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  1. To add to what DSman said, there is no 'magic formula' to getting the illustrious big-law job. Everyone is different and there is no perfect package for each firm. You'll see some students on Deans List who you'd think would do great in an interview not get a job, while thinking someone who didn't have the best grades and wouldn't would fair well in an interview, get a job. In regards to grades being the "be-all, end-all" to get a big-law job – I think it's more of a foot in the door deal, personally. For most firms, I'd like to believe that it works as once you hit a certain minimum GPA (3.0-3.2ish?), the firm will look at your CV to see if they should offer you an interview. From then on it's a personality fit/sales game. However when it comes to other students who have those 3.5+ GPAs, I believe more firms are willing to forgo a lacking CV for the higher grade and offer an interview – to then see whether the personality fits. If your GPA is quite low (less than 2.9), it's likely that it will be tougher to have that foot in the door unless you have a pre-existing relationship with someone connected to someone on the hiring committee. With all that said however, this is all purely speculation and based on my own experiences & witness accounts.
  2. To me it sounds like someone: i.) Is not getting laid; ii.) Got denied at essentially every other school (potentially uSask as well since "Deadmonton" does not have the said 'charm'); and iii.) Looooooves to bitch and complain. Man I'd hate to be in your class. Also interesting to note, I guess tinder doesn't work for everyone after all.
  3. As far as I know, you can get a professional student line of credit for $100,000 without a co-signer.
  4. Don't hold back. As bad as it sounds, it's you against everyone else. Some may offer different advice, but in my opinion, if you connected with a particular firm and they expressed interest in you, I'd say do your best to keep going after it. Why hold back when you have such limited time?
  5. silly western and their bro's only team
  6. It's likely tuition will increase, however any increase will be done through a grandfathering-in process.
  7. Doesn't matter if you have an undergrad or not. You can finish your degree through correspondents while you are enrolled in Law School full time as well. I know of a few people who got in after 3 years of undergrad and finished their undergrad through correspondents in their 3rd year of Law.
  8. Sounds more like the guy who everyone ends up hating two weeks into school.
  9. Oh, apologies. I thought they won. I'm not sure about Swift Justice either, however this year they're cleaning up. Edit: Ps. Sorry for the bad grammar in my above post – wrote it during a quick break from my study break.
  10. My take thus far as a 1L attending University of Alberta. 1. Collegiality: Event after event; social after social. There's a lot of chances to get out, drink your face off and meet both upper year students & the faculty. There's a common room in the main floor of the building where I think I've spent the majority of my last four months here in law school. I couldn't imagine going to a school where someone wasn't willing to just hang out at any given time. 2. Professors: For the most part, I've thoroughly enjoyed my professors. They're well respected in their fields and more than willing to lend a hand when needed. I've talked to a few profs outside of class to get clarification on stuff, and they've been more than beneficial. 3. Firm Possibilities: Although the AB Law Society changed the rules this year for 1Ls wanting a summer job, making them wait until February for the OCI (or lack-thereof in regards to Calgary Firms), there were plenty of meet-n-greets and chances to meet firm representatives. As well, since meeting upper years was easy enough in the first few weeks, they have also been helpful in meeting firm representatives too. Since we're technically not allowed any 1-on-1 talks with firm recruiters between October & February, those opportunities have been great. 4. Pizza & Treats: I don't think I've ever eaten this much pizza in my life. Minimum once a week there has been the offering of free pizza amongst other treats in this school. It's awesome. And yes, this is a legit reason to come to U of A. 5. Sports: If you're like me and terrible at sports but love to play them, the Law School at U of A offers tonnes of different sports to get involved in, even if you're not a pro. Hockey (reigning champs for the two intramural divisions at the University), Rugby (2013 Western Canada Law Rugby Champions), Soccer (2013 champions for men's & women's of all University of Alberta intramural teams), Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, etc. Not to mention the first month's tournaments of El Hacko (the infamous golf tournament) & Law's a Beach (the softball tourney). 6. Thursday Night Socials: Every Thursday night, with the exception of this week and the next two (for finals), a large number of the Law Students get together across the street from the school and, for lack of a better term, get shitfaced. It's great. 7. Clubs: I think there's essentially a club for everything. Energy, Business, SLS, Law Show, Law Games, Squash Club, Chess Club, Women's Rights, Men's Rights, SNAIL's Rights; the list goes on. If you like something, there's a club for you. 8. Library: Although it may at times be infested with SNAILs, for the most part it's awesome. There's always someone you can study with; there's a room that's silent & available only to law students if you've got ADHD and can't stay focused if there's any noise around you; the chairs are surprisingly comfy; and there's plug-ins – everywhere. 9. It's In Edmonton: Yes, the winter is fucking abysmal in Edmonton. But, for the most part, it's a great city. Although Campus is small, there's tonnes of stuff around it if you're ever bored or want some good food. Also, we're close to Fort Mac – Alberta's Hell Hole Western Canada's Vegas. What could be better than that? 10. Overall: Obviously I'm biased being that I'm attending here. However, aside from the try-hard alpha male/female students and the little highschool drama that I assume exists at law schools across Canada, U of A has been awesome so far. I'm sure everyone has a few things they'd change about their school, and I'm no exception, but I can truly say I do not regret going to U of A. If there are any prospective students that want some questions answered or are curious about the U of A, feel free to shoot me a message. I'd be more than happy to help answer anything.
  11. Congrats everyone! I look forward to meeting (..and partying with) all of you
  12. Rejected my offer today. Good luck to everyone else who's still waiting!
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