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  1. Hegdis

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    I went to Queen’s because I wanted to see what living in Ontario would be like. I was 21 and had very few attachments. It was a perfect time to explore.
  2. Hegdis

    Summer Student to Articling Student

    I think Uriel *was* that student. But I remember it being tripping the fire alarm that emptied the building. I like the addition of real flames tho. Let’s go with that version.
  3. Hegdis

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    Let me just assure you that you cannot make a “wrong” choice here. I am from BC and I went to Queens and I loved it there. But I also just interviewed a bunch of Ottawa grads and was very impressed. So it’s a draw. Go with your gut and once you have decided, don’t worry. Look forward. And congratulations!
  4. Hegdis

    Careers in Criminal Law

    Heh, that did sound like a gotcha. It wasn’t. I applied to law school over fifteen years ago. Maybe the rules have changed. It happens. For example, you aren’t limited to three writes of the LSAT anymore, but I didn’t know that until some one on this forum mentioned it.
  5. Hegdis

    Careers in Criminal Law

    I didn’t know you could get into a Canadian law school with a college degree. Am I relying on out of date info now?
  6. Hegdis

    Pregnant Summer Student

  7. Hegdis

    Part-time Help at a Law Office

    This post looks fine to me.
  8. Hegdis

    Careers in Criminal Law

    In Canada a Crown prosecutor takes on a “quasi-judicial role”. They are bound by a code of ethics that does not govern defence counsel. While a certain level of zealous advocacy is acceptable, in the Crown view “justice” is always done: whether it is an acquittal or a conviction. They do not “win” or “lose” cases. They are better understood as protectors of due process with an obligation to ensure trial fairness. So the American norm of campaigning for an election on the basis of promising to be tough on crime and ruthlessly seek convictions as a prosecutor is pretty much directly antithetical to that role.
  9. Hegdis

    Careers in Criminal Law

    If you are seriously considering this, I really recommend not overselling yourself. If some one applied to my business with experience as second chair on one week long trial, I would consider that relevant experience. I would not think that set them well above the average student or first year Call in Canada. What you may not realize is that there is a lot of clinical work and legal aid work for students to do, and criminal articles typically get you running a trial or at least multiple bail/sentencing hearings. By the time a person becomes a lawyer, of Criminal law is their plan, they usually have experience commiserate with your own. I would also be very delicate about communicating your own brush with the law. Defence counsel up here do not automatically assume the police are incorrect or abusive - some take a more extreme view than others, but you wouldn’t want to assume a level of sympathy you aren’t likely to get.
  10. Hegdis

    Careers in Criminal Law

    For what you can and cannot do you will have to consult the NCA. I am not familiar enough with their rules to say.
  11. Hegdis

    Careers in Criminal Law

    Your Call date typically indicates your experience level. So if you are thinking of competing with first year Calls you could have an advantage because you have some experience being a lawyer in another country - presumably your advocating skills, work ethic, and maturity could set you apart. But once you start competing with people who have a few years of Canadian criminal law practise under their belt, you are at a disadvantage, because they quickly catch up to the skills/ethic/maturity you offer. Edit: very few defence lawyers get a salary. It’s more often a group of sole practitioners who band together in one office and share a receptionist and photocopier. If you need a salary, look to prosecution work.
  12. Hegdis

    Careers in Criminal Law

    Bluntly put, no. Your American experience puts you at a disadvantage next to your Canadian peers applying for the same work with the same level of Call because criminal law is very specific to Canada in terms of procedure, evidence, and substantive law. They have the experience you lack.
  13. Hegdis

    Careers in Criminal Law

    You look for postings, network, and apply. There is no particular magic to it. Your biggest hurdle will be convincing your employer that you understand the Charter and the jurisprudence that springs from it. It permeates nearly every aspect of criminal law in Canada.
  14. Hegdis

    Can Law Schools Rescind Offers?

    A student code of conduct would have no application to a non-student. Unless you were a student at UBC at the time I don’t see how it could affect you. I think you are looking for confirmation that your specific fact scenario won’t give rise to problems for you as a law student at UBC. You are not going to get that kind of blanket assurance. The only people who could tell you for certain are the same group of people you have said you don’t want to tell. Time to call a lawyer who specializes in this kind of thing.