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  1. It was May after undergrad. I was in Naples on my first trip overseas. I couldn’t celebrate because my then gf, who I was traveling with (and later broke up with during that trip), hadn’t gotten into any law schools yet (and never would). But I remember the feeling. It was pure euphoria - all of the anxiety and uncertainty just melted away and exposed a contentment that, at least for a few months, I was in the exact career position that I had always hoped for. If I had a choice between that feeling of acceptance or the high of great ecstasy, I’d choose getting into law school a fair amount of the time.
  2. leafs_law

    Good Problem to have... but looking for honest opinion

    My info might be out of date. I did this before they added the extra day etc. Was Maybe 4-5 years ago. Will defer to those who have gone through the process more recently.
  3. leafs_law

    Good Problem to have... but looking for honest opinion

    I’d do all of them. It gives you more chances and they’re all about the same anyway, so the first few can be practice. I did somewhere between 10 and 20 and didn’t find it difficult. You’ll regret not doing more if you mess up on a few of them and end up with 0-4 in-firms instead of 6. Realistically there’s not much you can do to prepare for them. Just write down a few bullets to refer to right before and that’s really all you need. A longer bathroom break here and there won’t help any.
  4. leafs_law

    Professional Corporations

    What have you found are the advantages and disadvantages? From my research, it seems to make sense for most firms. I would like to professionally incorporate as an associate, but I doubt that my firm would let me. Has anyone had experience with that?
  5. leafs_law

    Articling options under consideration

    I suspect, requiring law firms to pay the minimum wage will, for the most part, take away the choice of students to article for less than minimum wage but will not get law firms to increase their wage to the minimum.
  6. I agree with this. Yeah, it’s nice to talk to someone who’s into the same things, but it’s also interesting to hear about someone’s passions that you haven’t tried yet. Also, to a point from another poster before, I don’t know if we can call #immigrantproblems racism... immigrants are made up of all races. I’m also a bit surprised about all of the comments with respect to minority disadvantage in the hiring process in 2L. I’ve only worked at large firms, but we pass over objectively better candidates (grades, experience) to try to get visible minorities hired, and it’s not easy because the big firms fight over them. It’s overall, a good initiative, imo.
  7. leafs_law

    Ryerson Admissions

    I would probably go to Ryerson over Windsor or Lakehead. Just because of location. I think it will likely be an excellent school, though probably lacking in career development and certainly lacking in alumni network. If I were a professor at a school in a smaller market I would strongly consider moving to Ryerson, to be in Toronto. And, as a practitioner, I would be happy to take the two stop subway ride from Bay Street to teach a course.
  8. I disagree with this. I frequently warn people away from law, despite loving my job. In my experience, it is true that most students do not know what a career in law is going to be like. They think it’s like suits where you do criminal one day and corporate the next. They think it’s a magical ticket to a lifetime of wealth. They don’t realize the time commitment that is generally required. They don’t consider the costs of exorbitant tuition and lost opportunity. They don’t realize the stresses and responsibilities and the tedious tasks that come with the interesting ones. So, I’ll tell them about as much of that as I can. Then I’ll tell them about why I like the job and why I think I’ll never leave it. I’ll tell them that I make a good wage. But then I have to hammer-in my point that I’m in the minority... because I am. And the more I hear from undergrads, the more it becomes my responsibility to push them to not consider law. Someone who wants to be a wealthy and famous criminal lawyer, or work for the UN on human rights missions, or even Bay Street or bust types. If that’s all that will make you happy, you should be told that the chances are slim.
  9. leafs_law

    OCI Prospects for Potential Transfer

    I disagree that Osgoode students are thought to be better than Western students.
  10. leafs_law

    Tuition increase

    Not related to Osgoode specifically but, related to financial aid in general, I paid under $5k in tuition at Queen’s after taking government and program grants into account. So, it can take a lot off the sticker price.
  11. leafs_law

    What are examples of "strong" ECs?

    Beat me to this one.
  12. leafs_law

    Tips on Being a Great Summer Student

    An articling student who was new to our rotation told me that she'd check in with me once a day to see if there was anything I'd need. She must have read the look on my face after she said that, because she never came back again, lol. When we need you students, we shall beckon you from your caves. (but, ok, sure, you can chat with us sometimes and generally don't be afraid to offer to be helpful)
  13. leafs_law

    You want to litigate? choose Ottawa Law.

    As much as I don't like Ottawa as a school, it might just have the best mooting program in the country.
  14. leafs_law

    Canadian Law Student Youtubers

    Never knew anything like this existed. Wonder if she's single.