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  1. Curious as to why when the OP says $150,000.00 they aren't taken at their word? Seems I remember a few posts talking about having this level of debt on beginning articles on this site before. So, if I remember correctly the OP was asking more about how to deal with it, maybe in a worse case scenario sort of way, but not in a - no way things cost that much I can do it cheaper kind of way- which is also an interesting question but possibly one for a different thread? Is this another case of folks about to start, or just starting speaking more about their hopes and dreams rather than what may be the reality of other folks?
  2. If you are planning on working in the US - I would think that getting hired by a recognizable firm in the US would be more advantageous then a better school. Although, a better school may assist in that regard. Simply, the further out from school you go, the less of a factor your school becomes in the hiring decision. Its more of a what have you done lately kind of thing.
  3. Isn't this one of those questions that would benefit from some actual numbers? I will get you started. If your debt is $150,000, and your loan is at prime plus 2.5 (6.5%ish - I picked this off the top of my head - you folks that have been borrowing in this decade should have a better idea of a realistic number) - use this calculator: https://apps.royalbank.com/uaw0/personalloans/payment So, if you want to pay it off in 5 years - say $3,000 a month. Now, someone was saying Bay is paying $100,000 - so here is ey's tax calculator for an idea on what your tax burden will be: https://www.ey.com/ca/en/services/tax/tax-calculators-2019-personal-tax So - about 6,333 a monthish in Ont. after the federales and Mr. Ford gets his bit of gravy? So, can you live on 3,333 a month in Toronto? What if you only make $70,000? (5,000 after tax - ish) Would you be ok if you had to take 10 years to pay it back($1,700 a month)? Only you can answer those questions - but it is never a bad idea to think about what those choices will mean. How old are you? can you start a family with what is left over- do you want to?, can you save for a house- do you want to? are you going to need some new suits?
  4. I found judges to be much more accommodating when they weren't on an assize system. Get a Judge stuck in Northern climes hoping against hope to wrap your matter up before the night flight home - your kids are missing swimming. It is one of the reasons I stopped taking litigation files. As a small town solicitor type who works for himself my schedule is very flexible. I have busy times - but really I can do the work anytime of the day from pretty much anywhere.
  5. So a family vacation on a heli accessed private island is a.....no? Asking for a friend
  6. So what do these rented mules* earn? Is this a - we don't really think you are partner material but we are having trouble with the trained monkeys at the moment kind of thing - or is it more of an I would rather just go to work for 35hrs a week and not look like 90 y/o meth addict by 45 - kind of thing? * by which I mean "eager experienced professionals"
  7. How do you like Conveyancer? We are old school and have always just used spreadsheets acrobat etc. But with higher turnover of staff lately I am looking for something a little easier to get people up to speed on quickly. I was also looking at eConveyence - any thoughts on that one. Maybe I need another thread...
  8. What is it in Prince George? - I would think that it may be a bit less in the Okanagan as there would be a greater availability of youngish lawyers with TRU so close by and what not. If not one would think it would be similar depending on the practice etc. I really don't have any idea I am just spit balling here.
  9. ..... and another thing about suits. What law firm of any size anywhere can close a deal with the parties all signing exactly one (1) single paged document? that comes in a little blue folder? I have done so in the past - but every law firm over 5 people thinks that you haven't really signed anything unless the photocopy bill is AT LEAST triple digits. ...sorry- had some time off so I watched some of the first season, but kinda lost interest. ...NOW GIT OFF A MY LAWN.
  10. Can't say I have ever been a full prof - but I've taught a course or two in my time. And I have lawyered for a great deal of time and this statement rings true. Mostly because if someone is so passionate about something that they would dedicate however many thousands of hours to its study, so good at something that others are willing to pay so that that person will come to a better understanding of that thing..... maybe that is their role in life. What is it about law that makes everyone think it will be soooo amazing? Look I like my job, but there is rarely a gathering of older fogies of the profession (when the youngen's aren't around) that doesn't at some time include a discussion of some peer who made his or her "great escape" and is now "living the life". - you know farming goats, bar in the Caribbean... dog catcher. Could be that this is true for all professions, but my wife is in medicine and you never hear her colleagues pining for escape (again maybe they only do it in their closed circle).
  11. That's fine, so you should they don't make 'em like her anymore, - but when you go to Aunt Matilda's second funeral (again) - frown
  12. No, Maybe, Sometimes. If you call it a mental health day - frown. If you request it the day before a big closing/trial commencement/project due date - frown If you just take it the morning after a student dinner (*you know 'cause the drinking) - frown. If you ask for it so you can attend your Aunt Matilda's funeral, again - frown. If you want to attend your cousin's wedding in August and you ask for it in May- smiles. If you are speaking to a seminar of billionaires - SMILES.
  13. If you are so passionate about your MA thing... why go to law school? Make the thing your job, sounds like you are good at it, people seem to want you to write about it.. etc. I know you said the law and the thing are related but doing a thing and doing the "law of the thing" are very different despite what ever the entertainment law bar will tell you. (just ask that lawyer who identifies as a "porn lawyer"*) * do not search google for him at work
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