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  1. Rejected today as well. 3.12 (aGPA around 3.4), 166
  2. Thanks! Definitely choosing Windsor!
  3. Rejected just now via email
  4. Just accepted off the waitlist!! SO happy!
  5. Accepted off the waitlist today!
  6. Rejected today via mail. 3.12, 166, no interview. Good luck to those still waiting!!
  7. I received an email this morning asking if I wanted to be considered for supplementary review with a deadline to respond by June 26. Hopefully that means there will be some movement in the next few weeks.
  8. I received the same emailed letter as Pua a few hours ago.
  9. I received an email (in response to one that I sent) saying I'd been added to the waitlist and the change would show on Student Center within a week. The email also said no more offers are being given out at this time. GPA: 3.10, B2: 3.42, LSAT: 166
  10. There's an entrance to a pay parking lot if you go just a little further south on The East Mall on the west side of the road. If you go out the back exit of the parking lot you'll be on the same side road as the school. I parked there last June and December with no issue.
  11. I decided to get it over with and send an email also. Received a reply within an hour. 3.10/166
  12. Sorry to hear that. Did your online account update too?
  13. Also waitlisted SIS: 76 LSAT: 166
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