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  1. If I were you, I would consider applying to a 3-year Canadian JD program instead. Looking at your post history, it seems you are a 19 year old Canadian without a previous undergraduate degree. Unless your UK law degree is from OxBridge, you're facing a very, very poor employment market in BC.
  2. What are these students doing that cannot be set up remotely?
  3. What type of work are you doing? I work in an area that is, by anyone’s definition, essential. And I’m working only from home. I don’t understand why you can’t.
  4. What does that mean? You’re still employed but have been asked not to attend work? Good, that’s what your principal should be doing.
  5. How would that matter if you’re not a lawyer because you didn’t get Called?
  6. Why are you choosing not to work from home? With the exception of mandatory court appearances, is there some reason why it’s not possible?
  7. Really? That would have been a serious faux pas at my law school. If anything, people were “closet studiers”, and would try to give the impression they never cracked a book till exam time. Maybe that’s a West Coast phenomena.
  8. You’re an articling student until you pass those exams and are Called.
  9. OP, after reviewing this thread, I have concluded you are being overpaid.
  10. Where the hell do you go to law school, Louisiana?
  11. An accused. You've seen too much Law & Order.
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