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  1. What a relentlessly stupid thread.
  2. Have you built a successful business before? This is a very very bad idea for almost anyone. The rare exception might be someone who is exceptionally entrepreneurial (with a demonstrated history of small business success).
  3. So it took you close to two years to find articles, and now you would rather risk failing PLTC than complete two days' worth of readings? There are perhaps people who could pass the PLTC exams without doing the readings. But, if there are, I sure as hell wouldn't count on you being one of them.
  4. Law school is school. It’s not exceptional in any significant way, in comparison to other programs. It was meh. I enjoy practising law.
  5. 1) it’s your overall average that matters, 2) really the only reason not to apply for a job is that you don’t want it.
  6. Oh, and in terms of bsing with colleagues, I like that fine, but with the nature of the job, I just want to get home to my family/SO (when I’m in office), so i keep it short.
  7. @Phaedrus re: is this what practice is like. Could be, depending on what sort of practice you have. In general, legal work is done during long periods working alone (unless you’re like duty counsel at a busy courthouse or something). Sounds like you’re doing criminal defence articles? Many criminal lawyers work alone. You can share office space to have colleagues to bounce ideas off etc., but that’s about it.
  8. Thread hits home, literally. I was going to post something, but somehow ended up taking a 3pm nap, instead.
  9. With respect, what in the hell are you talking about?
  10. Maybe this attitude has something to do with why you are not very employable? Experience is everything. It can't be learned from an armchair.
  11. @pele24 without providing identifying information, why don’t you provide us with your salary range, year of Call, and billable target. You’ve piqued my curiosity.
  12. You registered yet another alt account to post that?
  13. No, you might work those evenings and weekends for free. What happens at your annual evaluation? Do you not negotiate a raise based on the hours you've billed? Do you not get an annual bonus, based at least in part on your billings?
  14. @pzabbythesecond said annoying*; that’s not necessary the same thing as “mechanical”. It appears that you haven’t even graduate from law school yourself. When you do start articling, I would caution you not to attempt to “offload” assignments from your principal onto your firm’s support staff.
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