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  1. DO the daughter's home work ... and make sure she fail everything *endless evil laugh
  2. "How?" They Chhhhheeeeeattttinnnggg Lol just kidding
  3. also have to consider: if the US falls apart politically in a few years, the major cities might all suddenly turn into Detroit... (might have riots and violence in the City core etc) if you plan to live in a place like New York - invest in a motorcycle - easier to escape (squeeze through the traffic)
  4. you mean you are the only person in the organization who practices in that area? or do you mean you are the only person IN CANADA who practices in that area? if so, woah...
  5. someone once called me multiple times one morning, leaving messages saying they have an "emergency". when i called them back they said they needed to borrow my printer. lol
  6. when i worked in house i pretended to work 35 hours a week - when i reality i worked mostly 20 hours a week. there were some busy weeks that were 40-50 hours but those were rare. it's government - sometimes there is actually not enough work. got paid $80k a year lol.
  7. trick that worked for me: listen to a lot of radio/audio only youtube shows where the host is a complete aggressive angry insensitive d*ck (don't watch TV or video shows where you get distracted by the images, only listen to the ones where it is just sound of people talking) but make sure it is someone you find funny, or agree with, so you can keep listening to it listen to it everyday (at least 1 hour a day) for about 12 months the style will start to rub off on you
  8. agreed, constructive criticism should be welcome. but genuine abuse does exist as well, having worked downtown i have seen plenty of examples.
  9. Don't be nervous. Death comes to everyone eventually. lol
  10. recognize that trying to be the best is an attempt to by your brain to trick you into seeking external validation and recognize that validation is the tool that society uses to control you the key to happiness is not external validation, the key to happiness is to Not Give a Shit (Zen of ZFG)
  11. see I don't get this. wouldn't it be more efficient to keep the same people and not turn them over? presumably the people in charge are not stupid, so one has to think they are doing it on purpose? but what is the reason?
  12. That 60 year old guy is clearly bored with life make his life more interesting by suing/reporting him into the stone-age
  13. definitely make sure you get insurance for your work on the side. I've been in this position, some other thoughts: workload will become a major issue: if you do a really good job on your side gig - you may 'suddenly' be referred a lot more work. If you turn the work down it may actually affect your reputation. So you need to anticipate and have a plan. Clients will be like: "can you do this or not? why are you turning away work? I don't care if it is a side business or not, I demand responsiveness or I'm taking my business elsewhere etc" If you do a really good job and actually make a lot of side income, word may get around and eventually get back to your boss/department. That may cause some office politics issues: your boss: "I pay this guy less than me, but if you add his 'side income' he actually makes more than me, that f*cker! how do I assert my authority when he/she makes more than me?, need to get rid of him/her etc". (may not matter if your job is ending in about year anyways though) psychologically, you may also fall into the trap of losing motivation for both your main job and the side gig - "I don't need to do a good job at work, i have my side gig as a back up.... (5 minutes later)... I don't need to be serious about my side gig, I have main job (maybe my contract will be extended)" etc... (and you start doing a poor job at both) not sure what kind of work you are thinking of doing, if you are doing something that's higher risk (e.g. litigation), gotta make sure stuff like this doesn't happen: a self-rep on the other side, or your own client somehow finds your main job's department number and starts calling random people in your building asking questions about their 'file'. etc, you are smart, but sometimes clients are crazy/stupid.
  14. I'm not "questioning" the OP's motive. I'm actually curious, there are lots of interesting business related fields, why PE specifically? My comment regarding the OP needing to be specific was in response to someone other than the OP. How do we know that OP doesn't actually have a more specific reason? Maybe he has lots of specific reasons. If it helps: I actually used to want to be a PE lawyer when I first started, but now I wouldn't want to do it even if you offered it to me. I like my current area better etc (still business related).
  15. as a bit of a tangent - as I've been getting older I'm starting to think about this: should i deliberately try to impress upon younger lawyers that I'm above them as a way to maintain social standing (not in an asshole-ish of a way but in a calculated way)? if I don't do it would they start to get really arrogant around me and treat me like shit because they don't know any better?
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