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  1. Must be part of Morgan's sinister plan to monetize the forums even further. Pay a monthly fee to remove the gifs.
  2. Most fun I've had playing a game in years and years.
  3. Shall we play a game?
  4. Assassins Creed Odyssey. Malakas.
  5. Do you like old people? https://www.bcli.org/careers
  6. Sorry, everyone else has to file. Dropped the else.
  7. Lawyers and notaries (our notaries do land transfers and wills) can register transfers and charges via the internet. Everyone has to file by mail or file in person.
  8. Yeah the point of the manoeuvre is to fully execute the transfer but not to file. It’s schrodinger’s transfer.
  9. What happens if your client loses the transfer doc after the ex-spouse train incident? In BC it would look to all the world like it was still joint. I've purged ontario's goofy land title system from my memory post bar exam.
  10. Section 20 adds an element of wishywashyness to BC's land title system. In BC, a properly executed Form A (the transfer document) is effective against the current owner who executes it, even if not registered. In Alberta, it is not effective. Generally speaking this means that if you sign a Form A and then die, the Form A can still be registered. So normally this crops up when someone executes a Form A, sticks it in a drawer, and dies, and then when it is time to divide up the estate, the Form A appears and to the shock of the grieving children or spouse, the family house suddenly doesn't end up in the estate. In order to have a joint tenancy, you need the four unities, wind, water, air, and fire. Err... unity of interest , unity of title , unity of possession and unity of time. If you break one of the unities, it becomes a tenancy in common. In alberta to break a unity you would need to register the Form A. In BC all you need to do is sign the Form A. Which can be done in secret and pulled out when you need it or burned if you don't. Now what you would need it for, I don't know. Contemplating a divorce and want to break a joint tenancy with your spouse on the sly? Sneakily preventing a wills variation challenge by gifting the house before death?
  11. Even land title statutes themselves, For example, section 53 of Alberta's version: And BC's Why does BC's act contain the word's except as agains the person making it and alberta's equivalent section not? And what does this difference mean? Well one sneaky trick you can do in BC is to secretly break a joint tenancy by doing an unregistered transfer from yourself to yourself (breaking the unity of time*) and sticking it into a safe. On title you will still appear as a joint tenant, up until the point you need to bring out that document and wave it around. It will be effective against you (the person making it) but it doesn't need to be registered. So, if you are in a dispute with a fellow property owner, and you are unscrupulous you can just forget about the document if they die (taking title via joint tenancy) but if you die before them you can leave instructions to have your transfer found.** * Does any other type of lawyer get to shout "I HAVE BROKEN THE UNITY OF TIME" on occasion? I think not. ** Why would you do this? I don't know. BUT you can do it in BC! And that is what makes property law fun.
  12. The trick to succeeding at property law is realizing that it is fun. People try to make it boring or confusing, but they are wrong and bad. You can dig into just about any part of property law and find some interesting bit of trivia, or an exciting bit of history. For example, you have of course watched Showtime's wonderful program, The Tudors. Has your professor pointed out that the various equitable interests generally stem from reforms done by Cardinal Wolsey (played by Sam Neill)? Or all the fun property law based prosecutions he did to prevent the enclosure movement? The statute of fraud's rise due to the increase of the use of uses (now trusts) and the fact that you can't pass a trust through livery of seisen? And the torren's system - it can be a dry subject at time, but there is drama behind its introduction, practically everywhere that has adopted the system has had to fight against the local legal profession to get it put into place.
  13. http://www.ontariocourts.ca/scj/clerkship/application/ 2019 – 2020 The Superior Court of Justice is hiring two (2) additional law clerks for the 2019 – 2020 articling year: one in Barrie(Central East Region) and one in Hamilton Central South Region). The Court seeks applicants who possess strong academic records, excellent legal research and writing skills, and the ability to produce high-quality work under strict deadlines. Bilingualism is an asset in all regions. Only candidates who are in their third year of law school or who are seeking to fulfill their articling requirements are eligible to apply. See Program Informationfor details on law clerk duties, position locations, and terms of employment. How to Apply Clerkship applications are due by 5:00 pm on Friday, March 8, 2019.
  14. No. Do the tax law for lawyers course if you want to do a course for education. I've had the CPA in-depth described to me as a business development opportunity for tax lawyers who are not in a big firm. You go to Whistler, you socialize with accountants around your same age, take them out drinking, and impress them with how smart you are and how you aren't competition for their clients but someone who can help them out when they get into a jam.
  15. The exam writing location in Ottawa is a pain in the ass to get to if you do not have a car. I think I used a combo of bus and cab.
  16. Spend your time more profitably, go read this: https://www.amazon.ca/First-Rumpole-Omnibus-John-Mortimer-ebook/dp/B002XHNOEC/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1550251970&sr=1-3
  17. My year people had the same issue, and then by the end of summer they were getting contacted by firms who had adjusted their expectations.
  18. You just have to start ignoring that. Everyone wants a 3 year call that someone else has spent of bunch of time and money training up. Keep applying, eventually someone will realize that a 3rd year call tax lawyer probably doesn't want to move to halifax.
  19. Post-structuralism (4)life.
  20. kurrika

    BC Crown

    There was a period of time where basically all the open positions were in Prince George. That may have changed.
  21. https://refugeehub.ca/job-opportunity-senior-research-analyst/ 12 month position.
  22. The cherry trees are currently blossoming and the snowbells and crocuses are out in Victoria.
  23. The man knows the importance of a good suit.
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