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  1. Hesse

    best law movies

    Michael Clayton is one of my favs.
  2. I'd say an upper-year seminar on a litigation related topic, or a clinic (if available), would be a fine substitute for a moot. Don't sweat it.
  3. Hesse

    UBC vs McGill

    McKinsey held a recruiting info session at UBC last year for JDs. Though I don't have any numbers on UBC Law grads who have gone on to work there.
  4. Hesse

    Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    Most of the large firms also offer bonuses to summer students that return to article with them. These vary from $5000-$7000. Though the bonuses go towards tuition and books, I think it's still fair to consider them a part of articling students' compensation.
  5. Hesse

    Osgoode vs UBC

    OP - Cons Vast generalizations Half-baked generalizations Seems to have something against weed (and hipsters) Blames foreigners (but it's OK because they're not racist) (Did I mention generalizations?) Mistook the 'Law Society of Ontario ' for the 'Law Society of Upper Canada' (this is a big one) OP - Pros Wants to crack down on evil tax-evading corporations
  6. UBC's has a regular cast of library staff who patrol the main study areas like some kind of Gestapo force and scold people for eating/being too loud/not being a law student (only during finals, when many study spaces are reserved for law students). It's pretty quiet.
  7. Hesse

    UBC vs Dalhousie

    So I was bored/curious (and am approaching that stage in my budding legal career where hireback is on my radar) and crunched the numbers myself. According to NALP, in 2017 the hireback rate in Vancouver was just under 80%. I don't know what the margin of error is because many firms (including several large national ones) aren't listed on NALP), so I'll be conservative and say the rate is about 75%.
  8. Hesse

    UBC vs Dalhousie

    30% seems incredibly low, and I would definitely raise my eyebrow at that number (although that may have just been a very bad year for firms business-wise). Unfortunately, there's no systemized tracking of Vancouver hire-back numbers like on Bay Street. NALP does a pretty good job of keeping track of the Vancouver numbers, and from my cursory scan of the various big firms on there, the hire-back rate seems to be much, much higher than 30% (I would guess, roughly, that it's between 60-75%, but someone can feel free to do a deeper dive on the data and correct me if I'm wrong).
  9. Hesse

    UBC vs Dalhousie

    It's quite strong in Vancouver at the moment. Many of the established large firms have increased the number of summer/articling students they are hiring, and several firms from out east have expanded into Vancouver in recent years and are growing. Whether this is just a short burst of increased activity or the beginning of a longer expansion remains to be seen.
  10. Hesse

    Clerkship 2018

    People have started receiving interview offers (BC). If I read the application process document correctly, all applicants should hear back by February 16.
  11. Hesse

    Uvic or Osgoode

    I anecdotally know of several Osgoode students who have summered/articled, or will soon, in Vancouver. I have no hard numbers on the total number, nor the number from Osgoode who applied to Vancouver firms (though I imagine it's quite small). Osgoode has a fine reputation out here in Vancouver.
  12. Hesse

    Law School Survival Guide Recommendations

    Watch the Paper Chase.
  13. Dude, space law is going to be, like, important in the, you know, future.
  14. Hesse

    Crypto Currency and Law

    Why would this decrease demand for lawyers? The hype surrounding smart contracts is massively overblown. For one, they remain difficult to program beyond basic rudimentary agreements such as "if you give me X, then I will give you Y", let alone more complex commercial transactions. There also seems to be a huge assumption that just because one can program a smart contract, they will also have the knowledge and expertise of the nuances of contract law required to draft a comprehensive agreement, which I highly doubt is the case. Even if blockchain-based contracts become very popular in the future, I imagine people/companies would still seek out lawyers to review or draft a contract if the costs associated with an error in the contract is sufficiently high.
  15. Hesse

    Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    According to NALP Stikeman's 1st year salary is 101 now (up from 98).