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  1. David Wong

    Ottawa 2L Recruitment 2018

    From a non-Ontario law school (so no OCIs) PFO: Perley-Robertson (Jan 30), McMillan (Feb 8) In-firm: LaBarge Weinstein (Feb 6) Also told by Dentons and Gowlings that they will make a decision on in-firm offer tomorrow.
  2. Thank you for your advice. I plan to do exactly the same as you suggested. The only concern is that firm structure could be different. Offices of firm A may often work cooperatively on files whereas offices of firm B may run more autonomously. I will express my interest in applying to other offices of that firm and see how the recruiter responses. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks again. I am an out-of-province student, so it is difficult for me to make connections with lawyers/articling students at Toronto firms. I thought that one or two letters from recruiters at Seven Sisters may be helpful to compensate my less than stellar GPA. However, the non-oci firms may view me as "flight risk" who would leave when bigger players call. Don't get me wrong, I did not assume a candidate who was close to a Bay Street job enjoy any advantage when applying to smaller but more specialized non-oci firms. They are different games so different rules apply. How about I ask recruiters to recommend me to other offices (e.g. Waterloo, Ottawa) of the same firm where student recruitment has not started yet? It was tough to be interviewed until 2 pm but to receive a phone call at 5:15 pm to be rejected. I appreciate some recruiters and interviewers for their encouraging words. I don't want to make inappropriate request to make them view me negatively, as a crying baby....
  4. Thank you, Uriel. Long time lurker here, but I always appreciate your insightful and helpful posts. I know the recruiters just went through this hectic process and need time to de-stress. The phone conversation will take place early next week. Let's say he/her is willing to provide me a short letter to say that I am an offer-worthy candidate. Will the non-oci firms view this letter as an indication that I am not committed to stay and only apply to them as "the next best thing"? Also, a recruiter told me that "if anything changes on our end for any reason, we will be in touch with you." Just comforting words or a slight chance they may offer me something later if they need an extra pair of hands? Thanks again!
  5. An off-topic question: would it be helpful to get a "reference letter" from the Student Recruiters from the firms I interviewed with but fell short to receive an offer? I had third-round interviews with firms on Wednesday morning but did not receive an offer eventually. The Student Recruiters expressed regrets and would like to schedule a phone conversation with me this week. Is it appropriate to ask for a short letter from them to help my application with non-oci firms? Thanks!
  6. I have a Ph.D. degree in science from a Canadian university.
  7. David Wong

    Interviews 2016

    I did not receive an invitation for interview either. I thought a higher GPA by considering my graduate courses would put me more competitive at Dal than schools only look at undergraduate GPA. I have received offers from UofA, UofS, TRU, and UNB, waitlisted at UofC and UBC so far. Therefore, I think Dal may emphasize more on GPA and LSAT score than other schools, and put less weight on personal statement and reference letters. Anyway, it is just from my individual subjective experience. Other applicants may feel differently.
  8. David Wong

    Accepted 2016

    Thanks! UofA is my first-choice school since my family has settled down in Edmonton. A huge relief! Words cannot describe how happy I am!
  9. David Wong

    Accepted 2016

    Just received an email from Heather. I am in! GPA: 3.79 LSAT: 154/159 The deadline to accept is April 22, 2016.
  10. Hi OP, As a first generation immigrant who came from a science background, I empathize your struggles and responsibilities that may affect your academic performance. The hard truth is that law schools are not charity organizations who extend an offer to someone just because his/her "miseries". They want to enroll people who demonstrate the abilities to succeed in law school, and as legal practitioners in the future. Everyone of us who apply to law school believe we will succeed, if given the opportunity to study law. However, it may not be the truth. Law school is not for everyone, especially for people who are simply not satisfy with their current situation and just want to try something new. Unless you have a firm idea and mental preparation about why you want to study law and the challenges ahead, it is unwise to spend time on LSAT preparation, and paying tuitions and living expense once you get in, but eventually find you just don't like practice in law. For low GPA, my advice is don't make excuses in you PS that it was low because this and that. You can either stay in school for a bit longer to booster your GPA, or get some real world working experience and apply as a mature student years later. Trying to show the Admissions that who you are now is different with who you were before, and what you have been through made you stronger and better. You need to show them that you have the qualities to succeed in law school. So a great LSAT score, excellent LORs, working and volunteer experience may compensate your low GPA. Last, have faith in yourself. Everyone's situation is different, so no one can tell you what your chances are or what you should do. It is you who have to figure it out. There are many people with low GPA eventually get in, and doing well in law school. So if you really want it, there is always hope there. However, be prepared to spend more time and effort than those who already have great stats. Don't give up and good luck!
  11. David Wong

    Second round offers in April?

    Thanks Panchaea84. I will refrain myself from any further argument with Cruizer. I agree with you and others that sometime it is best to walk away from a pointless argument. However, I feel the silence may get the situation worse if it is taken as a sign of weakness, and the other side will just take their action for granted next time. I cannot cite that abusive PM I received cause it was full of derogatory remarks. That being said, I did regret for some of my words in that thread. Let's put this feud to an end.
  12. David Wong

    Second round offers in April?

    Here is a message I received from Hegdis, one of the moderators. It explains why he(or she) locked the thread and banned Dwayne "the rock" Johnson after he send me a PM full of racial and homosexual remarks. "Dwayne has been banned. I locked your thread because I think its usefulness has run its course. If you want me to unlock it tomorrow after things have cooled down I will - just send me a PM. Reporting dwayne's abusive PM was the right thing to do. I removed your post in thread since we try to keep abusive nonsense off the forum. If you have any questions let me know." Cruizer, I give the benefit of doubt that you disabled email notifications from LS. However, did you know you can see who is reading the post when you scroll down to the bottom? Yes, your name appeared back and forth several times in that thread. It seems you were quite enjoy the discussion went to heat up but chose to stand aside offering no clarification. That's why I doubt your intention of making that joke. I respect and appreciate members like Panchaea84, Starling, and Stark who provided me kind advice in that thread. So stop picturing as a public enemy.
  13. David Wong

    Accepted 2016

    Thanks for sharing your stats. The first acceptance must be a huge relief! Congrats!
  14. David Wong

    Second round offers in April?

    I am not someone who lacks the sense of humor. I love to joke around with my friends and do like stand-up comedy. As you mentioned, the intention is the key. That post was sitting there for a month, and suddenly Cruizer decided to make a joke. I did not know him and his intention, so I felt offended. I demanded a clarification but he ignored me. All the anxiety and uncertainty accumulated during the seemingly endless law school application got my nerve. He (or she) could be a great person in real life, but should he simply say "sorry" or "I did not intend to hurt your feeling" when I clearly told him I was not comfortable with the joke?
  15. David Wong

    Second round offers in April?

    Good luck to you.