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  1. Are you asking as a law student, as a lawyer, or as a salesperson about to pitch another website or related service? It’s only fair for the people who answer to have the full context.
  2. Best: being around interesting people. Even the jerks. Everyone had a different backstory and goals and ambition and views that challenged me. I grew up around people who were all very similar and didn’t want much more from life than they already had - it was refreshing to immerse myself in the contrast. Worst: feeling out of step. I went young, and naive, and wasn’t really prepared for the rapid introduction to the wider world of elite and business and privilege. I frequently felt in above my head and tongue tied and ignorant. Took a while to get my sea legs and while it was a valuable learning experience that set me up in life, it was not pleasant.
  3. The OP was asking about assets, not disbursements.
  4. You can’t make a bad choice here, if that is any comfort. The advantages and disadvantages of each will boil down to some very personal preferences and details.
  5. https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/becoming-a-lawyer-in-bc/admission-program/professional-legal-training-course/pltc-practice-material/ https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/support-and-resources-for-lawyers/practice-checklists/ https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/support-and-resources-for-lawyers/law-office-administration/
  6. Let’s not get off track. OP, if there’s anything left you want to ask, now is the time. Otherwise this thread may have served its purpose.
  7. OP, write an LSAT. The score you get is likely to answer this question in a concrete way. If you do manage to achieve a high enough score to be a “splitter” (a person who excels at the LSAT and has poor grades or vice versa) you might be a successful candidate. If you aren’t able to achieve a very high score it’s probably not in the cards for you. I would echo Diplock’s sentiment. Getting into law school is the lowest hurdle of a series of higher and more difficult obstacles to clear in this profession. You might not want to enter this race at all.
  8. I’ll give the OP the benefit of the doubt and assume the question is whether one needs the exact amount to the nickel versus a ballpark sum. Take the time to be accurate. Diligence - along with honesty and integrity - are qualities you want to foster getting in to this profession. If you are actually considering abandoning the latter two so early on, give Felicity Hoffman a call and ask how that approach is working for her. And if the morality of it doesn’t sway you, question whether you really want the possibility of being found out hanging above your head afterwards. If ethics won’t bind you, maybe fear will. Shame to start out like that though.
  9. Just wow. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ontario-legal-aid-funding-cut-1.5095058
  10. Honestly I just wanted to be sure you weren’t writing an article for publication and posters wouldn’t find themselves being quoted elsewhere. We get a lot of people posting for a lot of different reasons. No offence was intended. I think Komodo had a good thread going a while back on a similar topic. I will try to find it.
  11. If you want to practice law in Canada you want the JD.
  12. Self explanatory. You have an hour to edit a post. We are not reddit. For the hundredth time.
  13. I see your point but I don’t think letting an incompetent lawyer sit in on the interrogation will improve matters.
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