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  1. I haven't really noticed any difference whatsoever. People seem to treat me exactly the same now as they always did.
  2. In something I seriously do not recommend, I had absolutely no "Plan B". I had no idea what I would do if I wasn't accepted to Law School. My degree (Classics) wasn't really the type of degree that gets you many jobs, and I didn't really want to do a masters or anything. So, had I not got in, I really have no idea what I would have done. Luckily, that possibility never came close to happening, and I got a very early acceptance to my first choice of law school, Western.
  3. I was quite disappointed with the UWO bursary amount, as it was a LOT less than the Queens one. Has anyone heard of schools matching other schools bursaries or anything like that? I want to go to UWO, but the different bursaries could make a big difference.
  4. Thanks. As for why I didn't apply to Osgoode, it's pretty simple: I didn't want to go to Toronto, and the tuition is higher.
  5. Got accepted yesterday, didn't even check my mail yesterday because it was family day. Odd that they would be giving out acceptances, heh. CGPA: 3.49 L2/B2: 3.95 LSAT: 164 ECs: Probably weak, I guess. Just the Army Reserve and Yoga. I don't plan on accepting, my first choice was Western and I was accepted there at the beginning of January. This is the last school to get back to me, I applied to Western/Queens/Windsor/Ottawa and was accepted at all except Windsor (where I was waitlisted), where, ironically, I only really applied as a back up option.
  6. I was just accepted an hour ago. CGPA: 3.49 B2/L2: 3.95 LSAT: 164 ECS were probably weak, army reserve and yoga, and that's about it. I have no intention of accepting, as I was already accepted to my first choice, Western, 6 weeks ago. And after doing my undergrad at Carleton, I sort of want to get out of Ottawa. But it is nice to be wanted, heh.
  7. I got waitlisted a couple days ago: SIS: 83.6 (3.49 CGPA) B2/L2: 3.95 LSAT: 164 I already got accepted to my first choice school, Western, so I wouldn't have accepted anyway.
  8. I'm surprised Western is only chosen over Queens about 20% of the time. I thought their image was pretty close, and I thought the image of both was well ahead of uOttawa, not Western being roughly equal. I wonder how much other factors play into applicants choice, other than perceived "prestige" or quality? I know for me, I have been accepted to Western and will be choosing that school, even if I get accepted to Queens or anywhere else, because I grew up in South Western Ontario, my family lives there, and I would like to practise there some day.
  9. That's pretty similar to my 3.46/3.95/164, and I got in a week ago.
  10. I got accepted on UWO's student services. They still haven't sent me an email though. CGPA: 3.46 B2/L2: 3.95* LSAT: 164 *My B2/L2 might have been calculated as 3.87 if they counted my ugly Explore Program marks against me. My ECs are nothing major, 9 years Army Reserve, some yoga, and that's about it. I will probably accept, as UWO is my first choice. I plan on waiting until the last moment in case Queens or uOttawa offers me some massive scholarship or something.
  11. My GPA took a similar turn: Year 1: 2.44 Year 2: 3.61 Year 3: 3.94 Year 4: 3.96 So yeah, it is certainly possibly to turn around your GPA to good numbers. It's not easy though, and requires a lot of discipline and hard work. I've known more people who are determined to turn things around but fall back on old habits. However, if you pull it off, and I am confident you can, most schools either disregard your early years or emphasise your later ones. An upward trend is also generally well regarded. I've applied to a bunch of law schools this year, with a 164 LSAT, I'll try to update this thread on how I do.
  12. Keep writing and looking for consistency, not an average If you are scoring all over the place, it is hard to have any idea what you will get. The 173 and 167 are certainly a good sign, but the fact that you are getting mostly low 160s indicates you can't have any expectation of such a high mark. For me, I scored exactly 165 on the last 4 PTs I did before my LSAT, and ended up getting 164.
  13. Looking at the answer sheet is interesting. I bombed the Logic Games (11/23) as did on PTs, but made it up for by going 69/78 on the rest of the test. I am now happy that with my 164, I never have to do another logic game again in my life.
  14. I got my LSAT back, so I think things look good: cGPA: 3.47 (I bombed my first year, good since then) B2/L2: 3.95 (If they count my Explore program marks against me, 3.87) LSAT: 164 I am applying to UWO, Queens, Ottawa and Windsor, as well as UNB. I have decent work experience (9 years army reserve), I think my ECs are weakish other than that, I guess
  15. I got mine about 30 minutes ago. 164, up from 159 last time. I'm pretty happy with that.
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