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  1. So now that Toronto will enter Phase 2 on Wednesday, I wanted to get this forum's opinions on what things are going to look like over the next few months. To be honest, I didn't think the city would be in Phase 2 this early. Do you think it's fair for employees to assume that you can continue working from home unless the firm sends an official email announcing everyone's expected to come back to the office? I've been pretty spoiled over the past few months and saved quite a bit of time and money from not commuting, not buying lunch, etc. and wouldn't mind the extension of WFH measures until the end of summer... FYI I'm not in big law but my office is located in the financial district, which is why I'd like to avoid commuting as much as possible (one of my parents has a chronic illness that is linked to higher deaths/increased severity of symptoms of COVID-19).
  2. Didn’t know we as lawyers were so essential. Looks like my firm is going to make us go in. The order was pretty much the only thing that could have saved me from having to STILL go into the office at this juncture.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My first salary negotiation as a lawyer is coming up in the next few weeks, and I was wondering whether I could get some collective wisdom on negotiating my salary. I've always been told what I'd be getting paid with no wriggle room, so this is a whole new experience for me. For context, I was called in June of this year, and have been working at my current firm, which is mid-size and in Toronto, almost immediately after I got my license. I've been getting good feedback from senior lawyers, assisted on major cases over the past few months, and generally have a good working relationship with the people in the office. The initial contract was quite bare bones (i.e. annual salary amount, number of vacation days, LawPRO/LSUC fees/CLE, phone, etc.) and I was fairly content with what I was told I'd be receiving. I'm not overly aggressive when it comes to compensation, however I'd like to have a fairly accurate idea of how much I'm worth to this firm and also for future purposes. It hasn't been a full calendar year since I started, so I don't even know how much I'm supposed to ask. For example, if I'm being paid $X currently, is it okay for me to ask $1.05X for the next calendar year...? $1.10X...? FYI, my salary isn't too bad, but I think there could definitely be some improvement as I simply took the first number they gave me without questioning (not asking for big law salary, obviously). But I also don't want to offend the firm by over-thinking what I am worth and shooting way beyond what is appropriate. In terms of non-tangibles, what are some things that I might consider putting on the negotiation table? I'm open to taking a slightly lower salary if it means there are other benefits (though I can't think of anything other than dental/drug plan at this point). Thank you for reading!
  4. I got called in June of this year so I don't really know how vacations at law firms work. How far do you plan for your vacation? I usually start planning about half a year before and buy my plane tickets then, but how do possible court dates come into play? What happens if you bought and planned everything, but a motion pops up and is scheduled to happen during your vacation? Also is it feasible for younger associates to take off like 2 weeks in a row? My understanding is that files are quite slow during the summer months in this area of law. I obviously will be checking and responding to work emails during my vacation, but I just don't know how much in advance I'm supposed to let seniors know and how much flexibility I have. I'm the only really junior one in my office, so I'm a little hesitant in asking these questions... at least for now when I only started a few months ago. Thank you in advance.
  5. When speaking with older relatives or family friends: "Your parents must be so proud of you!" (spoiler alert: not very) or "My son/daughter/niece/nephew/etc. wants to go to law school. Mind if you take some time to have a chat with them?" I'm happy to always help in this regard. First dates: "Oh so can you get me out of jail ;)" -- I swear on old gods and new, if I hear this one more time... -- or "So why are you not dating lawyers then?" Within my ethnic community: they literally message me for everything and anything that is even remotely related to the law. They know that I'm still a few weeks from obtaining my license, and I specialize in a certain area. and I remind them as such, but that doesn't deter them. People who I haven't spoken with since high school will message me about their queries with real estate, employment, VISA, etc. Heck I once had an acquaintance from undergrad who's living in PARIS message me about an issue about landlord-tenant obligations (HOW WOULD I KNOW?!) If it's something that I know, I give very, very general spiel about the state of the law, but nothing more. (This degree is expen$ive and I'm not giving advice for free even if I already had my license and knew details of the facts). In fact, most of the times I try to direct them to other resources, such as the LSUC 30 min free consultation, Legal Aid, local clinics, student clinics, JusticeNet, or private bar lawyers who I know if they can afford it. As someone else mentioned above, some cultures tend to hold higher regards of lawyers than others. I never mention it first (Just don't feel like talking about my career when I'm on a holiday...), but if you spend more than a few hours together with locals or other tourists, the question usually pops up. Germans, French, and Aussies were usually "ah that's neat" and moved onto other topics, whereas Japanese, Taiwanese, and Brazilians were like "OoooooooHhHHHhhhhh" I've yet to master how exactly to proceed after being given the latter reaction I'm scared of whatever I say or do after that may come across pompous.
  6. Emailed for info over the weekend. These are their offers: HARCOURTS New Call Package consists of gown, waistcoat, court shirt, tabs, and a vinyl storage bag. $575.00 for poly/wool gown and waistcoat, or $625.00 for 100% tropical wool. CROWNEX $565 for pure tropical wool, $495 for wool/poly blend, $465 for blend viscose-poly The Call to the Bar packages all include the gown, waistcoat, cotton-blend wing collared shirt, tabs, and a garment storage bag. ERIC SANA $625 for the purchase which includes gown, waistcoat, shirt, and tabs. $170 for rental. HST extra.
  7. I spoke with an articling student at my office today and she told me that she got her offer, along with others, at 8:30am on the Thursday. I'm banking on that.
  8. I haven't heard back from an office that I would have loved to. Is it safe to assume that they won't be calling if I don't hear by 9?
  9. Has anyone heard from Barbra Schlifer?
  10. ....... What. Why would they make a posting on viLaw as well as on their website. I spent so much time on that application, and I'm sure a lot of others did as well haha
  11. For some reason, I initially read this as the middle of this week and became really depressed because I hadn't heard from anyone... and then after a while, I realized it said next week. The false alarm was emotionally taxing. Man I hate this. I've been so jumpy and nervous for the past few weeks everytime an email from a firm pops up, even though I know it's just a courtesy acknowledgment of receipt.
  12. Thank you everyone. I've decided to check out the list of professors who are teaching the course, when it's released in June, before making any decisions.
  13. Hello Osgoode, The title is quite self-explanatory. Should I take Bus Ass online, or take the actual course? The reason why I'm leaning more towards doing the online module is because this is my final year in law school, and I already have more courses that I'd like to take than the amount of space I have. I have minimal background/interest in business (I was enrolled in a business law course in undergrad, but that was back in 2011 and I ended up with a B... so yeah). I have taken the Admin Law/PCAL requirement online, so I'm familiar with the procedure. An upper year who knows this has told me that it would be wise to take the course this time, because it's good preparation for the bar exam. She said she knows someone who failed the solicitor exam; she suspects that his choice to not take Bus Ass in class is, at least, partially to blame. Any thoughts? I really don't have the motivation to sit in a course for 13 weeks x 3 hours/week, when I could complete the requirement over the summer and learn something more interesting in the fall/winter semesters. But I'd be open to changing my mind if more experienced members of the community think otherwise. Thank you in advance!
  14. 1 OCI, 1 in-firm, 1 offer. I know. This sounds as weird to me as it does to you. + I had an in-firm with another place that didn't participate in the OCIs but did not get an offer.
  15. Hi everyone, While I was preparing for my upcoming interviews, I came across this hypothetical question: "Would you have any problems defending someone who has been charged with an offence such as child pornography or someone who was a pedophile?" Although I wholeheartedly agree that each defendant has the right to a fair trial process (hence the necessity of a competent attorney with his/her best interests in mind), I just cannot imagine myself defending for a case that involves child abuse, regardless of whether allegations are true or not. I have less problems with murder, sexual assault, fraud, etc., so I'm guessing this has to do with personal bias involving children. Someone has to do the job; I just hope it's not me, because I know my stance on these issues will more likely than not interfere with my relationship with the client. My intuition tells me "Yes" is not an answer the interviewers are looking for. But "No" without any explanation also seems risky as well (and I would be lying). Could anyone provide some wisdom as to how questions like these can be best answered? Thanks, and hope you are having a great beginning of the week
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