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  1. Hegdis

    Feeling incompetent

    Totally natural. Does not help that a lot of us lawyer types deal with self-conciousness and uncertainty by loudly pretending we know everything. You end up in a room with three other students / young Calls making jokes about how some one else "had no idea" about X, when the fact is until yestreday, they didn't either. So if this is coming from people around you, take it with a large grain of salt. There is a very large bump that happens when you get ejected from academia, where things were predictable, timed, equal and fair and had no actual real life consequences. Then you graduate and get dumped on your ass at the ground level of a profession where image and ego play a large part. Everyone enters off the ground floor. Some of us find the elevator, others take the stairs. Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. It'll take a couple years before you start repeating things to the extent that you don't get that sinking dread about how much you don't know. The work will teach you how to do it - do the work. Don't shirk, or evade, or procrastinate. Do the work. If you don't know how, think about a smart way to learn: seek out a precedent, research the case law, ask a trusted junior associate, find a mentor, consult your principle. Never make your principle your first stop - always go to them with "I need to do this and I have looked in X and Y, and I want to make sure Y is the correct route to take here." I work with students a lot. Give me the keen and interested inexperienced person over the cocky blowhard who has no clue any day. It's not what you know at this stage - you don't know anything. It's how you deal with that. Be hardworking, be curious, be friendly. The rest will come.
  2. Hegdis

    Alberta Crown Prosecution Service Interview

    Review Jordan and Cody. Crown deal with 11(b) at every stage of the file. Review Antic, St. Cloud, and Morales - this is your holy trinity in bail court. Read Gladue and Ipeelee. I do not work for Alberta Crown but any prosecutor anywhere in Canada should know those seven at least.
  3. Hegdis

    First trial tips?

    Oh God yes Brown and Dunn. Such a basic downfall and so, so common.
  4. Hegdis

    How to dress as a Court Spectator?

    Side note: if anyone seems to suddenly focus on you and demand to know who you are and what you are doing, don’t be offended. Just tell them you are observing and have no involvement with the case. Witnesses have likely been excluded from the courtroom you are in. The judge/sheriff/lawyer asking is worried you are a witness or are a “friend” reporting to a witness during the court break. (FYI this happens a lot and is always fun in cross). A demand to know who you are is not coded language that you are unwelcome and a hint to leave. Stay put, you’re cool.
  5. Hegdis

    How to dress as a Court Spectator?

    Court spectators can wear almost anything really. Jeans and a tshirt are fine. Basic rules: No hats, nothing obscene, and be prepared to have your bag searched. The single most important thing is to turn your cellphone off or keep it on silent or vibrate. Nothing gets you kicked out faster than a ringing cellphone.
  6. Hegdis

    Extreme Frustration With Jr. Crowns

    I think in that case presenting those statistics to the higher ups in government, possibly with a copy to the media, would work wonders in getting that office to reconsider their policy and their approach.
  7. Hegdis

    Extreme Frustration With Jr. Crowns

    Me too. When I was a kid a prank was putting dog shit in a mailbox. Not fucking forcible confinement.
  8. Hegdis

    Extreme Frustration With Jr. Crowns

    Yes, that was my point.
  9. Hegdis

    Extreme Frustration With Jr. Crowns

    That's not entirely fair [edit @Diplock]. The AG does not personally need to approve a file for it to be the AG's call. There's a test: substantial likelihood of conviction plus public interest in proceeding. Maybe on an individual level the application of this test can vary. Sure - we all know the push overs, we all know the hard assess. Most fall in the middle somewhere. But every Crown knows that test. You can criticize, sure; we all can. What I think we're dealing with here, though, is the difference between saying to colleagues (probably in more colourful language) "I disagree with this decision" versus a completely different "this decision is so beyond the pale that extraordinary measure need to be taken to address this serious situation" such as running a three day trial for which your client is obviously guilty because you want to make a point and that point is worth depriving your client of the mitigation of a guilty plea and costing the system tens of thousands because... well, Jesus, just run an abuse of process application at that point. That is why they exist - to curtail Crown who are misbehaving to that degree. I understand frustration. But when it reaches a call to action it should be reaching a level that I am not seeing here. I am seeing disagreement. Not a basis for rebellion. And making a point at the expense of your client... I am not on board with that.
  10. Hegdis

    Extreme Frustration With Jr. Crowns

    Context for readers: In BC, Manitoba and New Brunswick, the police forward recommended charges to Crown counsel for approval. Everywhere else (I think?) the police can approve and lay charges absent Crown involvement, although the case is then taken on and prosecuted by a Crown lawyer. That’s why you’re hearing a mix of perspectives here.
  11. Hegdis

    Extreme Frustration With Jr. Crowns

    But on the flip side of there are no consequences and then the behaviour repeats. A one off, whatever. But a small business person experiencing ongoing petty theft is entitled to a justice system that addresses these crimes. I mean do diversion or whatever, but address it.
  12. Hegdis

    Extreme Frustration With Jr. Crowns

    Speaking only partly tongue in cheek, one solution would be for defence counsel to start ad hocing (acting as temp Crown) in that jurisdiction and show the errant junior Crown how it’s done, according to him/her.
  13. Talk to the CBA and ask if you might get the fee waived to attend subsection meetings in whatever area. Then go. Listen to the topic, learn, shake hands, introduce yourself, and try to walk the fine line between keen and too keen. People invest in faces, they want to help, and it’s not even just that. You should learn, and keep up, and subsections are a great way to do that. If nothing else it gets you up and dressed and mingling and intellectually involved. That is important. Good luck.
  14. Hegdis

    Non- academic student misconduct

    Just to make it all super super clear to the OP, if this strikes you as a serious thing you owe it to yourself to do it properly and get some legal advice - privately and offline - as to how to proceed. My gut tells me you’re gonna be just fine, but all that and a coupon to Five Guys will get you a meal.
  15. Hegdis

    Extreme Frustration With Jr. Crowns

    Yeah I always get irritated with the whole idea of “he has every chance to never be back before the court - means, opportunity, education, employment and family support”. And he gets a discharge so he isn’t burdened by a permanent record, and his life stretches on unblemished. Like, he had all that before, so how is this not aggravating? ...then the poor indigenous kid with the drug addiction gets jail because we’ve already given up on him.