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  1. https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/66166
  2. Anecdotally I had a coop student this summer and the law society was exceptionally slow in responding to her.
  3. https://www.pas.gov.on.ca/Home/Advertisement/198
  4. My wife and I were in a long distance relationship while I was in law school. I had the easier end of things as I was in law school, which has all sorts of fun social stuff built in and she was doing grad school alone in Prince George (which is a festering pest hole). Skype, try to visit regularly, I took a summer job in Vanderhoof near her field research site to be closer etc...
  5. I don't think a canadian government would implement policies that were intended to increase convictions in a back door fashion. They may be indifferent if a budget cut or other change may have a marginal effect on convictions but I don't think it would happen as a policy objective by stealth. I do think they would make "tough on crime" changes openly though.
  6. Depends on whether the jails are privatized or not.
  7. I can't speak to Alberta, but I do government hiring. I would not be upset to get a polite email asking the status of an application after two months of radio silence. You may want to bypass HR? Malicious Prosecutor may have a better idea. Edit On Diplock's point - they may be waiting for treasury board direction or trying to figure out the effects of treasury board direction re: cost controls before they can make a hiring decision. Alberta's budget just came out.
  8. Y'all are laughing at zhir using the like button, but I use three screens when I am lawing. One of our younger staff uses 5 and has a second computer so he can run R and do data analytics. I think he may vape as well.
  9. You can just shave them off (the pills).
  10. Abrasion is the root cause of pilling right? Are your pants rubbing against your desk or chair?
  11. Maybe I studied for exams weird. I found re-typing notes while building a CAN to help cement everything in my brain a lot better than when I just copy pasted or deleted typed notes. Because I was forced to work with the material instead of just skimming or reading it.
  12. Transcribing the handwritten notes helps you remember the content better, in my experience.
  13. The middle portion of your post was so over the top with regards to your interests and self-professed knowledge that I assumed you were trolling. I apologize. Looking for a 1st year call position can be nerve-wracking. Good luck. Here's some helpful advice then. Money laundering is the topic de jour lately. With a law degree and a masters with some exposure to that topic you may be able to get some interesting work working for government or a crown. FINTRAC, OSRE, fed finance, CMHC, and various entities in BC (new crown called the Financial Services Authority, Policy and Legislation Division in Ministry of Finance, Gaming Policy and Enforcement, the AG) and Ontario (don't know the names but they just started a new white collar crimes group) are all working on new initiatives. Some jobs may not be lawyer jobs per say, but will require a law degree or equivalent. It may be worth checking government hiring portals and trolling through directories and cold emailing people with a resume.
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