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  1. Our IT has been overwhelmed again. Complete crash.
  2. Remote access crashed for me this morning. Welp.
  3. The stress test at my corporation of 600+ was supposed to happen later this week and just on rotation. Work from home was an option before but only a certain percentage of the corporation could. The latest directive is everyone who can work from home will do so as of Monday. Going to be interesting to see what happens...
  4. I'll also chime in on this one, the only time I do on this board anymore. I did not get a job through the OCI process. I was devastated. Thought my career was over. I know what it feels like for those who didn't make the cut this time around. It sucked and I fell into a very dark time in my life. Looking back on it today, I realized that it really was just a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of things. I emerged from that setback stronger than I could have imagined and ended up finding a career path I am much happier with than if I had gotten that job. Now that's not to say I couldn't have gotten where I am now if I had gotten an OCI job. Now I actually turn away headhunters calling me about Bay St. positions I would have slobbered over when I was a 2L. It is easy for me to sit here and tell you things will get better. I heard that cliche so many times when I was a 2L that I wanted to barf every time I heard it. But let me tell you, you may not see it now, but the statistics are in favour of you landing on your feet. Many people on Bay St. are unhappy with their job. For some it's the perfect fit. If you really want to get there, there are ways for you to get there. It may not happen for articling or when you're freshly called. It may not happen at all. But there are definitely people who've got in to Bay St after not articling there, and there are far more of them than other fellow 2Ls will have you think. Pour yourself a drink (or two), be sad if you need to for a couple of days, do something cathartic (like get a tramp stamp or something), and keep fighting. Don't defeat yourself by thinking you're a failure in this artifical and arbitrary process. Now is the time for you to really give some deeper thought to what you really want to do, no longer encumbered by just a narrow sliver of legal practice on Bay St. Feel free to PM me if you need a listening ear.
  5. The OSC accepts applications with a deadline generally in December and conducts interviews during Reading Week.
  6. For anyone who didn't get an offer last night, I get it. It sucks. I struck out at OCIs. I was devastated. Thought my career was over. Fast forward to now, not being hired at a big Bay St. firm, in retrospect, was one of the best things that happened to me. I ended up in a great field, have better quality of life, and don't make any less than my peers on Bay. For those who made it from my year (2016), it's astonishing how many who were hired through OCIs into Bay St. firms have already voluntarily left for greener pastures. At the same time, some of my colleagues who started off at non-OCI firms, are now working at big Bay St. firms. If you really want to get to a Bay St firm (not sure why you would), there's definitely more than one way to get there. Don't let anyone fool you that this was your only chance. It may take some time, but where there's a will, there's a way.
  7. Yes. Specifically, years back I did OCI at Osgoode, was waitlisted for Goodmans and then got it from that waitlist. How little do I care now!
  8. Definitely this. Unless I know you from before and like you enough.
  9. I'd like to echo this. A few years back I struck out at OCIs and I was absolutely, utterly devastated. I went into depression and I felt like there were many dark days. A few months later I landed a great summer position, had a job after graduation and enjoy it immensely now. In retrospect, not going to a Bay St. firm was the best thing that could have happened to me as I discovered another field I find much more interesting and engaging. In fact, quite a few of my Bay St. friends told me they would clamour to lateral into my position right now!
  10. No. In my day it was more common than not that firms didn't tell you anything in advance of getting your list from the CDO. Just because someone got an OCI invite now doesn't mean you won't get one from that firm - people drop out of OCIs, or decline firms when they max out. I had 3 waitlists and got all of them, including one firm that sent out OCI invites early on. And just because a firm rejects you early on, that's no indicator of your success one way or another. People who have 1 OCI may get a job at the end, people who get 20 may end up with nothing. I can tell you it all works out in the end - I was devastated after having a large number of OCIs and striking out. Then I found the position of my dreams and haven't looked back since. In retrospect, it was actually a good thing that I struck out at OCIs, as it led me into a field that I love.
  11. There's a pretty wide range. One friend who worked at a firm with around 10 lawyers was only paid about $550/week. Another friend at a firm which is not considered Bay St, but a respectable boutique with around 6 lawyers got $1,400/week.
  12. Fair point. Maybe I shouldn't have quoted your post directly. Just that I've seen quite a few posts on here where 2Ls think they're shut out of biglaw if they don't get a position through OCIs. Time for me to disappear back into the abyss.
  13. Back in the day: 1L process: 5 in-firms, 0 offers. 2L process: 19 OCIs, 1 in-firm, 0 offers. Articling: 3 applications, 0 in-firms. Still happily employed though.
  14. I actually know someone who didn't find an articling job until a month or two before graduation. Right out of articling, he/she was hired by a Sister firm. And this just happened last year. And I know of a few other similar stories of people who articled at non-big firms being hired by them post-articling. So don't let anyone bullshit you into thinking you'll never make it into a big firm if you don't get hired through OCIs. It might be unlikely, but far from impossible.
  15. I'd also like to add that I'm around to give advice on how to hustle and the opportunities that come up post-OCIs. Or if you just want to talk to someone who went through this and knows how badly it stings not to get an offer.
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