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  1. thanks I found a summary for "Indigenous Land" that will be useful
  2. Hi, I am taking a class in Aboriginal Law at McGill and I am curious to see/compare with the classes you get in BC. Would someone be super kind and share their outline/summary with me ? I would be very thankful ! Humble McGillian
  3. They are all great teachers, no bad choice there. In my anecdotal experience Dedek wasn't very accommodating to francophones (asked me to ask my questions in english so all could understand...I also suspect - but don't know - that he doesn't correct papers in french himself) but I heard really good things about his class from people who stayed in it (I dropped it because of that language comments). Gelinas, I heard good things and his fashion style is supposedly fascinating, Antaki's class will probably be more out there than Provost's (Provost class is almost identical every year if you want predictable, I took it with Provost but Antaki wasn't an option in my year, would love to take a class with him!). Manikis is usually easy to follow and everything in the powerpoints type. Never had Megret but heard good things. Pless is fun and Poirier is a top notch constitutional law expert. I don't know Smith well (should specify first name but both prof Smiths are very competent scholars) and Saumier is also very competent but I dropped the one class I registered for with her because I got bored (I'm easily bored). My advice : pick the best time for your schedule or based on type of evaluation (if you have access to that info). Good luck !
  4. If you have a stronger language pick a teacher that teach in that language and if the classes are not at the same time pick the time most comfortable for you. 1L will be painful regardless of the teacher you pick. If you have access to that info (syllabus) you could also pick based on type of evaluation (open/closed book, sit down exam or take home, group work or not, several midterms or one, graded oral participation etc). Once you picked you section, ask an upper year for their class notes/summaries, it helps to know where the teacher is going. Good luck !
  5. Are you over 30 years old by any chance ? If so ask admissions about the "mature student" application (the year I applied it meant that they put less weight on grades and more on experience + an interview, other than that not very different from "university" applicants). You say you have a license de droit right? could you just get some sort of equivalence to be able to apply to the bar here and only have to redo some of the classes? Someone in my class was doing that (from France as well). In that case I think you wouldn't apply the same way either so that's a question for admissions. Agreed with msk2012, LSAT is not a good idea if you are not confident in english, it is a matter of seconds and when you need to be smart and quick it sucks to have to do it in your second language... PS: have you looked into Université de Laval (Quebec City) ?
  6. I recommend renting close to bus 80/435 (park avenue), there are a lot of mcgill (law included) students on that route and the neighbourhood is way nicer than the "ghetto". Somewhere between Bernard and Park and des Pins and Park, with a huge budget like that you'll get a fancy 4 1/2, everyone will want to hang out at your place (look for a backyard and/or balcony for barbecues!) PS: if climbing the hill is an issue look at places along the 144 bus basically close to Des Pins between saint-denis and park (that bus is not as good as the 80/435)
  7. Yup, j'ai officiellement accepté que j'aurais pas d'appel avec RSS, je les avais beaucoup appréciés
  8. Anyone on there eagerly awaiting a call from RSS? looking for buddies
  9. anyone know if RSS started call back yet? thanks
  10. Do you know if Lavery has called ? thanks
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