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  1. QuincyWagstaff

    Summer Student Salaries?

    Yes, $14.50 / hourly
  2. QuincyWagstaff

    The Sartorial Canon

    No. Oxblood with navy.
  3. QuincyWagstaff

    Compensation in and around Vancouver: 2018 Edition

    If you're working at some of the lowest-paid positions in the City, then yes, maybe.
  4. QuincyWagstaff

    2L Course selection - help/advice please

    The courses you choose now matter less than you can imagine.
  5. QuincyWagstaff

    Business Card Etiquette

    Just ask them for their card. Then write a short, professional email the next day, saying you'd like to meet for coffee. At no point do YOU need a business card, as a student, to network. If you gave me one, I would find a way to avoid you.
  6. QuincyWagstaff

    Getting a Crown Position after Articling

    Check job postings on the relevant gov website. I wouldn't expect to see PPSC postings for L1 positions for a long while. Provincial positions come up regularly. Your best bet, as Hegdis mentioned, is applying to firms that have contracts with the PPSC.
  7. QuincyWagstaff

    Suits For Men

    I think it depends on the role. If they are going to chain you to a desk writing memos or editing documents 16 hours a day? Probably not. If you will be meeting clients that are paying high fees? Some might.
  8. QuincyWagstaff

    Suits For Men

    I assume he's buying a suit for career purposes (networking events, coffee dates, summer interviews, clinic court appearances). I don't see why it's relevant that other 1Ls can't tell the difference. They don't matter.
  9. QuincyWagstaff

    Privilege is...

    This guy really, really likes red meat (must be the 3 or 4th time he's mentioned it in a similar thread). For me, I ball-out at WF, the local Farmer's market, or buy the really really good olive oil at the Mediterranean speciality store. Feelsgood
  10. QuincyWagstaff

    Suits For Men

    Students, maybe not. Lawyers who wear suits daily and have shopped for them for years? I can spot the difference a block away.
  11. QuincyWagstaff

    Privilege is...

    I just put $3500 for some suiting on my AMEX yesteday, and I'm not even concerned about clearing the balance. Also purchased on a whim during my lunch break. Would have had a panic attack a few years ago if I charged that amount.
  12. QuincyWagstaff

    Privilege is...

    When planning trips, I don't even look at accommodation with <4 stars.
  13. QuincyWagstaff

    Transition After Articling

    It will be a lot easier if you have some mooting or clinical experience.
  14. QuincyWagstaff

    Transition After Articling

    Impossible to answer this, because it's so individual. Early in your career, you know very little, so if you have a good resume and transcript, and the right personality, you can move between practice areas quite a bit.
  15. QuincyWagstaff

    Suits For Men

    Saks 5th