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  1. Somewhat - if I were to compare it to criminal law I think it would have been like having a focus on impaired driving offences.
  2. I have worked for both large and very small firms (well one of each actually). What I miss about the large law firm - that I could focus on one nice practice area and get amazingly well versed in it. I knew all the things about my area. I read the newest case law as it came out, I spoke daily with people even more versed in it, I went to all the seminars, I wrote articles on it. If someone called - I probably knew the answer off the top of my head. I rarely had to step out of my comfort zone that far and if I did there was probably an expert in that different field I could bounce things off of or collaborate with nearby. (.. and the snacks cupboard, I miss the snacks cupboard) Now I spend my entire career outside my comfort zone. In the end - I just enjoy my life more now. There is no universal good or bad, better or worse. Each to their own.
  3. We aren't laying off folks - except for one who was client facing and really uncomfortable being here. Everyone else who wants to WFH is, most are coming in though. If at the end of the month we don't have money in the general I don't get paid - welcome to small business ownership (Glamorous isn't it) . I don't want to lose my staff unless I can't help it. They have families to feed as well and mine has a very low overhead (as does the firm for that matter) so it doesn't take much to keep us above water. So while I have enough work to keep everyone busy we will keep the payroll. When I can't we won't. That will suck. I am hopeful about the 75% subsidy. We had a pretty good 2019 so I am thinking we will be well under the 30% threshold, although like you we lag a month or two and we had a great first two months of 2020. I have been telling people to aim for June closings just because I had no idea - and June seemed like a long way off- so that might work in our favour. I am not going to bank on any government program to bail me out. If at the end of this I get the 10%, great. If I get the 75% even better. But until the $ hits the bank - I am going to just ignore it and keep on.
  4. Ya - that is what I was thinking of. Looking forward to reading the decision.
  5. Some insurance work to be done around business interruption claims likely as well
  6. Looks like the wage subsidy will be a comparison of 3 months this year to last year. Will be more difficult for CRA to verify - but verification is probably not the point.
  7. I think it will be in the details.(the details we were supposed to get today but maybe tomorrow now?) Yes - a 30% drop in revenue "in the next few months" is very foreseeable. But, will it be 30% over the year? my firm, and many like it I would assume, were having a particularly good first few months of 2020 (and a great 2019). My April and May are likely to look grim (billed February work in March - so March not actually bad at all from a revenue prospective). But once I am in April and looking at what I billed in March - ick. Plus, many firms can adapt quite quickly to new markets and opportunities. So the rest of the year is a crap shoot. Similarly, like TP said - you can adjust billing within a year- however, since 2017 it has been harder to adjust over the tax year as we now have to take an estimation of a portion of WIP into income in the year that the work is completed. So it will come down to if the 30% is applied to the year or the month, a specific set of months ? I am guessing that they will go with year as it is easier for CRA to calculate. In which case I doubt we will rely on it to make a decision on staffing - because who knows.
  8. This may not be a good time to go into excessive debt. While the money comes cheap - paying it off quickly is not a given. If you can get through law school with a minimum amount of debt - your options are a lot more diverse.
  9. Well if the Trust Account gets a bit bigger..... .. not asking for legal advice but just as a topic of discussion... you know for school... which countries do we not have extradition treaties with? preferably warm ones? ...I kid ... but some days.. In all seriousness - I have been slowly picking up Avi courses, experience, working on my river skills, I plan to work the fall guiding for the fishes and the winter the skiing. Not too much mind you - just enough for the pro- deals and to cover expenses until I am no longer able. Keep me outside as much and for as long as I am able.
  10. Look I apologize if this came off as insulting- it wasn't meant that way. It was intended for others that may be in the same boat as encouragement- yes it sucks but it can be done without the course. If someone had told me that I was "unlikely" to get a decent score without the course I probably would have found that demotivating. Instead, I found someone that said they would help and that was very motivating. I got assistance at the local library - but like I said that was a different time. I don't know what their resources are like now. If I had access to a course or a tutor I too would have taken it - I just didn't. I agree completely that it is a stupid test, and the logic games are particularly ridiculous. In my many years as both a law student and a lawyer no one has asked me to do a seating chart. I truly hope that is part of what holistic acceptance will address..or maybe, or in addition, an institution like the Law Foundation or the various law schools could be convinced to make courses, or at least course material, more readily available?
  11. I am just wondering on what you are basing your opinion that it would be "unlikely"? - Seems kinda fatalist to me. If you don't have the resources- you don't have the resources, so what are your options? You work your ass off like you have most likely always have and you prove the naysayers wrong. Or I suppose you could just lift your hands in the air and say some person on the internet said it was "unlikely" I can be successful without spending money I don't have so why bother.
  12. Why not - what does the course do that practicing, reading tutorials etc. doesn't? I am sure that there are still many folks who have done well without a course or a tutor. I am also sure that there are many, many folks that have done poorly with both. mixed reviews here:
  13. Just want to chime in and say that I was in kinda the same boat- couldn't afford a class, and living somewhere I couldn't get access to a course even if I wanted one. I spoke to a librarian and the local library and she was awesome- got me about 10 practice books (inter-library loan as our library had none), set me up with some online stuff- gave me a ton of encouragement. That was a long time ago - so I am not sure that librarians even exist anymore- but it is possible to do well without a course.
  14. We do this: "Best Practice: ...., these payments can be received directly into the law firm’s trust account with all related service charges being paid from the law firm’s general account. Then, if funds are received related to the payment of a statement of account, they should be immediately transferred to the general account" - this is from BC LS Trust Accounting Handbook- so it may be different elsewhere. We have a monaris unit. Any and all service charges are paid out of our general account no matter what the transaction (this was set up with RBC - the local office was very helpful). I can't remember exactly what we are being charged now but I can tell you when we made the switch our bad debts dropped significantly. No more sob stories about why they can't provide a retainer (how about I gives you the money next week when I get paid?), no more being the bank, no more chasing the $100 bad debt. Clients like being able to pay for a short consultation, notarization directly and easily.
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