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  1. IN! Adjusted cGPA 3.6 LSAT 171. Index....no idea. Good luck everyone!
  2. Hey N_A7 Like I mentioned, I bought the 5-month day-to-day study plan. I believe it set me back...$30? He exclusively includes the books in his plan, no extra material is needed! All you need are the PowerScore LR and LG bibles. And all the PT's of course
  3. Hey N_A7! I followed Steve's 5-month study plan religiously (http://lsatblog.blogspot.ca/). I can't recommand it enough...Took all the prep tests available at the time (44 I believe), more than half of these under test conditions. And most importantly I went over every mistake I made several times and understood how/why I got them wrong. Little tip, and this is controversial I know... I gained 5+ points overnight by reading the question before the stimulus on LR. Comes down to personal preference...but worth a try! I had LR + LG on lock-down...but English isn't my first language (moved to Canada 6 years ago), and that was quite the disadvantage when it came down to RC. Good luck! Boris
  4. First PT 148. 171 on the real thing. It's doable!
  5. Hey almostnot, Yes, that was my idea as well. I quickly browsed the U of A website, and it doesn't seem like they accept any additional documents on top of the required ones. I will e-mail Kim about it. Thanks for your input! Boris
  6. Hedgis, I believe that I am fully recovered...but I guess the only way for me to demonstrate it is to finish on a solid note (this is my last semester). You've further reinforced my decision to disclose it on my application. Thanks for your reply, it helps! Boris
  7. Hey guys, First of all, thanks for taking the time to read/reflect on this. I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder Type I after going through a (rather intense) manic episode out of the blue last November. I had to drop out of all my classes, ended up in a hospital for a month and a half, and consequently my grades suffered immensely in the Winter/Summer semesters due to meds and obvious psychological reasons.. I was planning on graduating with a cGPA of 3.1 with a B2 of 3.3 (Biochem major), which combined with my 171 on the LSAT would have given me a shot at U of A, my target school. However, the aforementioned events will lead me to graduate with a B2 of....3.0 ( I know...). I'm also applying to U of S and U of M as a safety net...I would be glad to attend either of these schools if my U of A attempt fails! Given the admissions trends from the past couple of years, my admissions chances at the U of A are...compromised to say the least! Should I disclose my mental illness in the Supplemental Form that the U of A requires? The second question is the following :If you think that there are any significant circumstances or relevant facts relating to your application that you wish to communicate to the Admissions Committee, describe them below. However, this is a double-edged sword, as if I reveal my mental health issue, I'm worried that the Ad Comm might find me unfit to attend law school... I was going to e-mail Kim about it, I would just like to have a second opinion on the issue before I do anything. Thanks for your replies guys, I really appreciate it! Boris
  8. I (REALLY) recommand Lsatblog's study plans. It gives you a daily breakdown of what you have to get done, and it slowly builds up to the exam. It's amazing, no idea what I would have done without it. Best $30 I've ever spent. Literally.
  9. Congrats Natington, what is your cGPA if you don't mind me asking ?
  10. Hey thirstyp no worries. I'm actually applying to LS next cycle, I still have a couple of UG semesters to go. Obviously with my stats UVic UBC U of T Osgoode and McGill are out. However I believe I have a strong chance at U of A, given the fact that I only took the LSAT once and that they average your scores, + they only look at your last 60 credits. I also believe I'd be a long shot at Queen's Western and Dal. I'll also apply at USask for back-up.
  11. Thirstyp I used to be in the exact same boat. Con U student, 3.1 cGPA 3.3-3.4 best/lsat2 , Biochem major, told myself that it was either do well on the LSAT in December or forget about law school. 1st diagnosis 147, hit a 171 on the real thang after 7 months of studying including 45 PTs. Also, since you're from McGill, we've been blessed with an awesome LSAT taking location. The proctors are amazing from my friends/my experience, and the desks are massive with tons of room between test takers. It does help. The LSAT is highly learnable, you have to commit at least 3-4 months with your diag in order to score 170+ IMO. I highly recommand the LSAT Blog's study plan, that's what I used to prep for it. Good luck !
  12. +100. However, someone here mentionned that the 1st -time consuming- game was a sequencing game. And they're usually the easiest IMO.
  13. With a 168 + a 3.75 lsat 2 you are IN at U of A. U of C is extremely unpredictable, but I'd say you have a foot in. You probably also have a solid chance at Queen's/Western/Osgoode. However UBC, UVic and U of T out.
  14. Thanks theiva. How about U of T ............ ? I'm really hoping U of Alberta, but I've borderline there too this year. I have no chance here in BC. Hellloooo U Sask/Manitoba !
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