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  1. Our crowns got their compensation tied to judicial pay raises. And since judges think having a salary in the 1 per cent and yearly raises well above inflation is constitutionally protected...
  2. If these are the oven free units jaggers was talking about, they still have dishwashers. As mentioned I’d rather the oven. Plates aren’t hard to wash by hand. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thestar.com/amp/news/gta/2019/06/10/would-you-live-in-a-condo-without-an-oven-162-units-in-this-downtown-building-dont-have-one.html
  3. Any new build condo in Canada that isn’t an sro, old folks home, or student dorm I’d expect to have a dishwasher. Elsewhere in the world no.
  4. You can get a lot of mileage out of one of those instapot type cookers or a sous vide cooker and a stove top and never need an oven. I think I'd rather sacrifice a dishwasher before giving up the oven though. (unless these tiny apartments already have?) I like roasting and baking too much. That said, my sunday roast beef is sous vided and pan seared nowadays and only the yorkshire puddings go in the oven.
  5. I have draft beer and cookies. But I have to fight deer on a regular basis and uber is illegal where I live.
  6. https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/61624
  7. I'm not the right guy for that. I make new tax laws rather than give advice on them out in the real world.
  8. You don't need a math background to do tax.
  9. https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/61293
  10. https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/60557
  11. The tax court likes to point out how little work / travel the FCA and SCC do compared to their caseload.
  12. I didn't use an index, but the highlighting and marginal notes I took also kept me awake while grinding through the material over and over again.
  13. You'll be able to transfer your law license between provinces fairly painlessly once you are called (just fill out paperwork and pay fees). And in BC paralegal doesn't mean the same thing as it does in Ontario. There isn't any certification process in BC as far as I am aware, you don't even need a degree. So for BC employers it isn't going to be a huge value add. https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/support-and-resources-for-lawyers/law-office-administration/paralegals/
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