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  1. Law school is actually very good at teaching you the current state of the law. Don’t ever discount the value of this knowledge and work hard to keep up on developments as you go along. When you appear in front of a judge and make an argument that - I don’t know - there is an objective standard in play when a person fails to take steps to ensure they don’t breach a court order, knowing that the BCCA just released R v Zora this year puts you ahead of about eighty percent of your colleagues who are too lazy or too busy to stay up to date. Another random example: Coming out of law school I promise you have a MUCH better handle on the nightmare of jurisprudence that is sexual assault law that almost anyone else in the courthouse. Now you probably have no idea how to create a foundation for your argument to bring that knowledge of the law in play. School doesn’t teach you to be a litigator. It just teaches you the law. But I make a point to chat with new Calls about caselaw from time to time because honestly, they often have a much better concept of the current framework on X area that I need to adopt, especially if the judge doesn’t have a criminal background. Being able to Coles Notes the Law in argument is a wonderful thing, and without a lot of effort you lose it fast - so enjoy being current while you can.
  2. Echoing Diplock, and adding my own perspective: our parents did us no favours by saying we could be whatever we want to be. It just ain’t so. I also think that tagging along on that myth is the impossible expectation that The Right Career Solves Everything. That somewhere out there is your dream job (this parallels the everyone has one soul mate myth). The truth is there are a bunch of jobs that have the potential to be your dream job - but they take goddamn work. They take sacrifice. They take days or weeks or months of slogging away to learn the thing before you feel confident, successful, respected. And then some years before I think you can really classify that as a settled degree of happiness or satisfaction with life overall. Yes, committing to a specific path over time is a risk, but so is every other damn thing including marriage or kids. I think one of the things we all struggle(d) with in our 20s is that there is no immediate feedback loop of validation. There is no burst of applause -or chorus of boos - when you make your decisions each step of the way. There’s no soundtrack telling you if you’re about to enter the Success/Wealth/Friends Montage versus the For God’s Sake Don’t Go In there! Montage. So you go wary, and question, and dawdle, and backtrack, and panic, and feel paralyzed. I am satisfied right now. I am also in a space where the stresses of the job have led to serious consideration of a sabbatical. Because my job isn’t Everything, and never will be - and the best advice I have to the Me of twenty years ago is: make sure you have room for something else in your long life, because happiness comes and goes and hinging it on work alone is asking for a breakdown.
  3. I dunno, but sounds like a cash grab to me. What area are you looking into? Might be some one here kind enough to give you an opinion over PM. I have certainly done that for posters over the years.
  4. PSA: if any of your relatives ever calls you because there is a police officer standing in front of them, do not wing it with the advice. Especially if you do not practise criminal law. You are going to end up in a report to the Crown and depending on what you said, you can become a witness. And if you gave bad advice to them you are in for a world of hurt. Doesn’t matter if it’s your weeping nonna or your best bro or your baby sister: when you give advice to ANYONE you are a lawyer and owe them your professional competence, not your emotional support in the guise of poor advice.
  5. Make use of your alumni network. Work hard on putting the best possible face on what you have been doing for four years - as an employer I would be extremely wary of a significant gap like that. Make sure your resume addresses this as well as your cover letter and point out what your experience doing X means you can do for the potential employer.
  6. This is a tricky one and you can choose to deal with it formally or leave it be. Only you know your own comfort level and wishes here, and I am not going to give you advice on which your choice should be... I will just outline what some of them are. If you are a student, you can go to some one in your school who deals with career services to explain what has happened to you. You can tell them if you would like to make a formal complaint to the law society, or you can tell them that you are just notifying the school so no future students are directed to this firm. If you are a law student you can contact the law society yourself or you can look up and speak to a bencher. There is also the link already provided which gives better and more specific info. If you find this has really affected your confidence or mood or outlook, you can seek out support through friends or family or school facilities. If you are applying through the NCA process then the law society is also a good resource to explore your options. And if you need to hear it, this asshole is a pig and a disgrace to the profession. He is not alone but he is not the majority either. He’s an utter shit for doing this to you and if it helps, to paraphrase Churchill, tomorrow you will wake up as the same fundamentally decent person you have always been and he will still be an utter shit. Chin up, whatever you do.
  7. Call the law society. No one here can give you an answer.
  8. Just a quick note to say OP is still going strong and the first post has been updated to reflect that. Keep it up, and thanks!
  9. https://www.ontario.ca/page/public-sector-salary-disclosure-2018-all-sectors-and-seconded-employees
  10. I can do that. PM me the text you want added and I can insert a paragraph with “Update” or whatever works.
  11. Oh man, I need to finish that one. It’s been hanging in the wind far too long. Thanks for the kind words.
  12. I agree with erinl2. The context is relevant. Had these two done this on their own with no other current issue known, it would be petty and stupid. But the value here is in knowing that this elected individual has espoused these kinds of views for over a decade now.
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