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  1. yup. But as I said, I didn't bring it up quite so bluntly as phrased above
  2. I've definitely asked these types of questions in interviews... perhaps not so bluntly. I think it shows that you really are thinking all the opportunities through -- certainly non of my interviewers were put off by it
  3. I've asked partners at some of the aforementioned firms about exit opportunities, but not this specifically. What they've told me is that there seems to be lots of lateral movement between the regional firms/national firms a couple of years out. I'm also very curious about movement between boutique firms and in-house/banking etc though...
  4. aajjmb

    OCI dinners

    I believe that Vancouver firms may also do OCI dinners in Toronto as well actually.
  5. Honestly, having the classes spread out is a good thing. It's less of pressure cooker so you don't get stuck around stressed out 1Ls in every hallway.
  6. I'd chil out and have some fun before the onslaught begins
  7. Yeah I'd drop it too. I never took more than four classes a term for all of undegrad and I ended up at UofT.
  8. This depends on where you want to live; check out Padmapper to get an idea of prices. I have friends living in nice 1bed apartments near bay and bloor for ~$1400
  9. Apparently they did take grade inflation into account according to Ben Alarie; however, he didn't specify how.
  10. ps I think you'll probably hear back by mid January, so even if you didnt' hear by then you could register for Feb LSAT in the worst case scenario
  11. Not sure why you'd bother rewriting your LSAT. 167 is the median score at UofT.... HALF the class has the same score or lower. With your grades and LSAT, the chances of getting in are extremely good. The only thing left is the assessment of your personal statement ( which is worth 1/3). Since you've already got that finished, I say you should do two things: 1. relax and 2. enjoy life now while you still have time to do so!
  12. Will be attending UofT next year so obviously resolving this is important as tution deadlines are looming. I was just denied by online application because apparently I have no credit history. Never had a credit card or anything like that. I'm wondering if anybody else has been approved with no credit history without having to co-sign with their parents?
  13. Anybody on here planning on attending the Vancouver event tomorrow?
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