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  1. Even in those areas that could require less reading, you’re going to be reading a lot in the first decade or so, just learning the law and building a knowledge base. If you didn’t, what the hell would you have to write about? What would you talk about?
  2. Approx 75% of my reply emails now begin with an apology for the tardiness of my reply. The remainder are ignored/missed entirely. So yeah, it means absolutely nothing.
  3. They can’t even be altered? When I was having my suits taken in, my tailor said I’m literally the only lawyer client he’s had who didn’t need their suits let OUT.
  4. The OP did state that they have a terminal illness.
  5. I can recommend Blair.
  6. Blair Shapera may have an entry level MTM in that price range.
  7. One legal job at a time should be (more than) enough for anyone.
  8. You can. If you have a strong application you may get interviews. How your application is viewed is obviously going to vary depending on who is assessing it. No one can answer that question definitively for you. But, what have you got to lose?
  9. I assume “bit” was a typo and you intended to type “big”. Unless your parents can also lend you a time machine to travel back to the turn of the last century, when regular working professionals could buy more than an air space shoebox in Vancouver.
  10. Honest question: how did you even manage to come up with such a random list of firms to include? For example, isn’t Whitelaw basically an insurance defence/PI firm? Are they a “business law” firm?
  11. You can get through just about any sort of articling with a navy m, a charcoal, and a selection of shirts and ties. And double up on the pants with those suits.
  12. Basically any salary in any field seems low once you factor in Vancouver’s housing costs. If you actually need to work for a living, you’ll feel poor in Vancouver.
  13. The answer might vary by jurisdiction. This is not common, but not unheard of. It often occurs when a single employer cannot commit to retaining a student for the full articling period.
  14. @easttowest I can understand if not everyone wants to run their own business. But with the 100s of other things they could be doing, why in the hell would they ever apply to answer phones and greet clients? This was a receptionist position. Not a paralegal position, not a job as a legal assistant even. A receptionist. And 75, no less? I'm incredulous.
  15. You're joking. You had approximately 75 licensed lawyers apply for a job answering phones?
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