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Please read the Forum Rules (there are three of them and they're short). This forum is about preserving content for future readers. We encourage responsible posting by expecting our users to stand behind what they post.


Answers to Common Queries:

1. You don't have the option to delete your posts. You can edit them (including removing all text if you wish) for one hour after you post. This rule has been the norm for years, and has been explained here and here. In exceptional cases you can ask the mods to edit a post to remove problematic content - but we are usually very reluctant to do so and will require an explanation for the request.

2. You don't have the option to delete your account. If you ask the mods they will disable your account to prevent any future posts, but this does not remove past content. This is not a clever way to delete your post history. [in a similar vein, acting like a huge jerk just to get yourself banned will not result in post history deletion either.]

3. You don't have the option to change your username. If you have a very good basis to request a username change, only Morgan has the ability to grant that request, and you'll have to explain your situation to him.

4. We (usually) don't allow posting under more than one username. There are rare exceptions to this rule, and there are consequences for ignoring this rule, both outlined here. If you have a good reason for having a dual account, please PM the mods a heads' up so we know what's going on.

Thanks for reading :)

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