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  1. I have no relationship to Spier, other than as a customer. I wanted to add to the chorus that endorses Spier and MacKay. In Spier's price range, it is the first place you should try. A look at its 4000+ page thread on Styleforum (the preeminent place on the internet for suits and the like) should give you an idea of its following. If I ever have to wear that level of formality on the reg again, I'll be heading back there.
  2. Sounds like Denton's thinking is that they can hire students in 1L and that inertia would keep them from entering the OCI or articling recruits, and they feel that they prefer the security/perceived caliber of candidates they are able to recruit in 1L versus competing against everyone else in 2L. Or did you mean something else?
  3. I noticed this a few years ago, e.g. City of Toronto seems to pay more than even MAG (which itself seems high for government, comparatively speaking.) To what extent do municipalities tend to have the sort of pension Ontario MAG lawyers have?
  4. Caveat that this advice is from the mid 2010's: I honestly do not remember how I bound mine. I did not skip anything except for a handful of paragraphs about some arcane securities/commercial topic. I have never heard of this skipping all of tax thing you mention. I made mine in a group, traded with another group or maybe two, but ultimately what I used most was either just what I knew or the detailed ToC. If I had to honestly estimate I used an index for max 10% of the questions. I think I did the former, but I sort of focused on understanding in a broad sense what I was reading and then updating. I think treating it like a regular full time job is sufficient. I did some free practice exam questions. I don't think it is actually that necessary, I would probably just do free ones.
  5. OP has a command of written English significantly beyond that of an average Canadian-born Canadian.
  6. Bump. Shirt is labelled by Harcourts as size 12R.
  7. Hello, I am helping my wife sell her robes. She is a 5'5" woman and has the whole kit from Harcourts. They have been worn exactly twice. If interested, please PM and I'll send pictures and list out exactly what is for sale. We are in downtown Toronto.
  8. In your case, I would suggest sticking to the 13 inch for portability and consider getting an external monitor for home.
  9. Bud, you are being really obtuse. QuincyWagstaff's comment I agree would be dumb as hell, EXCEPT that it was in response -- you can see, Quincy quoted it in their response -- to a post that begins with "So I was in a meeting with a partner at the accounting firm I'm now working for." Pretty fair to assume this person is at least an articling student if not a lawyer. And when persons say income, they are generally referring to gross. So it's absolutely right to wonder - hey lawyer working for PwC or whatever, you're not making more than 48,000 a year? First year accountants at the Big 4, who are fresh out of undergrad, make about that salary.
  10. I think most think Loding are higher quality than AE, or at least the same level. The kinds of brands Woolridge carries are all or almost all definitely higher quality than AE. Tricker's, Cheaney, etc. Last time I checked Loding had some EEE sizes. If you're very certain you need wide shoes I'd bet you are close enough to EEE. I don't know if Woolridge keeps them in stock but i would just call him to see. He is an artisan/aficianado sort and I'm sure could order them for you. The stores are pretty close together, both are downtown. First Canadian and Commerce Court or something like that, going off memory here. Other than the Rack, it's really eBay, AE's own website or shoebank (for seconds), or a thrift store. Or get fitted at an AE store in the states.
  11. If you have that kind of budget, I would just buy Loding or an English shoe at Woolridge. Also, I think the answer to your question is no. Last time I checked Nordstrom in-store just had a few different sizes but just in D width.
  12. Sounds like you've not gotten a job through the undergrad ibanking recruit for one reason or another. I am not trying to be mean when I say that I suggest improving your maturity a bit before applying to an MBA at a top school -- including the USA if you have the financial resources to do so, and putting most of your efforts towards the finance angle, if you have the chops for it. I wouldn't recommend law unless your mindset towards it changes a lot.
  13. I'm sure not everywhere, but it is known to exist.
  14. If you're prone to busting pants, I vote 2, charcoal and navy. If you're not, I lean 3 suits, add in a medium grey or something.
  15. OP, I agree with ghalm and deadpool. Odd whow some are trying to start a debate about affirmative action. Affirmative action is not a policy in Canada. To anyone in this thread thinking things like "oh, I never see anything racist", or "oh, I never see anyone being othered" -- you should consider the possibility that you might not experience or notice these things, despite them happening. That kind of attitude is reminscient of the men -- in every industry -- that question and doubt the plague of sexual assaults and sexual harassment against women in their industry, because "if it happened they would have heard about it."
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