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  1. I can’t give you any legal advice but in your shoes I would put this stuff in writing. Send a polite and reasonable email laying out your concerns and your proposed solutions. Do not just dump a problem on your employer. Offer to work from home remotely and explain what that would look like. Offer to work in the office after hours if needed. Come up with a plan. Put it on your employer to reject that plan. That’s a very different conversation from “I can’t do X, y , or z because...” If this leads to termination of your articles anyway you need to have a clear record of exactly what happened.
  2. I trust the lock needs no explanation.
  3. It is not a myth started by students. Source: am employer.
  4. This forum hates the idea of Canadian tiers. No one has ever argued against the proposition that the American law schools vary widely enough to makes the concept of tiers legitimate.
  5. I have always worked in BC and as evidenced by my post count, it is entirely possible to post while waiting in court. If anyone has ever had the experience of being in Surrey in 102 when the lovely Mr ____ arrives with his armload of MVA files, you know there is waiting involved If a couple brief sentencings are all you have in that jurisdiction but the list is slammed because the JCM leaked who was sitting that day, there is waiting involved. And if your only client is coming in from ACCW and you showed up first thing, two hours before the van shows up, there is waiting involved. Hang in there everyone. It’s all gonna be ok.
  6. One thing I wanted to highlight - the community is struggling, but it is a community. While it's not a good time to be in the vulnerable place between student and lawyer, your colleagues do get it, in a way that other professions might not. Law is a small group, even in large cities, and we do try to take care of our own. All this just just to say that it's ok to not be ok, that reaching out is smart, that we here on the forum are here too. So hang in there - this is some weird and awful shit none of us have been through before but the more senior people are in fact turning their minds to what our juniors are going through. We might not have solutions, but we do have compassion.
  7. Trust me on this - it will be fine until the employer realizes the student is discussing firm business (ie what a firm can afford to pay its people) publicly and online. There is no scenario where this would reflect well on the student. The best case would be the employer shrugs and doesn't care. The worst case is a very unpleasant conversation and the employer taking mental note about this person's concept of discretion. Whatever your friend thinks would happen, I personally wouldn't risk it. I am trying to protect this person because no one needs the stress nowadays.
  8. I said this before and will say it again - once things get sorted out, there will be a glut of cases moving through the courts. People will be hiring.
  9. I thought he was basically the figurehead for a referral service. Am I mistaken?
  10. Can I ask what got you out of criminal? It’s not a story we hear often and would be a good balance. Only if you want to share of course.
  11. I merged all four threads. Please read the forum before posting new topics.
  12. This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  13. Yeah, this one is close to the line. If the answers are cognizant of that we can leave it.
  14. How on earth do you imagine anyone could answer this definitively? I can tell you what's going to happen in this thread: a lot of people making the same arguments about 1. merit, 2. prestige, 3. class and opportunity, 4. etc. that we have heard many times before. No one is going to have an equation that proves a fact: it's going to be opinions from other students.
  15. So the person who registered multiple accounts just to bombard this thread is about to have all of their accounts merged under one name.
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