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  1. kurrika

    Associate Positions

    Looks like it.
  2. kurrika

    Associate Positions

    Perhaps its the combination of the two phrases? "Need a tax plan? We’re here to help™" I think a new firm specializing in tax litigation for normal people would be an awesome place to work. If I won the lottery I would consider doing informal procedure pro bono. Maybe they have found a way to make it profitable? And have dealt with the pretty steep knowledge / experience curve you get with tax planning?
  3. kurrika

    Applying for clerkships after accepting a 2L job

    The experience of my fellow clerks who articled on bay and then went and clerked had was that firms were happy they were clerking, but absent some kind of business need that wasn't filled by next years crop of articling students being hired back, there was likely not going to be a position for them in a year. The firms were helpful when the time came to look for a job after clerking, but it was helpful in the same way they are to their articling students that aren't being hired back (good references, help from the articling student coordinator, etc...). SCC clerks probably a different story.
  4. kurrika

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Let ze who has not hyperboled cast the first stone.
  5. kurrika

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    I'd be a lot happier with my income if I wasn't supporting kids. I'm guessing you would too Damn non-parents with your vacations.
  6. kurrika

    UVic vs UBC

    1) The student loan repayment plan will pay off the BC government portion of your student loans (generally 1/3 of your total loan amount). The repayment happens over 3 years and also freezes interest on this portion. This is helpful for BC residents with BC student loans. (https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/careers-myhr/all-employees/career-development/pacific-leaders/bc-loan-forgiveness) 2) Overtime is expected from lawyers in the BC government*. I don't know if lawyers get flex days (you work an extra 45 minutes or an hour each day and get a day off every 2 or three weeks). That is typical of union positions though. Vacation is good, and lawyers get earned overtime vacation days.
  7. kurrika

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    I've taken a pay cut by staying provincial instead of accepting a federal job (in annual salary, guaranteed pay step increases, and in things like actually getting compensated for overtime). I took a pay cut when I turned down working as a lawyer. Sometimes it annoys me. When that happens I try to focus on the bigger picture in mind, I am getting paid a lot more than most people do, and I have far more responsibility and independence at the beginning of my career than most people get at any point in their careers. Being the client is also more fun than being the lawyer a lot of the time. I also try to remember the pension at the end
  8. UBC is not cut throat. You'll be fine at either school.
  9. kurrika

    Finding the right career path for me?

    You like complex puzzles and moving parts? You want to help people out against an unstoppable administrative juggernaut (or be part of an unstoppable administrative juggernaut?)? You like the idea of appellate work? You haven't clicked with crim law lawyers? There is at least one tax litigator on the board (who I believe is in Toronto). Ask to go for a covfefe. Go watch a day at the toronto tax court, see if it is interesting. I am assuming you are in toronto.
  10. https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/56474 In order to be considered for this position, your application must clearly demonstrate how you meet the education and experience as outlined below: Post-secondary degree in relevant discipline (e.g., economics, law, finance, commerce, public administration), graduate degree preferred. Demonstrated experience in public policy analysis / development. Experience in First Nations and/or taxation policy analysis / development preferred. Experience providing advice and recommendations to senior management inside or outside government in both written and verbal form. Preference may be given to the following: Experience with drafting legislation or First Nations treaties and treaty related agreements. Familiarity and experience with First Nations treaty processes and issues applicable to First Nations taxation and/or fiscal negotiations.
  11. kurrika

    Waiting for bar exam results

    The point of the silly marking timeline and poor communication is to get you used to dealing with your regulator.
  12. Three issues: 1) How to fund it. 2) Getting the provinces on board (Ontario agreed to adopt the federal approach pre-Ford, I don't know if it survived that). The feds can deal with federally regulated workplaces and their own employees but provincial legislation is required as well. 3) Re-negotiating all the public service and other union contracts across the country. They aren't set up for additional leave, and topping up those employees would be very expensive. Not insurmountable, but you would need persistence and dedication for a number of years to get it implemented. So far the only place the feds have shown that kind of continued interest is cannabis legalization and sticking it to alberta.
  13. Ze has a point, Morgans basically only hires trinity grads.
  14. You might get asked an icebreaker question during OCIs about going cap college or about how horrible the sfu campus is and how it rains all the time up there?
  15. https://ropergreyell.com/resource/law-professors-human-rights-complaint/