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  1. I just find dropbox so easy to use. I have it between three computers and send files/transfers often. I've never had an issue with space on the free account lol I just free up some space and move things on to our server when I'm done with a specific matter/file. My law notes/files never took up much space. It was mostly just Word docs and some PDFs.
  2. I also highly recommend a really supportive, comfortable ergonomic chair if you're going to be logging serious hours at your desk or, if you're like me, dining room table. I got the Ergo Chair 2 and my lower back thanks me every day!
  3. This was my kitchen until I traded them all in for a serious semi-automatic espresso machine. Only rocking +10 coffee in this house.
  4. I can't say I understand the Ministry's position to oppose the initials. Maybe they didn't realize that the affiant's identity would only be withheld from the public record and they could still be subject to any potential cross-examination lol.
  5. Interesting to see another challenge. They will, presumably, face the same difficulty that Hudson's Bay faced in their Judicial Review application which was dismissed.
  6. We are probably living in a simulation anyway... I dont think I pulled anywhere near 8 hour study days except for the month leading up to the bar exams.
  7. I see you there Saturday evening. You're not alone friend!
  8. I probably average about 50-60 hours each week, of which approx. 35-40 are billable. There is a decent amount of time spent that is not-billable, like consultations and other administrative tasks that come with running the shop. I also have a toddler, so I do a lot of 9-4pm, 8-11pm days, since working from home now means there is no separation between work and not-work, or things are just really busy and I'm suddenly quite popular with my clients.
  9. I had a similar experience when I started. A LOT of time was spent on the road for remand appearances, quick JPTs, etc. Nothing like driving from Toronto to Lindsay and back for a 30 second court appearance or to pick up disclosure. For about a year straight I was making monthly appearances in Windsor and we decided that because it took too long to travel and the train/flight schedules didn't work perfectly, we would go the night before, do the appearance and then come right home. Hey, at least the closest hotel to the courthouse was the casino!
  10. I will also add that my favourite classes were the ones taught by practitioners, who had more hands-on experience. I went to Windsor and loved it.
  11. Yeah, that's the problem. Law schools admit more students than there are articling positions. Many firms get away with exploiting their students because you need to article (or do the LPP in Ontario, which is a whole other can of worms) to become a lawyer. I was one of those students who just sucked it up. It was an awful 10 months and I moved to greener pastures after. Do I think everyone else should just suck it up? No. I think there are better solutions out there and that the LSO can do better... but here we are.
  12. This is why articling is such a disaster. $650/week is low. Yes, it is better than no articling job, or an unpaid one, but do we really think a civil litigation firm in Toronto with 16 lawyers can't afford to pay an articling student a living wage? On the one hand, these are trying times for businesses and I suppose that just because a firm has more than a dozen lawyers doesn't mean it's flush with cash to hire a student. On the other hand, come on. If you can't afford to pay a student a living wage, don't hire one. I wish I had better advice for you. I would say if you have other options, explore them. If not, get through articling and look for greener pastures once you become a lawyer.
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