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  1. The tax court likes to point out how little work / travel the FCA and SCC do compared to their caseload.
  2. I didn't use an index, but the highlighting and marginal notes I took also kept me awake while grinding through the material over and over again.
  3. You'll be able to transfer your law license between provinces fairly painlessly once you are called (just fill out paperwork and pay fees). And in BC paralegal doesn't mean the same thing as it does in Ontario. There isn't any certification process in BC as far as I am aware, you don't even need a degree. So for BC employers it isn't going to be a huge value add. https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/support-and-resources-for-lawyers/law-office-administration/paralegals/
  4. I'm lazy and on cough medicine that increases my ADHD so I appologize if someone has already suggested this: if you have done 5 interviews and think you might be screwing them up, have you asked for feedback from the interviewers?
  5. Must be part of Morgan's sinister plan to monetize the forums even further. Pay a monthly fee to remove the gifs.
  6. Most fun I've had playing a game in years and years.
  7. Shall we play a game?
  8. Assassins Creed Odyssey. Malakas.
  9. Do you like old people? https://www.bcli.org/careers
  10. Sorry, everyone else has to file. Dropped the else.
  11. Lawyers and notaries (our notaries do land transfers and wills) can register transfers and charges via the internet. Everyone has to file by mail or file in person.
  12. Yeah the point of the manoeuvre is to fully execute the transfer but not to file. It’s schrodinger’s transfer.
  13. What happens if your client loses the transfer doc after the ex-spouse train incident? In BC it would look to all the world like it was still joint. I've purged ontario's goofy land title system from my memory post bar exam.
  14. Section 20 adds an element of wishywashyness to BC's land title system. In BC, a properly executed Form A (the transfer document) is effective against the current owner who executes it, even if not registered. In Alberta, it is not effective. Generally speaking this means that if you sign a Form A and then die, the Form A can still be registered. So normally this crops up when someone executes a Form A, sticks it in a drawer, and dies, and then when it is time to divide up the estate, the Form A appears and to the shock of the grieving children or spouse, the family house suddenly doesn't end up in the estate. In order to have a joint tenancy, you need the four unities, wind, water, air, and fire. Err... unity of interest , unity of title , unity of possession and unity of time. If you break one of the unities, it becomes a tenancy in common. In alberta to break a unity you would need to register the Form A. In BC all you need to do is sign the Form A. Which can be done in secret and pulled out when you need it or burned if you don't. Now what you would need it for, I don't know. Contemplating a divorce and want to break a joint tenancy with your spouse on the sly? Sneakily preventing a wills variation challenge by gifting the house before death?
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