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  1. This is very uncommon. I haven’t heard of anything like it in law, although I’ve heard of it happening in other environments. That said, there are creepy people everywhere, including in law. You will be put in, generally mild, uncomfortable situations. I’ve had my fair share with older female lawyers as well. It’s not necessarily a one sex issue, although I suspect women get it worse. For something as egregious as what you experienced, if it was in your actual place of work, I’d suggest making a formal compliant. However, it might not be worth it in this situation - that is up to you But, I’d maintain that this likely happens less in law than in other occupations. Or at least that’s my impression.
  2. Not sure this is true.... And also, in general, I think that there can be helpful answers to OP’s question. For example, there are a couple of fields where you’re not likely to get rich even being the best, because hourly rates are low at even top shops (insurance defence and management-side labour). If you focus on matters with generally small awards, you’re not going to make much money (landlord tenant, employment, small claims). You’re also not going to get rich working for the government. Then there are fields where the clients are necessarily cash clients and necessarily have money, and where you’re potentially increasing their profit, so you’ll generally do quite well (tax).
  3. Competitiveness as a best and worst, eh. Best when you win. Worst when you lose.
  4. Op, tbh, only do it if your gf is OVER 2 points above you on the scale, and has discussed marriage with you. That’s, in my option, the only way to rationalize it.
  5. First year would be really tough because your schedule is totally set. After that you could schedule all of your classes over 1-2 days and that wouldn’t be bad.
  6. Love it. That was well-deserved.
  7. Ok, Ryerson location is way better than Oz even if we only take say like 200 meters from each campus. Yes, there’s nothing east of Ryerson, but, Bay/Yonge and Dundas/College/Queen are way better than... welp, I don’t even know what landmarks to mention around York campus... plus ryerson has some cool landmarks by it like YD Square, Nathan Philips/City Hall, Eaton Centre, Court of Appeal, etc. But yes, also being on downtown subway line and proximity to even cooler neighbourhoods is also key.
  8. This particular situation aside, I wonder if anyone has ever worked full-time during law school. None of my friends did. But, I imagine some people with family obligations manage to do so. There were few times where I was engaged in class or school work during the daytime. With the exception of some practical skills courses, which could of course be avoided in scheduling. Now, you couldn’t be a gunner, but you could ride the curve for sure, while trading Netflix for the grindstone.
  9. What Jaggers said. With this, you’re likely to end up at one of the labour/employment boutiques, based on your experience and assuming you get at least slightly above average grades. So, by then, and even at some places now, you’d be starting at about $20,000 (summer) $75,000 (articling) then as an associate $90,000. Then maybe $100,000 then $115,000 then $125,000. Give or take for inflation and bonus, but let’s just go with those numbers. And you’ll have paid let’s say on average $23,000 tuition per year, so let’s throw that in at $70,000. Over that same span, you’ll have given up your current income for 7years, so, assuming your compensation would increase, let’s average that out at $90,000 per year . That’s a total of $630,000 gross income forgone. Plus the $70,000 in tuition is your costs: Costs over 7 years: $700,000 Law income over 7 years: $525,000 Now, at year 7, can you afford, at that age, to be down $175,000 gross as as a best case scenario? Might even that best case scenario interfere with plans to have or support a family? And, as a more usual scenario for most, what if you don’t get the grades or have the interview you need to end up at one of the top firms? If you work a regular job in both summers ($26,000 aggregate) and then $40,000 for articling and then average $80,000 per year over your first four years of practice, it looks more like this: 7 year costs: $700,000 7 year income: $386,000 At which point you’re out $314,000 7 years from when you begin down this path. Now, the secret is, so long as you were always going to stay in HR on your current career path, you will do better in law eventually, and past that point you’ll eventually have earned everything back and be making, likely, $50k to $100k annual more than you would in straight up HR. But don’t forget you’ll be working 50-60 hours a week instead of 40, even at that point. The question is just whether or not it is worth the sacrifice over the next 10-20 years to finally get there and the extra workload once you’re there as we'll. Medium-term pain for long-term gain. Assuming the legal market doesn’t implode, which, at this point, wouldn’t shock me.
  10. This - if you’re capable and don’t mind taking a risk. I sometimes consider making the jump based on financial considerations, but I just love law too much.
  11. Yeah, I’m not sure. Hopefully someone who has done Quebec to Ontario can chime in. If the firm has national recognition, the reputation will help. I’d say just don’t take any risks where it might end up you don’t have an articling job at all - that would be a nightmare.
  12. Congrats on the position. I would take it if I were you. The work you put in now to develop your reputation will give you the freedom to pick and choose what you do later. Make no mistake, the sort of training you will receive will help you throughout your career in any area of law, and make you marketable to future employers and clients.
  13. Swimming pool sized tub. Tons of sharp knives, antique dolls, What could go wrong! But actually this sounds like a great living arrangement. Awesome area to live in.
  14. Heard their outhouses have reusable rags instead of TP but they’re always frozen Nov-March.
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