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  1. I found my studies in English to be great preparation.
  2. Precisely; it will make S/NS a far less attractive option.
  3. I'm not sure if it has been mentioned here yet, but it appears uOttawa students can also choose to carry midterm grades as their final grades for the full year. Also, any evaluations completed up to today count towards your grade, while anything else is optional. i.e. a student who got a B in contracts in December can just keep a B as his final grade. Or, a student who has a B+ in PubCon, having completed 75% of the course (say, a December midterm worth 50% and a February memo worth 25%), can keep that B+. I assume the vast majority of students who fared well in midterms (and assignments up to today) will choose that option rather than S/NS or taking finals. ** This applies to 1Ls only.
  4. If you aren't able to get any concrete leads, I will say that a meeting with an advisor will usually tell you whether they will advocate for you or not. Make sure they know what they're doing, and that they have extensive experience with PSLOCs. The first advisor I went to didn't. He was completely out to lunch and suggested an obscene interest rate compared to what other students typically get. Just don't fill out an application until the person basically assures you 100% you will be getting Prime and whatever added bonus your bank throws in.
  5. I think it is very unlikely you will gain admission to uOttawa. The GPA and LSAT are too low.
  6. I know uOttawa is making a big marketing push when it comes to tech law. Can’t say anything about it being the ‘best’ in the area, though.
  7. I came into law school after a couple years' work after my MA. I can pretty much co-sign everything CleanHands said. I don't find it difficult to get grades in the B+ to A- range and I read more in my MA. You don't have to read even close to everything, but I think you get a lot more out of it all when you do. The work is not overly challenging, but it can feel like a grind sometimes. Two thirds of the time I love everything about my classes, and one third of the time I want to look at ANYTHING else (and this is one of those times).
  8. I believe those are average ECs. "Average" isn't bad, just average.
  9. I read The Pelican Brief. I’m still a 0L but I now feel completely confident and prepared.
  10. I really appreciate your opinions on this matter. It's very helpful to speak with someone who has experience at both schools. @erinl2 Thank-you for the advice. I definitely need to do more research on course offerings and clinics at both schools, and, frankly, should have done more extensive research earlier.
  11. Thank you for the advice. I do want to practice in Ottawa but would be open to any largeish city in Ontario, really. This is a really tough decision for me. When you say Queen's is the better school overall, I am aware that it has a better reputation, but do you think this could affect my employment opportunities in a tangible way? I know you don't have a crystal ball, but I would appreciate your perspective.
  12. Hello all! It's really down to the wire for me to make a decision on whether to attend Ottawa or Queen's this September. While I have been leaning more towards Ottawa because I enjoy the city and know I would enjoy practising there (I have lived in Ottawa before but am not from there), Queen's appeals to me because of its family law clinic and family law course offerings. I know the old adage is to go to the school where you want to practice, but both schools are in Ontario, which is ultimately where I want to stay. So should I prioritize living in a more ideal city (for me) or going to a school with a greater focus on family law? I am quite desperate for help and any advice is very appreciated.
  13. The account will stay the same. All LORs and transcripts will need to be re-submitted.
  14. 7Sage for logic games (after perusing the Powerscore LG Bible) and Manhatten Prep for LR. They all use real LSAT questions. IMO 7Sage (the paid course) is a lot like having a tutor. Practice tests followed by blind review, rinse and repeat. I studied > 30hr/week for several weeks. I went from 149 (real score, February) to 160 (September).
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