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  1. Attended both schools (for law) and prefer Queen's.
  2. Rule of law school: throw all grade expectations out the window
  3. Went to Ottawa..transferred out as soon as was humanly possible
  4. http://www.lexpert.ca/500/canadas-largest-law-firms/ They have one of the largest offices (if not the largest) in Toronto by size...not that that's indicative of anything, but likely counts for something
  5. i've just shown up on-time...and even then I was still earlier than most people...managing partner said he noticed I was the first there (even though I was there right on the hour)
  6. Immediately at the end of the first interview asked to return
  7. I'd give it a shot first before arbitrarily closing the door. It's not like you're signing your life away. With jobs being seemingly harder to come by these days, I would pursue good options...they can also open up other doors too.
  8. There had to be a less confusing way to write that
  9. Mine were about the same length I would still schedule in 2 hour blocks so you're not rushed and can possibly catch a breather in between interviews
  10. I would have a couple drinks and move on
  11. Transferred schools...got more opportunities (moot and clinic)
  12. Truth. Big law definitely fits for some people, but many seem to pursue it because it's expected or "the thing to do", only to end up hating it or realizing it's not what they thought it would be. Just be open and apply broadly...who knows what might happen!
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