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  1. QuincyWagstaff

    Law school attire

    I'm not sure where you went to law school, but law school professors in general are only "suited up" for special events, in my experience. And with very few exceptions, no one gives a shit what you're wearing to class every day. It's school; if anything, being overdressed would look odd.
  2. QuincyWagstaff

    Burnout in the profession

    And the money. Mostly, the money. Being a student sucks unless you're supported by your parents or independently wealth.
  3. That's not a statistically significant drop, nor a significant drop for any admissions purpose.
  4. QuincyWagstaff

    BC Crown

    There have been a number of positions in the GVRD over the past couple of years. Many in Surrey, but some downtown and elsewhere.
  5. QuincyWagstaff

    BC Crown

    It is competitive. You write screening exams for the initial interviews, then you do a structured interview with a couple of senior Prosecutors.
  6. QuincyWagstaff

    Changing Articling

    They cannot unreasonably refuse to. The aim of articling is to train future members of the Bar, not to provide cheap labour for principals.
  7. QuincyWagstaff

    Burnout in the profession

    Same. I'm not even expected to respond to anything outside of my normal work hours. Files are covered by colleagues during vacation times. If someone in @happydude's position leaves the profession before exploring other, more reasonable employment options, that's a shame.
  8. QuincyWagstaff

    I want to die

    I like how he chose a(nother) notoriously depression and suicide prone profession. Just because you've survived 6 decades and accomplished something in law does not mean you've learned anything about happiness. I'd think you have fewer exit options as a dentist, as well.
  9. QuincyWagstaff

    Online Law Degree - The University of Law (UK)

    "Achieving" a degree from this place? I'm sure that's reasonable. Using the above towards an actual career practising law in Canada? No chance.
  10. QuincyWagstaff

    LSO Referral Service

    Based of the type of Potentials I've directed to our Lawyer Referral Service, I wish you luck with it. You'll need it.
  11. Here is how (not) to do it.
  12. No. Just No. The OP is asking about Family Law. Are you asserting that most family lawyers, unless they are at a large firm, don't have billable targets or bill by the hour? Am I being punked?
  13. Huh? This is standard stuff for all areas of law that bill by the hour. Plaintiff personal injury and criminal defense are the only two notable exceptions. It has nothing to do with with "national firm(s)" or solicitor work. You understand that the vast majority of litigation lawyers, outside of criminal defense and PC, bill the vast majority of their services by the hour, right?
  14. If you are not familiar with fee splitting, you may have some gaps in your research into compensation. If you're getting base salary plus a bonus, I would calculate what percentage of the collected fees for your billed hours you're getting when the two are combined. So, let's say you billed and collected 1600 hours over the year. You bill out at $250 per hour, so that's $400,000 you brought in. You received $80,000 in salary, plus a $20,000 bonus (based on your numbers of a minimum of 5% of the collected). So, your total compensation was $100,000...or 25% of the money you brought into the firm. In the above example, on a pure fee split, I would expect you to take $160,000, which is 40%.
  15. What type of family law? High net-worth divorces? Legal Aid child protection? Big difference in the business model and what the firm can pay you. Could be Big Law money, could be grinding for peanuts.