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  1. I didn't get much of a competitiveness vibe when I went to UBC. It certainly wasn't encouraged or instilled by faculty. People didn't talk about their marks much, they aren't posted, and course prizes aren't announced. Of course the student body changes year to year, so your mileage may vary.
  2. LSUC wants you to film yourself eating it to ensure its destruction.
  3. That's extraordinarily sloppy of the law society as it is very easy to be resident of more than one province, particularly when you are moving partway through a year and the tie breaker rule for provincial residency is so fraught with grey areas that the CRA basically never challenges anyone on provincial residency. Although I guess it means Alberta's insurance is on the hook if someone screws up in BC.
  4. I'm going to have offer a prize for any of my analysts who can sneak that into a verbal briefing.
  5. One of the best classes I had was Civ Pro taught by David Crerar and Andrew Nathanson. I think they may have cared about inculcating a culture / attitude / approach to civil litigation in young lawyers? Definitely was not the money or "prestige"
  6. https://www.bccourts.ca/jdb-txt/sc/20/13/2020BCSC1310.htm This one?
  7. It was a PRes course but ran out of Shilo with reg force instructors rather than a weekend deal. Lot of marching around in full fighting order. That was probably the biggest adjustment - walking around in the old boots with wooden insoles and 1982 pattern webbing and a rifle in hand. If you don't hike a lot its different than running around a track in cross trainers.
  8. Ontario's bar exam is a joke. It's a test of how well you read english and how quickly you can fill out a scantron.
  9. I close with a signature block that lists every single degree / qualification I have ever picked up in my life.
  10. Too late to edit my original post The reason they ran out of funds is they were denied a sizable tuition increase they were planning on using to fund the new building. Hence the auction.
  11. The law faculty decided to build more building than they had funds for, ended up having to auction off all the rooms and then the name of the law school to pay for it. The old law building was a comforting brutalist style bunker. The creeper vines on the outside had managed to grow inside the building in places.
  12. I may have been a bit strong - the lobbying I can immediately call to mind tends to be the disagreeable kind and I get lobbied most strongly by disagreeable people.
  13. I think that municipalities are routinely violating the law in their dealings around land development as well.
  14. My advice is to avoid GR work. At some point you will be doing scum work. Maybe not all the time but I've yet to encounter a lobbyist that didn't eventually cross the "oh yeah, this person is prostituting their integrity" line and I'm being forced to watch and listen to them do it. It tends to be one of a few of things: the person is obviously lying, they know it, you know it but they are doing it anyways the person is proposing some sort of "you scratch our back and we'll scratch your back come election time with good press (or donations back in the old days)" deal the person is proposing something else illegal (had an industry organization propose government overlook bid-rigging for example)
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