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  1. It might be time to work on the life skills required to be a law student or lawyer - time management, the ability to prioritize tasks and the benefit/risk analysis, determination, hard work, and the ability to deal with stress. As others have mentioned, I would also take time off (perhaps, depending on your comfort level, waiting until 2018 to rewrite), but in that time, look at what you have done so far and how you could do it better. Learning how you learn/work best is crucial, in my opinion, to "having a life" and using your time effectively. It only gets harder from here (I have been repeating two mantras to myself when struggling: "The only easy day was yesterday" (I found BUD/S videos to be incredibly inspirational before the Bar exams) and "This too shall pass"), so if you are serious about being in the profession for a long time, start adapting and figuring out how YOU get to be successful, which I define as achieving the goals you set before yourself.
  2. Do you mean after 2L? That would require a Letter of Permission. You'd still get your degree from your original school
  3. If I recall, there was a discussion at some point about this exact topic - I believe someone brought up the point that when you write the LSAT, you promise to only use it to gain admission to law school. Arguably, if you're in law school, you're breaking that promise? Double check with them I also don't think that you'll have nearly enough time to write the LSAT during 1L (you'll be too busy), or that Osgoode will care about it. As erinl2 said, 1L marks is what will make the difference, as well as compassionate reasons, a well-written personal statement, perhaps your ECs/LORs etc I made the jump from Windsor (single JD) to Osgoode. Feel free to PM me and we can chat.
  4. Not a disbarment but interesting nevertheless: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/courts-rejects-head-of-quebec-bars-bid-for-immediate-reinstatement/article26145523/ After a mediated agreement she stepped down
  5. What gets me is not the blind optimism that I'll find something/trying to cheer me up, but the constant "you'll be a lawyer, and make lots of money, especially because you go to such a *prestigious* school I can definitely say I'm jaded and frustrated and pissed off but no choice but to dust off and get back to it. I may or may not be planning to bug Uriel and others for advice
  6. Sitting at 0, decided to come back from my self-imposed hiatus to tell those that also got none to not despair, and to those that got a call - good luck!
  7. I'm in the same boat and it's nearly April. Disheartening at best. Trying to keep positive and to keep applying and inquiring everywhere. Even the non-legal jobs are tough to get!
  8. Didn't it just close on the 24th?
  9. Glad it's been of some help! I think that given your scenario, while you could rely on some of the CANs from other profs, I'd be very cautious. Case commentary will likely be unchanged/helpful; but the other notes, including on what the professor lectured, could throw you off if it is not covered in class, or covered differently. Even with the same book, or the same prof, there may be significant differences, so don't rely on any CAN religiously. I'd put off using those CANs until you are doing exam prep, at which point you could consolidate them with your own notes in case you missed anything, or just read them over for clarification. Good notes of your own (from lectures and the book) have no substitute I think - they make it harder and take more time, but more stays with you, and you understand the material better. <soccer banter> Yea, I was watching...I have no comment really. On the one hand, I never doubted Super Frankie's skills, and regret CFC letting him go - he also wasn't sufficiently marked. On the other, seeing him score against Chelsea for the first time ever hurts. The refusal to celebrate though cements him as a true professional in my books though. And 1 point to keep the spot at the top of the league was enough out of this game, even if I hoped for a win. </soccer banter>
  10. The dean mentioned in the last paragraph is Elman; he hasn't been dean in a few years, unless I'm missing something? I haven't heard any information about the program either. Spending even more time and money (private law school in Mexico won't be cheap) will make you even more overqualified. I also don't think that a lawyer can be effective if he spends his/her time between 3 jurisdictions.
  11. SLS has a database for CANs if I recall correctly. People seemed to enjoy it last year - I also think it's sold out for this year? Sorry, I was busy with my first week prep and neglected to comment. Hope it went well!
  12. Absolutely. I'm not out of it just yet, and the way I figure it, if the firms didn't see something of interest (or, enough of something) in me, it's their loss. I'm also not a 'sore loser' and am happy for anyone and everyone who got OCIs. I'll just have to maximize my prep and do my best during the process. It's just that there's also extra pressure to succeed, but at least I can focus on each of those firms. Any idea btw on how likely/often it is to get a waitlisted OCI?
  13. Atrocious. 2/19 + 1 on waitlist. Strong B+ with ECs, some interesting work experience etc. Makes me wonder if I would have fared better if not for the transfer. Oh well - now I get to explore the land of non-OCI jobs
  14. Give Vicky a call? I'm sure it can't hurt. But, at this stage, I'd say that most offers have probably gone out, and most people probably accepted those offers.
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