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  1. I understand it is. But the issue is really that OP has failed 4 of the 6 components of PLTC. If he had failed one or even two, he would be automatically entitled to try again, without leave of the Credentials Committee. I've never heard of anyone failing the majority of PLTC. It probably happens, but it's exceptionally bad.
  2. Honestly, not to make you feel worse, but so few people are ever in these circumstances, I seriously doubt anyone here will be able to advise you.
  3. If you decide to go with law school, go to UBC, not Toronto.
  4. Any area with private, cash clients, so long as you're a shrewd business person, can pay very well.
  5. Then I suggest you practise corporate law. You don't need an MBA for that, and certainly not an LLM. Most corporate lawyers I know would likely say both degrees would be a tremendous waste of time and money, in comparison to getting experience practising. Experience is what matters in the working world, particularly in law. The vast majority of coprorate lawyers have an undergraduate degree and a JD/LLB. That's all you need.
  6. Stopped reading at "5 interviews". Buckle up. And work on your resilience. You'll need much thicker skin for practice.
  7. I would spend more time in the South, but otherwise, this advice is OK. OP: do you have lots of money? If so, do the above.
  8. Honestly, if you have time to read reference works cover to cover, you probably don't have enough business. I would focus on getting more clients/practical courtroom experience, and just read new case law.
  9. This is pretty standard stuff for anyone entering the profession. 100% agree with Diplock - focus on getting mentally healthy and resilient. This is only one of many, many stressful times she'll encounter if she pursues legal practise. Learning the right skills to handle it is a process.
  10. Only one of those things leads directly to an articling position, no? Therefore, if you're after job security, you'd pick that one.
  11. I'm not sure where you went to law school, but law school professors in general are only "suited up" for special events, in my experience. And with very few exceptions, no one gives a shit what you're wearing to class every day. It's school; if anything, being overdressed would look odd.
  12. And the money. Mostly, the money. Being a student sucks unless you're supported by your parents or independently wealth.
  13. That's not a statistically significant drop, nor a significant drop for any admissions purpose.
  14. There have been a number of positions in the GVRD over the past couple of years. Many in Surrey, but some downtown and elsewhere.
  15. It is competitive. You write screening exams for the initial interviews, then you do a structured interview with a couple of senior Prosecutors.
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