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  1. I went with BNS as well - very happy with it. Came in very handy back in the day when I was purchasing my practice.
  2. Not at all - I just include it in this case as I have experienced many with this false view applying for jobs. ... they don't get far pretending that they will be a financial boon to my bottom line. It shows an ignorance of small firm realities that I don't have time to dispel in the interview process so they just don't get hired. For example Berty above - 45 take home is about what 55 gross in Ont?, gross up again on average for withholding and what not-between 1.2-1.4 depending where you are (stupid BC payroll tax) takes us to 77, add in vacation PLTC (here anyway), insurance, added overhead, and we are at about $90-100. Then there is the write downs - just because a student "did $150,000 of work" does not mean that the client will pay or be billed for $150,000 - probably more like $100,000. Sooo, BB is saying that their principal billing say $350 an hour, is spending less than an hour a week on mentor ship/training reviewing their work etc ( 10,000/350/48 weeks)- I doubt that - but if so - they aren't taking their role seriously. I would say that I have spend 5 hours in that role over the last two days - so $1,750 out of my pocket (love it happy to do it) - but to say that isn't a "big investment" for me is stupid. That's a pair of skis bukko! Even if everything BB did was billed/paid for - there is little to no profit in it once time is factored into the equation.
  3. Just noting here that there are many here and in practice that disagree completely with this statement - some of whom don't think of themselves as suckers by the way. There is basically so much wrong with this statement I am not sure where to begin - so I won't. And instead of derailing this thread I would suggest looking at some of the other threads that discuss this at great, great length.
  4. I would like to introduce you to the "Scientific Consultants for Academic Matching" Scam will Guarantee* your acceptance to law school** We use our extensively researched "Chances Calculator"*** then combine it with our vast knowledge of law school admittance requirements**** to separate you from your money before law schools get the chance. Send money... limited time offer. *some limitations apply, must have 170 LSAT and above 4.0 gpa to qualify for Guarantee. ** no guarantee of which law school... a lot of very successful jailhouse lawyers out there you know *** we read all the chances threads on Lawstudents.ca **** also gleaned exclusively from Lawstudents.ca
  5. I heard that Mr. Singer at Key Worldwide was really good.
  6. Brought to you by the folks at ALL* https://www.bclegalaidlawyers.ca/ They say that they have 630 members - anyone know how many lawyers in BC take legal aid certificates? * had hoped that they would have added "and friends" - not because non-legal aid lawyers are not allowed to join now - but simply because it would have improved the acronym
  7. Actually - your reputation begins (more to the point - ends) in high school... https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/18/us/harvard-rescind-admission/index.html
  8. I have to agree. The Law Society, CBABC, the trial lawyers all lobbied, cajoled, wrang their hands and bleated for years. Nothing of any consequence happened until the strike vote. Nothing is fixed- but the govt wasn’t even talking before and now they are- plus 25% in the interim shows something in the way of good faith. Ontario should look to BC- lobbying etc does nothing. The public just doesn’t care - and they won’t be made to without drastic action.
  9. Have you spoken to your actual principal. (I’ve been out of the loop for the last couple days so if you said so- I apologize) if you haven’t - now is the time to do so.
  10. You are going to be able to deal with the result of what ever is said in the firm's ultimate report - that if you read what I quoted above - will be going to the credentials committee. I call my bencher on probably a quarterly/semi-annual basis. I have, knock-on-wood, had very little opportunity to have to deal with a Law Society letter setting out a complaint or potential complaint. However, with that limited experience in mind - I can't tell you how much better you will feel when you are able to write: "on such a such date I spoke with Madam Bencher on this issue, she suggested the course of action I ultimately took" The course of action is ultimately my choice - but a second opinion in advance of a decision is way better than second guessing after. Like the insurance folks say - call early and call often. We also have practice advisors in BC - which may give you a better idea of what your steps might be: https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/support-and-resources-for-lawyers/about-practice-advice/
  11. Actually, I think in this case, it needs to go the Law Society - that is why credentials and member services are there. Also - who said complaint? The Law Society is the third party who governs the relationship between articles and principals- why exactly would they not be involved? edit - my post was in response to shawniebear not epeeist in case it caused confusion
  12. Nope - they said she terminated- by not working. Its not really relevant who did what first - still needs to go the Law Society. Articling is a commitment - from both. Neither gets out of it easy.
  13. From the Law Society of BC Website: "Neither the articled student nor the principal should terminate articles without a report from each party being made to the Law Society and, unless the termination was by mutual agreement of you and your principal, the matter will be referred to the Credentials Committee.
  14. Sorry attempt at tax humor https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/corporate/about-canada-revenue-agency-cra/tax-alert/tax-avoidance.html
  15. There is a difference between tax planning and tax avoidance. Tax planning involves very basic algebra. Tax avoidance involves advanced calculus.
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