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  1. The mods are always right. Just some days we are less right than others.
  2. Let my near death experience be a lesson to you all.
  3. I may or may not have imbibed a little yestreday as I ate three beyond meat burgers which have turned out to be amazing food... by 10pm I was out. Anyway at 8:55 this morning I was still asleep. Comatose. My cat, who as previously discussed is a total asshole, decided to come in and lick my nostrils until I was fully and irritably awake. At 8:58 I had my phone in my hand and was just about to check my emails when some one called. I should note here that the sound and vibration was off so the only reason I noticed and accepted this call was because my phone was literally in my hand. And this is what happened: *clears throat* “Hegdis speaking.” ”Good morning, this is the clerk of the court calling on the _______ matter for PTC. I have counsel and Justice Smith on the line.” ”YES! Ahem, I mean yes. Thank you.” ”Good morning counsel, where do we stand on this file?” And all I can say is thank the lord for chatty lawyers who like to jump in and dominate these calls because as I was staring blankly at my bedroom wall and listening to them go on the file came rushing back to me. When it was my turn to speak I was - mercifully - ready to go. My cat, having bathed herself from head to toe, was curled up and asleep on my pillow by the time I hung up. So now I need suggestions for a really excellent cat toy please.
  4. If you can’t write your own personal statement there are a lot of things going on, not the least of which is potentially misleading the adcoms. I expect that the statement is not just about the story it confers but also about how well you can express yourself. Editing and running it by others are all a natural way to compose anything. But the composition must be yours. (not directed to OP; just a general comment in case anyone else is seriously unaware of this)
  5. A reminder to all - no one here is really that anonymous. Take a minute to imagine your post history becomes a morning read for your boss / prof / the admissions committee. In the last two weeks we have dealt with a number of posters opening themselves up to potential offline consequences. Since this whole forum is built on a belief that people can easily self moderate and that they deserve the reputations they earn, we don’t allow anyone to delete their post history. This is not meant to scare anyone. But if it scares you, maybe think over any future posts here very carefully... your future self (and the mods) will thank you for it.
  6. Ok let’s not engage in personal attacks. Back on track.
  7. Diplock, you are not a well adjusted practising lawyer.
  8. Yeah you pay CPP as both employee and as employer. The EI exemption means you can’t access it, if I recall correctly. So it‘s a double edged sword. You don’t pay in but you can’t get paid out. Try to get a percentage of your income automatically diverted into an account set up to pay your taxes. If you have money left over it’s only a good thing. My first 17,000 tax bill threw me for a loop. Not fun times. Save up.
  9. Keep in mind that the law can change province to province. Civil Procedure being a big one. So - I won’t weigh in on overall odds but it’s a legitimate consideration. Not just “prestige” etc.
  10. I reiterate that calling the Registry is the simplest and most reliable way to determine what stage the case is at, including if there is a trial date or if it has been settled. The internet is amazing but it has its limits, believe it or not!
  11. Why would you need an application agent? That sounds like a position some one has invented so you pay them to do some pretty basic tasks that most people do themselves. Be wary. I imagine this situation would be ripe for scammers. Anyway OP, I continue to wish you luck. You have obviously worked hard and achieved great things so far.
  12. ...The latter. I think the problem is likely language-related. If that is the case, you can spend some time to work on improving your English, and apply again. Good luck.
  13. In your shoes I would make a polite call and ask. Don’t try to argue your case with the person on the phone - just see if there is any process you can take advantage of.
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