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  1. googs

    Rural lawyering pay

    Totally doable.
  2. googs

    Rural lawyering pay

    From 0 to 300k for a >10k pop community. Really depends on the practice area, case load, set up, etc.
  3. googs

    Small Firm IT Question (Paperless Management)

    Ive done the office 365 thing at my office. Everything works except for One Drive, which is astoundingly horrible. I wish we had found a decent cloud storage platform before we migrated. I also wish we did a complete computer refresh as old / slow local desktops can be a big productivity bottleneck.
  4. googs

    Work Safe BC question.

    My apologies, should have read your post with more care. The only other organization i can think of is the office of the https://www.bcombudsperson.ca/ but, again, I think others have mentioned the office.
  5. googs

    Work Safe BC question.

    Worksafe does have a "workers advocate" office that is supposed to held with paperwork, legal research, etc (link below). As others have hinted at, worksafe is sort of it's own little adjudicative world with its own procedure and legislation so honestly, I think the advocates office does a better job then most lawyers for the average file as they handle these types of case every day. https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/employment-business/employment-standards-advice/personal-injury-and-workplace-safety
  6. Apart from the resources others have mentioned, I check out the new judgements posted to Canllii on a regular basis and follow a few practice specific blogs. There really aren't a lot of cases posted in a given week/month so I find an hour or two a week is enough to at least skim everything relevant to my practice areas that comes out from my jurisdiction.
  7. googs

    Difficulty in Transferring into 2L

    There may be 'a' person but certainly not a meaningful number of people. Most transfers, and there aren't many, are from other Canadian schools.
  8. Everyone, I think, has provided pretty good advice here. I'd add though that when dealing with self reps, particularly with those who seem to be going out of their way to make things a little more difficult, there's a greater obligation to act as the consummate professional which means, at least in my view, to make the added effort to notify the other party in writing of deadlines, court dates, cost consequences, to provide timely disclosure, ect. Judges seem to appreciate the effort and it makes it easier to ask for the relief available in difficult cases, e.g. special cost or bench warrants.
  9. googs

    Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    An extra 450 registrants since 1997, doesn't seem to crazy on its face. Though, the tricky part in a controlled market will always be trying to correctly guess market demand. I'd agree with Homer though at any rate, the number of NCA applicant has exploded over the last few years so that's the likely root of any issue on the supply side.
  10. googs

    Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    Don't know if this has been brought up before, but one of the bigger issues re: Ryerson's proposal might be the sharp decline in applicants in Ontario [https://www.ouac.on.ca/statistics/law-school-application-statistics/].Far fewer people are applying to law school which ought to weaken the business case. Apart from that though, 3 law schools of moderate size in a city with a population 6 million seems almost reasonable.
  11. googs

    UK or Windsor Dual?

    Why not take a full term of philosophy courses to pump up your average a bit? Most schools will let you work towards another major or minor in something after meeting the requirements of the major and a semester of A's will probably make a world of a difference in schools that factor our low grades. Your lsat seems decent enough to get you in somewhere, but a rewrite can't hurt. Otherwise, your two present choices are kinda like choosing between a lunch of rancid cheese or a stale whole wheat bread at $20 bucks a plate.
  12. googs

    Solo startups - costs and billings

    Why would anyone need Quicklaw of Westlaw in this day and age? Canlii, google, and a few decent and up to date texts cover 90% of the research needs of a typical, non esoteric or niche, practice. For the remaining 10%, there's always the local courthouse library.
  13. The class size for 2015/2016 basically doubled from 2014/2015. I think that explains some of it.
  14. googs

    Family Law

    Not only possible but fairly common. Lots of older people who no longer have kids living at home or who never had children get divorced. Another class of people can resolve custody issues through mediation.
  15. googs

    Family Law

    There's a lot of women who practice in the area, but there are certainly enough men to make the case the family law isn't exclusively practiced by women. That being said, more women tend to leave the profession than men and it may be that the women who remain in practice after 5 or ten years tend to concentrate in family law. So, maybe family law has a reputation for being the 'pink ghetto' not because it's an area of practice dominated by women but rather because women tend to concentrate in this particular area? I have however noticed though that there tends to be a bit of a gender schism within the field of family law. Most female barristers seem to focus on areas relating to custody and parenting while it seems that a comparably greater number of men handle cases where asset division is the only issue.