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  1. Criminal defence, family law, chicken shit civil stuff...
  2. I think UBC's admissions materials state somewhere something like "LSATs range from 157 to 179", in the Regular category. Maybe that's what OP means by "outlier". It doesn't matter; it's simply uncommon to have sub-160s at UBC because of the extremely high GPA it would require.
  3. Considering the number of Canadian graduates of foreign medical and law schools I've personally encountered that have returned to live, unemployed, in their parents' basement, I can't believe banks were willing to extend these loans at all.
  4. Agree grades are likely too average. I'd focus on getting some practical summer or clinical experience, maybe mooting.
  5. You have not even started articling, correct? I'd hold off a year or two before opining that. I borrowed minimally and worked during law school. I went to another Canadian school, eschewing U of T and paying about 1/3 the tuition. Enjoy your $1700 payments, hope you don't find yourself on EI after your articling term ends. I'll be leasing a fine Italian sports car with that sum, instead.
  6. That's far too seeping of a statement. It may apply to you, and maybe to the large corporate firm you work with, but private practice encompasses many many small or sole offices with eclectic tastes. Th "nonsense" in a private practice letter can get you an interview. But you have to know your audience.
  7. You've met "many" people who disclose to you that they have debt approaching or exceeding $200,000 and are "not having issues". Sounds credible. Oh, and, of course, these individuals have already established that they are idiots with respect to borrowing money.
  8. Try a forum for Australians? 🙄
  9. The job description / posting for government positions articulates the required/preferable experience and skills. Then, you simply format your resume and letter, if required, to tick those boxes, and you move to the next stage (testing or interview(s), depending on the position). It's substantive, as mentioned above, not the b.s. you include in private practice applications.
  10. I don't think I understand your question. Are you asking if there are ever positions available at law firms for individuals with law degrees from overseas, other than articling positions? If that's what you're asking, then yes, absolutely. In fact, I would say that I have seen far more legal assistants/administrative staff with foreign degrees (mostly from mills such as Bond and Leicester) than I have seen practising lawyers with same. Finally, are you implying that you would do nothing but study for 6 months while waiting to write the (Ontario, I assume) Bar Exam(s)? I would get a job, legal or otherwise, regardless.
  11. Unless Mom and Dad are bailing you out, or you marry into money quick, you're both completely fucked.
  12. You sound like a great principal. With respect, many articling jobs are nothing like working for you, as it sounds. I won't get into your math surrounding the cost of student, except to say that many articling students do make money for their employers. I'm far from ignorant of small firm business realities. You do understand that their are many lawyers not paying students during PLTC, or even paying the fees, and providing zero mentorship, right? I'm glad to hear that you are training future members of the Bar. Many of your colleagues are simply exploiting cheap labour.
  13. Ever been to Commercial Drive? (Or Burnaby, for that mattter?).
  14. Not if you were speaking in your capacity as a lawyer?
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