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  1. If anyone has any guidance on what to expect for an ATIP job interview with the federal government, please get in touch. TIA.
  2. A colleague recently told me that if you maintain a certain average, you can do an LLM at the University of Ottawa for free. That really doesn't seem right to me and I couldn't find anything about it online. Does anyone know anything about this? If that is indeed the case, I might just go for it.
  3. Any savvy people here who can comment on classes like "Coding Bootcamp." Can someone learn coding in one semester? Is this helpful to a legal career? Will one semester help advance a career in a non legal field?
  4. If articling is useless and has no benefit, the LSO should go ahead and abolish it. They are certainly sending out that message. It is madness to have 3 separate paths to licensing and stupid decisions like that are why the LSO has over 600 employees and our fees are astronomical.
  5. I can confirm that document review work is nearly non existent in Ottawa. Its primarily in Toronto where all the big firms and all the clients are based.
  6. Congratulations on your pregnancy. In my experience, the legal market in Ottawa is not very good. Does your husband speak french? This city barely has a private sector. Almost everyone works for the government (which requires French). Applying for a government job (legal or non legal) is a long and arduous process. I have been applying for years and only got a handful of interviews. The federal government has an entire branch that does document review. However, it is mostly staffed by people with the job title "paralegal." There is only one private company doing document review in Ottawa. There is also a big law firm that has people do due diligence. PM me if you want the names of these two. I am not from Ottawa. I am a lawyer who went to law school and was called to the bar in Ontario and Ive had essentially zero luck getting anywhere in this city. From the lawyers I met, it seems that people who are from here or went to law school here seems to have advantages the rest of us don't. Thats just my experience. All the best to you and your husband.
  7. The federal government is a painful, painful process. You apply, a year later you (maybe) get invited to write a test. Or, you apply and a year later get an email saying the competition has been cancelled. I guess the best way to get in is to know someone.
  8. I have been trying to get a policy job with any level of government for years. My impression is that a law degree is entirely useless in non law jobs. All it does it deter employers from interviewing someone who otherwise could have gotten the interview. From friends that have made the transition into non-law, it seems that law experience and / or connections was what made the transition happen.
  9. Wish someone would post a comprehensive guide for Ontario : )
  10. Im a law grad preparing for a job interview. I would really appreciate it if someone would share the competition law syllabus with me (in a private message) as Im looking for some readings on the subject. Thank you.
  11. If anyone has experience interviewing to work at the Competition Bureau as competition law officer and wants to share their experience with me, please send me a message. It will be much appreciated.
  12. A friend of mine is a 4th year associate in a medium sized firm in Ottawa told me she makes 75k. However, she moved to the city recently and had no insight on how much first year associates normally make in Ottawa.
  13. ‘legal knowledge engineers’ / ‘legal knowledge consultants’ / ‘legal technologists’ / ‘legal process analysts’ = document reviewers at Deloitte
  14. Ok, if nothing else, Im a taxpayer and I don't want my tax money to be spent subsidizing useless and expensive degrees that graduate people that will then not work in the field/contribute to society. If you don't care about the indebted students, can you at least consider that argument? All existing members are subsidizing the LPP program as well. The problem exists. It is well documented. Why contribute to the problem? Why does LSUC have to actively worsen the situation for all? I pay LSUC fees and would love it if for once they voted in my interest. Of course unemployed or underemployed lawyers pay LSUC fees too and thats what it comes down to.
  15. Is it too late to stop this madness? There is absolutely no good reason to add any more law schools. There are no jobs. There are no articling jobs. There are no junior associates jobs. Please, won't someone think of the market/economy/taxpayer subsidizing this/poor indebted future students?
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