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  1. Depends on the law school. At Dal, the only 1L exam that was open book for me was Criminal. Property, Contracts, Public -- we were provided the casebook's table of contents for our exams, but couldn't use anything else. (Torts was my small group class, so grading was not based on an exam but on written assignments, participation and oral advocacy.) As for upper-year classes with exams, it seemed 50-50 whether or not the exam was open book.
  2. Ptolemy

    Going solo three years out

    Lawyers in Fort McMurray charge $300 for a simple agency appearance in criminal docket. Whitecourt and Hinton, they charge $250 for a simple agency in criminal docket.
  3. Ptolemy

    Rural lawyering pay

    I agree. Cold calling an office and asking this directly is a bad idea. I guess where I was going is that, as part of general information gathering you might sincerely embark on (whether over a phone conversation or meeting someone), you can get an idea of what kind of living you could expect to make practising in X area of law in X community in X position. I don't think it is unreasonable for an 0L or law student to ask what kind of living someone could reasonably expect to make if they are sincerely wanting to learn more about certain career options.
  4. Ptolemy

    Rural lawyering pay

    Your best bet is to cold call some offices and ask. Things probably vary a lot. Anecdotally, $72k and no benefits for first-year call at a small office in a town one hour away from Edmonton. $72k was (still is?) a competitive salary for a first year call in big Edmonton firms). But there were strings attached (expectation to buy in to the partnership within one year or GTFO).
  5. Ptolemy

    Starting Your Own Practice

    I'd recommend reading this book: https://www.amazon.ca/Practice-Brutal-Truths-Lawyers-Lawyering/dp/1627220011/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1535898611&sr=8-1&keywords=brutal+truth+of+lawyers+and+lawyering
  6. I belive about 25% of the Class of 2015 was from ON (there were official statistics published).
  7. Ptolemy

    Traditional Residence

    This one too:
  8. Ptolemy

    Traditional Residence

    There is a somewhat recent thread on point in the Dal section of this forum. I has a lot to say about this topic. I would suggest finding the thread.
  9. Ptolemy

    Meal Plans?

    I has a meal plan at Howe Hall for 2012 - 2013. I thought the food was great taste-wise (but not if you are counting calories; I gained a lot of weight that year). As far as bad things go, I found the hours annoying and that the room got pretty crowded. Also, there was a policy that we had to leave our back pack at the door. That policy made sense for freeing up room for people to sit. But it was worrisome leaving a backpack with an expensive laptop at the door.
  10. Ptolemy

    Advice for finding articling before/during 3L

    I don't know where there are jobs in the areas of law you are most interested in. (I assume in bigger firms and some smaller boutique shops). At this point, the boat has probably already sailed for finding an articling position in those areas. If you want to be a lawyer, I would urge you to reconsider areas like family and criminal. Those are two areas where there actually are jobs (particularly for students still looking for articling positions in 3L). Why are those areas less attractive to you? What are your assumptions? Maybe job shadow a few practitioners (if you haven't already) before writing off those areas entirely.
  11. Ptolemy

    How much does being close matter?

    UVic is a no-brainer.
  12. Ptolemy

    U of Ottawa vs. Western for crim

    Preface: I have no idea what COL or tuition is for either school. Nor do I have any idea what the legal market in ON looks like for criminal lawyers. Consider cost. Criminal law positions for students and junior associates tend to be lower-paid than those in big law.
  13. Ptolemy

    U of A Vs Dal

    Go to UofA
  14. Ptolemy

    TRU vs Windsor

    I don't mean to derail this thread, but I feel that I must comment on the idea that schools place students in articling positions. To all 0Ls and current law students, I would warn you that, at the end of the day, you are responsible for finding a job and you shouldn't expect your school--its reputation or career development office--to give you an edge over students from other schools. Employers hire people, not schools. Some law students have nepotism (or a comparable "in" with an employer), good grades or an in-demand background that will make it easier for them to find an articling position. For the rest of us, you need to pound the pavement, abandon any sense of entitlement and really sell yourself to potential employers to find a position.
  15. Ptolemy

    U Alberta or Osgoode

    The second most important consideration after location is cost. UofA has significantly lower tuition than Osgoode (I don't know how much exactly, so look into it). That makes UofA a better choice if you don't know where you want to live yet. Many 0Ls seem oblivious to the reality that a higher debt load will limit your options in many areas of your life.