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  1. QuincyWagstaff

    What was it like getting in? How did you celebrate?

    I don't remember getting the acceptance email. But I do recall being anxious when my LSAT results were posted. I think I was half-way through a bottle of bourbon, solo. Then, when I saw the score email, I knew I could go to any school I wanted. That was a little surreal for a few days.
  2. QuincyWagstaff

    Thoughts about working at Davies?

    Although I know people that have worked there, the subject hasn't ever come up. Anyway, I don't think this ought to be much of a consideration if you have a choice of firms for articles. I'd focus more on the type of work you'll be doing and who you'll be working with/for.
  3. QuincyWagstaff

    Switching jobs

    Would rather risk "job hopper stigma", but have a job my preferred area of law, than have few transferable skills and a job I dislike. Seems like an easy decison.
  4. QuincyWagstaff

    ontario JD trying to move into New York for criminal law

    As long as you're well-established as defense counsel in Toronto and independently wealthy, I don't anticipate many problems.
  5. QuincyWagstaff

    Best time to take vacation during articling

    A better idea is to work at a healthy and sustainable pace over the entire period. If I eat well, sleep, and exercise (which takes much more discipline, granted), I find I can work indefinitely without a formal vacation. A few days off isn't going to change much if you go right back to unhealthy habits.
  6. QuincyWagstaff

    Best time to take vacation during articling

    When you're done.
  7. No. IMO, if you're a securities lawyer, man oh man will you need those exit options. (of course, there a few, very few, who actually enjoy it. However, they present as "on the spectrum", in my experience).
  8. QuincyWagstaff

    The Sartorial Canon

    Must be a Vancouver thing: those Gucci embroidered joints are all over. Mostly super rich asians pairing them with sweatpants, however.
  9. QuincyWagstaff

    How to research firms AND their reputations?

    Great post, and I think an experience many have had but that doesn't get related on these boards enough. Congrats.
  10. QuincyWagstaff

    How to research firms AND their reputations?

    I know how you're feeling. Maybe re-read some of the recent threads from people "fortunate" enough to land an OCI articling job, and now they hate their life at a large and soulless firm. Yes, it takes a bit of leg work to find the opportunities outside of a formal recruiting process (in the sense that they don't literally come to you, but they often do put up ads), but the work you find can be much, much, much better for a lot of people. Take the time to meet juniors for coffee, figure out your interests, and try to keep calm.
  11. QuincyWagstaff

    Lawyer Couple: Toronto Life- legal salaries

    I was unaware you could even spend that much for one suit at Indochino. My experience is you get 2-3 suits for that price. Of course, they will look like they were crafted by some poor bastard with nubs for fingers, scoliosis, and missing both eyes...
  12. QuincyWagstaff

    Chances? [cGPA 3.97, LSAT 174, PhD]

    OP expressed no interest in practising in the US.
  13. QuincyWagstaff

    How to research firms AND their reputations?

    Set up some coffees with juniors at firms in your areas of interest, and ask them for a shortlist of the top-dog shops in that area. Assuming litigation, read some reported cases they have argued. And so on...
  14. QuincyWagstaff

    Verifying ECs

    Not nearly as much as spelling and grammar.
  15. QuincyWagstaff

    Chances? [cGPA 3.97, LSAT 174, PhD]

    Remarkable resume for someone too dumb to do a few minutes of simple research.