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  1. https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/74271
  2. https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/74205 Policy job in Victoria
  3. http://pcloutier.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/JT-JobAd-ResearchAssistant_Law-FR_ENG-180121.pdf
  4. Doubling down on this advice. It is relatively common practice in civil service applications to have a paragraph or an appendix to a cover letter that says something like: You can fancy up the wording a little, but the purpose is to make filling out the "meets all criteria" excel spreadsheet easier for the person doing the screening. Sometimes you can do this easily in the body of your actual cover letter but sometimes the list of requirements is long and awkward to work into cover letter format, and a list is just an easier way of doing it. It feels awkward as hell when you are writing it out, but from personal experience it makes screening people in waaay easier.
  5. I meant TWU yes. And I also meant the election back in 2017, pre-changing the statement, likely looking at ways to force the law society in BC to accredit.
  6. To pick an example at random, there are federal lawyers right now working on how to construct a discriminatory tax on foreigners who own land in Canada. Theoretically if such a tax was struck down as breaching the charter I imagine there would be a lot of government lawyering going on to figure out how to avoid repaying people who'd had their rights breached. You can't use the not withstanding clause to retroactively bless legislation but there is other skullduggery you can try. If the BC liberals had stayed in power I'm sure government lawyers would be ordered to look for a way to force a TRU law school past the SCC case too.
  7. One thing BC lawyers do is help people get around the wills variation act to enable people to favour various children, write out step children, ex wives etc...
  8. I've marked hand written and computer typed law school exams, didn't notice much difference in quality. At UBC profs look at grades after the marking is finished. The anonymity is during the process not after.
  9. UBC has the endowment lands which also gets you lots of park / deep woods to walk around in if that's your thing. Basically, Victoria now feels like the Vancouver I grew up in in the 90s. Slower, less crowded etc...
  10. I live within walking distance of the beach, there are walking trails all over and lots of parkland. If you live near UVIC (Gordon Head area) it looks like this from above: You can get to mount doug, do stand up paddle boarding all sorts of stuff.
  11. UVIC hands down unless you need to ski. Having grown up in Vancouver and having moved to Victoria to raise kids.
  12. One of the reasons I am not working for the federal government currently is that I completed a complete interview and hiring process and nearly my entire 6 month probationary period with a province before the feds contacted me to set up an initial interview. I had applied for the federal job months before the provincial job.
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