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  1. QuincyWagstaff

    Transitioning After Articling in Criminal Law

    He's articling in criminal law.
  2. Your concern is totally misplaced. Worry about getting into law school first. Then, worry about doing well. If you do those things, and you find yourself doing OCIs with firms, the school you went to isnt going to make the difference.
  3. Yes, I agree. OP, you should be gunning for easier law schools, not undergrad schools
  4. You're considering a step down from SFU? Keep in mind, your undergraduate school might be on your firm profile for the rest of your career. I wouldn't go anywhere embarrassing.
  5. QuincyWagstaff

    Female lawyer’s waistcoat, Shirt, and tabs for sale

    You're asking $500?
  6. QuincyWagstaff

    Suits For Men

  7. QuincyWagstaff

    Vancouver Law Job or Calgary Law Job?

    I would decide on the basis of whether I preferred to live in Vancouver or Calgary. Jobs doing similar work are available in both places
  8. QuincyWagstaff

    How much do law firms monitor your outside behaviour?

    If anyone needs to get stoned to make it through another day, I would think it is corporate/securities associates.
  9. A minimum of 30 days, you mean? It could be more. It doesn't sound like a straight forward application. ***none of the above is legal advice. I encourage you to speak to counsel with respect to your application for enrollment.
  10. QuincyWagstaff

    Going to the gym during law school

    Say it isn't so! But seriously, if not looks and personality what in the hell would be the deciding factor? A slightly better performance on 100% 3 hours final exams, to the exclusion of everything else in your life? No one wants to work with those people.
  11. QuincyWagstaff

    Going to the gym during law school

    You will lose all your gains and end up looking like a garbage bag full of yogurt by 3L. Or, alternatively, you will be at the bottom of the class and unemployable because you spent 30 minutes lifting when you could have been re-reading case law (again). Not srs.
  12. I don't know what type of ECs people are doing, or what type of legal practice they are in, but I worked essentially a full time job during my law degree, and I still had a lot more free time than I do practicing. Of course, I put much much more effort into my practice, because it makes me more money. In law school, I attended every class, but did literally nothing else until a few weeks before the exams. So, law school only required a few hours of each day for most of each semester.
  13. This is a common experience. Enjoy it while you're still a student. This is much, much less common. Articling, when you're actually learning how to practice law (unlike school), is when most people will crank-up their efforts (even if those hours are not strictly required by their employer). Unless you're just planning to get called and move on to another profession, it is IMO a very bad thing to have a lot of free time during articles. This is the time to learn and make mistakes, because you're not going to have a net once you're called.
  14. QuincyWagstaff

    Work hours in big law

    Wtf. You literally work and sleep. Moreover, you take emails and calls throughout the day, as they come in? You don't batch email together, or have your assistant take your calls? I don't understand how people can be productive being constantly inturrupted like this. I schedule almost all my calls, and only answer correpondance in batches.