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  1. No for all four (in terms of official B2/L2/cGPA calculations)
  2. Wait til what? I finished 1L with excellent grades, a job, and an abundance of spare time.
  3. I have no idea why someone would not be able to manage working 5 hours a week in 1L. I mean, really. How much time can people spend studying?
  4. Yeah, this is a cookies issue.
  5. I would say most incoming 2L students do not have significant experience in court appearances and file management, especially due to courts closing this summer for covid. This is not something to be "terrified" about and I don't think you are very behind. But by all means, add some meaningful ECs.
  6. Study groups are really hit or miss. Personally, I am skeptical about their utility, but I suppose there's no harm in joining one. Really, it's just good to have at least one close friend you really click with to share notes and summaries, and to talk about course material generally.
  7. It is essential. Online versions are more difficult to use or incomplete. It's an excellent resource.
  8. Please understand that I mean this kindly: get a grip.
  9. I think it's worth applying again if you can increase your LSAT, especially to 165+. Is it possible for you to apply more broadly? And adding some community involvement or volunteering won't hurt if you actually have no ECs. The LSAT is definitely your priority, though.
  10. Thank you everyone who made such useful contributions to this thread. @NBLaw, @WicketStyx, @TdK -- thank you for sharing some of your experiences in personal injury law. There's a lot for me to learn about this area.
  11. Well, to be fair, there is a difference between perception within the general public and perception within the legal community, and it was the latter I was more interested in. The perception of all lawyers within the general public is not particularly great.
  12. There's not really anything you can do to "prep" for law school assignments before starting law school. The classes and readings will prepare you well enough to do the assignments. The time provided is adequate to do an excellent job. I wouldn't worry about this.
  13. Thank you for the tips, @easttowest. I will do that. I think one of my problems is that I have been conflating PI work with all types of negligence work and civil litigation, which is what I'm really interested in. Personal injury just seemed to be the easiest connection to make to tort law.
  14. Thanks so much everyone. I have a much better idea now of where some of the perceptions come from. Thanks @utmguy for breaking things down. And @Deadpool, that thread was so helpful, thank you. Had no idea about the current state of PI, doesn't look too encouraging. I was also under the impression that there was a lot more litigation involved in PI than there appears to be.
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