouldn't tank your average too much.
  5. The average is a B for every for every course but the first-year thematic and the January term course. Those are B+. There is also no B-. The scale goes from B to C+.
  6. If anything, using your PLOC (only if necessary, of course) will stand you in better stead vis a vis bursaries because it shows financial need.
  7. I would opt for the S in your position. But I'm sure people will have different opinions.
  8. What is the relative weight of the courses with the C+?
  9. Well, you get more face-time with your small group professor with the class being so much smaller. So if you show interest and do really well, it can lead to reference letters, maybe help you secure an RA position in the future, etc. Of course, that goes for all your classes! But a shyer, quieter person may have an easier time standing out in a positive way in a small group class.
  10. Just want to say that I don't agree with Prof. Mallet being a difficult marker. The curve for Legal Foundations is generous and you will do well if you can closely follow very clear instructions. Of course, you will have to take Prof. Mallet regardless, but I really don't think it is worth worrying about. In general, I would advise incoming 1Ls to choose their small groups by professors over timeslots (just accept the early classes) or area of interest. While many people choose a small group because they have a strong interest in one of torts, pubcon, or crim, I actually found I had much less in-depth instruction in my small group course due to all the writing workshops and missed days. And that was the experience of a few of my friends in other small groups.
  11. Ottawa has confirmed online for the Fall.
  12. I just finished 1L and I didn't do any of that. My only advice would be to chill out and see what works for you. You're not going to know what works until you're in it, and having a set plan so far out might cause you to be overly rigid and fail to adjust.
  13. I did 7Sage and it really helped me turned things around with logic games. If you struggle with games--or you if you are just really inefficient with them--there's nothing like 7Sage. However, I did not need it for more than a month.
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