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  1. I absolutely agree with you. That is why I am being upfront and transparent about the time I need off. If I were an employer and an employee did that, it would a dealbreaker for me.
  2. @QuincyWagstaff Trust me I hear you but it's a long story of wedding at one place, partner's conference, function/ceremony in hometown etc.
  3. Thank you @easttowest. I have been receiving conflicting advice about when to advise the firm about the travel plans. Some have even suggested not telling the firm until a month before the travel dates but that is not my style and I choose transparency.
  4. I had identical stats and was admitted long long time ago (2013).
  5. If you have escalated your concerns to the manager and they were dismissed then that says something about the environment where you work. I do not know how helpful this is but I will throw some considerations out: Does the Credit "A" receives have an impact on your growth at the firm? Does A's behaviour have an impact on your ability to get a bonus? on your billable target? If it does and you have shared your concerns and nothing is being done about them then I believe you will slowly start to resent your workplace which will naturally lead to you look for another job. Are you getting good experience at this workplace or are you are always stuck doing the grunt work? If you are getting good experience, is it enough to justify working at that place?
  6. I recently left my last job (resigned voluntarily) and I am getting married in the summer (June 2020) overseas and need a month off to attend my partner's hometown and have the ceremony there. I recently received an offer from a reputable firm but once I informed them about my travel plans and requiring a month off, the firm withdrew their offer. At this point in time, I am wondering whether I should continue to look for a job (and possibly face another offer withdrawal) or whether I should pause the job search until I come back from overseas? I am very concerned about a gap on my resume for 7 months. Any advice would help!
  7. Hello everyone, I am a second year student at the University of Ottawa. I was wondering if anybody here has any suggestions about how to secure a 2L summer job. Aside from OCIs, what did you find helpful? cold calling or emailing random firms to see if they are hiring? did you use a specific website? Or did you another way? All suggestions are welcome and any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. I provisionally accepted my offer to Ottawa and I'm 99% I'll be going there but I just want to know why am I still just "applied"?
  9. I am writing this because I don't think anyone in the world struggled with LG as much as I did. It was by far my worst section and I was lucky if I got 4 right in an entire section (which were mostly the first exclusion questions at the beginning of each game). If you are considering taking a course then I can swear by Harvard Ready taught by Yoni. His approach to teaching games is unbelievable and from what used to be my worst section, I was surprised to find out that LG was my best section on the October 2012 test. I used to freak out at the beginning of LG and waste the entire space with diagrams that were mostly exhaustive by nature which took most of the time and didn't allow me to finish 4 games. Aside from that, I will say the same thing everybody swears by which is repetition. The only thing is that you shouldn't be doing mindless repetition just to get to the end of the game and flip the page but to actually identify patterns and see similarities in games of the same type. That you can get from watching and re-watching 7sage videos. Wish you the best of luck
  10. I don't get how a little tiny comment about a personal experience can start this meaningless debate that won't lead anyone anywhere
  11. Kinda ruined it but whatever
  12. I declined my offer a couple of days ago. Hope it goes to one of you guys waiting
  13. they do but from experience I've only heard of girls cry over LG lol
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