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  1. Same boat. Except I manufactured this crisis myself 😞
  2. I love cold emails; they are very easy to ignore. I literally have never responded to one (and I’ve gotten quite a few).
  3. https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/72139 there is one (random) example
  4. You start the process by being called to Bar of a Canadian province, and then applying for an associate position.
  5. If you’re only going to be 24 or 25 when you come to Canada, and you want a shot at a position in Canadian Big Law, you should probably consider completing a JD at a Canadian law school, not an LLM.
  6. Don’t they still take only the highest score? If so, and you’re consistently 178-180 on PTs, retake for sure.
  7. Yep. That’s one reason why law school sort of sucked, but my office sort of doesn’t. We’ve weeded them out.
  8. It’s probably among most prestigious law schools in Alberta. But other than that, no.
  9. It’s not really that rare. And no one really cares about your pre-law school education, unless it’s particularly poor or particularly impressive.
  10. That’s not how every legal employer makes hiring decisions. Some care a great deal about grades, but many others don’t.
  11. Riiight. What a shame it is that they didn't consult someone with your expertise when they developed the Course🙄
  12. Have you actually billed $200K, or have you completed file work that a partner has then billed out at $200K? Big difference.
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