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  1. Mmm. Might be worth consulting a lawyer on this. Not sure what your contract says or what the law says where you are. (No one here can give you any legal advice, obviously.)
  2. Showing up to defend my English degree. Having a clear grasp of grammar, rhetoric, and having even studied Shakespeare was actually a pretty terrific foundation for going into Law. Law is about communication - both written and spoken - above all things. If you aren’t already good at that, you’re going to have a rough time.
  3. Reminder that we expect people to post in good faith. Shit posting leads to bans.
  4. Students are always asked to give legal advice and need to know where the line between legal information versus legal advice is drawn. Smart students refuse to try and simply refer. Family members are the worst for this. For example, on its face there is nothing wrong with saying “Case X describes the law that applies when you are being sued.” That’s legal information. But your cousin is going to take it as legal advice, ie “This is all you need to know since you are being sued” and they are going to go forward with that. Then when it turns out that their case is actually one of the exceptions to the general rule, they are going to be worse off - and they are going to blame you. In my opinion law school epitomizes “a little learning is a dangerous thing” because student confidence is high but their knowledge is low. (Looking up the rest of the stanza is instructive.)
  5. Oh this is going directly into the Morgan’s LLP mythos. TAKE NOTE EVERYONE.
  6. Oh we have had a few of those threads before lol.
  7. We seem to have gone a bit off topic. If anyone has any further input on whether firms ask, please feel free to reply. Otherwise we might be done here.
  8. Well, if accommodations mean any of your classmates (of future colleagues) think anything less of you, congratulations - now you know who the assholes are.
  9. ...is it your impression that we should all focus on the cause rather than the effect?
  10. Jesus, you guys. Racism is real and it affects racialized people daily in a million different ways - subtle and overt. If a person who has these experiences wants to talk about them, stfu and listen. You don’t get to pretend any authority on racism when you have never experienced it. Challenging each individual experience rather than recognizing a pattern is a classic form of denial. Try to do better than that.
  11. I have no answers but I applaud and support you. Litigation is definitely a thing to avoid for you at this stage, but as you already know, that is not the only path forward to a satisfying career. Thank you for posting.
  12. The BC law society has some kind of loan / grant program you should look into.
  13. It’s just “the LSAT”. Not plural. Suits lied to you. To all of us.
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