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  1. I have the following textbook with ISBN if anyone is interested in purchasing: consolidated CBCA 36th edition $20 The law of partnerships & corporations 3rd edition ISBN: 978-1-55221-177-9 $60 Contracts: Cases and Commentaries 9th Edition ISBN: 978-0-7798-6390-7 $100 Property Law Cases and Commentary 3rd edition Author: Mary Jane Mossman and Philip Girard $80 Please email if interested: [email protected] Pickup: Richmond hill, Fairview or Yorkdale mall
  2. Rfrizvi

    University of London and NCA

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. Did NCA require you to do the 4 in class NCA exams or was it your choice? I am just trying to determine if it is worth it to take the 3rd year @ UoL or if I should just go through NCA because if it is only a matter of 2 course might as well do NCA. You said you did masters instead, that is what I was thinking, can you provide some more info on this process? Also is it true that you have to have first class honours in all your courses? or 2:1 / 2:2 will suffice? Sorry I have so many questions Thanks for all your replies, very helpful
  3. Hi I am looking for someone who has graduated from the university of london external LLB program and has gone through NCA. I am enrolled with UoL and I am wondering if I should do the two year graduate or three year. I have an undergraduate from YorkU and my CMA designation. I just don't want to do one year in Canadian law school on top of the NCA equivalent exam/courses Please help!