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  1. One of the big dogs (national, 110 scale) has cut associate salaries by 10%.
  2. Look. Every lawyer knows the sisters are ahead of the game by a mile. And anyone who says different must work at a seriously dustbag firm...
  3. Not sure this is still true. I have it on good authority from a partnor at Davies.
  4. Also any intel on how Osler can hire so many more students than most other firms but remain small proportionately? Is it a fireback firm? I heard they don’t even post associate photos.
  5. What firms do students think are the most prestigious now? What’s your top 20? I’m legit curious lol.
  6. Has anyone heard from their firm on how the economic impacts of CV19 are going to affect partners/associates? There have been rumours circulating about layoffs, but I haven’t heard anything confirmed yet. No official word from my firm, except that the leaders are discussing what to do with associates whose workload has evaporated (deals cancelled etc), including whether or not it’s possible to have them temporarily do work in practice areas that aren’t dead.
  7. In one of these right now. They’re the worst.
  8. Standard scale is 180 at top end for 5th year if my recollection is correct. Edit: As Barely says, that’s for full service. Most boutiques aren’t close, particularly in my area of law.
  9. I think usually standard is $180 (high end), subject to some variability.
  10. Last year, in a packed courtroom, I tried to schedule a motion for February 29. The judge had to tell me that there was no such date in 2019 and sent me away to find a real one.
  11. You’ll find another partner who will get mad at you for not personally meeting the clients timeline. They’re a firm client but, if you’re already an associate, and they directly ask you for advice, they’re your client in those circumstances. On the other hand, if I’m not 100% on an answer, even as a whatever year, I’ll walk into 5 offices and call 5 other friends and I don’t care if they’re at other firms. You should ideally be 100% before you go client, if at all possible.
  12. There were 4 courses that I took in law school that are related to my current practice. I got below the class average in all of them. Nobody has ever asked about it, but ymmv.
  13. Not saying the marshmallow challenge isn’t juvenile, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done it at a seminar at my firm with rlly old partners who were not fun to do it with. So it might even be a common occurrence in law 🤷‍♂️
  14. This hit less well downtown where everyone is a lawyer. But damn, hang around in that timmies at McCowan and Eg and you’re talk of the town.
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