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  1. (Dear God. Okay, so SNAILS means "student not actually in law school" and this poster is, actually, not even in law school.) OP, in an attempt to address your actual question, when I went to Queen's come fifteen years ago it had big problems with diversity. We had all of two students identifying as aboriginal and a grand total of twice as many black students. The ratio of white to POC was easily a 75/25 and for Queen's it was one of the more diverse schools. Queen's also had some well-publicized racist incidents on campus (people appearing in blackface being one of the better known). It was undoubtably a white school with a white history and mostly white students and professors. I do not know how much of that has changed overall, but change has happened - and it's as much a ground up effort as anything else. Students these days challenge norms and authority in a way they never did in my day - and that's GOOD. The law schools have been put on the spot to do better, and they have hired and empowered people who sincerely work toward doing better, and that's good too. So while I can't tell you that my old school is particularly diverse, I can tell you that there have been a lot of people embodying the whole "be the change you want to see" mantra and fighting the good fight. I hope you decide to join in.
  2. This thread has hit like eight out of the Top Ten "Things Students Post Every Damn Year". OP (& friends) go back and read the TRU thread from five or six years ago. There was another You arguing exactly this (complete with directing people to cases you just read so they can educate themselves - dude, stop). Also complete with a debate about what you meant versus what you said, complete with pretend outrage and supposed knowledge about various hiring practices, complete with jaw-droppingly entitled remarks and then complete denial that they're entitled.... just.... just everything. It's kind of amazing. Some good stuff here so thanks everyone who has kept the tone up.
  3. I suggest you chill out a bit, to be honest. This outrage cropped up for both TRU and Lakehead and is (thankfully) now largely forgotten. No need to work yourself up over it.
  4. This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  5. You're in good company. Most lawyers I know are control freaks - the key is learning that at a certain point you have to let go and trust that you can handle whatever on the fly. That's a skill that age and experience teaches you rather than any book or class.
  6. This is the best advice I could give you. Especially that last part. At a certain point you have to take a chance and no amount of planning will cover off everything.
  7. In BC you need to inform the law society and (I think) get their approval to practise law in addition to another career. A lot of us teach or take an active part in community groups. But there’s no way you should think about getting into law if you aren’t prepared to give it your full time. Once you have a decade under your belt, sure.
  8. Uh. This post is literally eleven years old. Um. Locking this.
  9. First year is way too important to have your attention divided between degrees. Would not recommend this.
  10. I don't have a lot of advice except to say I think you have a lot ot be proud of, nothing to be ashamed of, and a completely unrelated issue like a work permit in no way diminishes the amazing things you've done so far. This is a setback, nothing more. Whether you follow Diplock's advice and broaden your search over there, or look into what Deadpool suggested and come back here, you are still you. With all the grit and skill and determination that implies. Let yourself feel down, but never feel defeated. And keep your head high.
  11. Hey, quick heads up that after an hour you cannot edit a post and there is no delete button. Lots of personal stuff here. On the time commitment alone I wouldn’t go for law, if I were in your shoes. It takes a solid ten years from applying to schooling to articling to practising and getting your sea legs before you can really feel that you are “making a difference” in your career. And up to that point it’s a LOT of stress and competition.
  12. Yeah but seriously though. Since I posted this, numerous requests. Stop.
  13. You want to know why law school applicants - prospective lawyers - are more likely to know about fictional "idols" than real life counsel, right? Is that what you're asking? Because quite a few people have answered that question. You think it's a problem, right? PR-wise among the general public? That's a different topic. And others disagree that it's a problem. I don't know what else to pull out of your posts here. What discussion are you actually trying to have? EDIT: okay, you've edited your post now to answer this.
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