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  1. I really really recommend that you avoid slamming doors shut before finding out if they’re the only ones that would be open for you. Don’t run to cut off opportunities. You really can’t know how the next six months will go for you.
  2. Well, I am and have always been a West Coast person. I grew up in [local town/city] and spent most of the time hiking up and down mountains. I'm hoping to tackle [X peak] this summer, if I can. [pause to see if they jump in] [if not] I just read [vaguely related book about hiking or mountains] and I've heard the movie is pretty good. I'm a fan of [actor]. [pause if they jump in and go from there] [If not] As far as school goes, I had a really great time doing clinic work and that made me interested in criminal law, so I asked [clinic supervisor] where to apply to get into this work. She said she used to work with you, and I should apply here [pause to see if they engage with this] [If not] It's been nice to come back to the coast. I'm hoping I can settle here long term. [Stop.]
  3. I was but only for grad students. It was fine except that one guy. Andrew, you’re still a dick and I still remember you and I hope you hit every red light on your way anywhere for the rest of your life.
  4. It's definitely not just you. I have a list of tasks and the bottom five may as well just be lit on fire for all the attention I already know I'm paying to them. While I used to be proactive and organized I am now a creature of last minute deadlines and court appearances in terms of actually processing workload. For example: I spent one hour this morning starting at 8am preparing for my one hour PreTrial Conference this morning starting at 9am. My call to the other lawyer at 8:15 went like this: "So, I just wanted you to know I've been working tirelessly on this file and I am going to CRUSH you today at the PTC." Counsel: "Oh fuck, is that today? What are we doing?" Me (reading off of note on file that I did not compose): "Two voir dires on search warrants and maybe a 10b. Possession live issue. Not challenging the PPT." Counsel "Oh yeah, yeah - right. I was just joking. I am very prepared. I expect you to BRING IT." Forty five minutes later, on the court record - Judge: "So uh, I need some one to remind me about the case synopsis WHICH I HAVE READ but I need to ensure I am not mixing it up with, uh, another case."
  5. I was wondering if you could calarify re "internship". I am not familiar with that term as far as the practise of law goes. I do understand articling, contracted work, and shadowing senior counsel (usually free and part of an established mentor relationship). But for me - a criminal lawyer in BC - the word "internship" is confusing.
  6. We've been getting a number of messages and requests from people who have clearly never bothered to look up the forum rules. Reminder to all - we don't delete posts. You can't delete posts either. IF you regret posting something, within an hour you can go back and edit your post (including blanking it out). That's how it works, and how it has always worked, and if you don't understand why, I invite you to browse this forum for the numerous explanations we've provided over the last fifteen years. You also can't insist that we delete your username/account. We don't do that either. We CAN ban you - if you want. But even banning you doesn't delete your post history, so asking us to ban you just removes your ability to post in future (and second accounts are, as always, not allowed - we'll simply merge them with your original account).Users who find engaging with the forum negatively affects their mental health sometimes ask for a ban so they're saved from themselves: and we're fine with doing that. Here's what you can do if there is a post you seriously regret: 1. IF you want to continue with this community: Address it in another post. "I was being a jerk and I regret it, sorry" or "I've changed my mind on that since" is fine. Learn how to apologise or concede an argument and move on. It's an important life skill! 2. IF you want to leave us behind: Stop posting and drawing attention to yourself. Asking how to delete a post on the forum almost certainly means random bored users will immediately look up your history. 3. IF it's a single post or a single detail you want removed: PM a mod or report a specific post with a polite request that we remove the detail of that post. For example, we've removed specifics of a person's ECs or undergraduate degree because it's identifying info taken in conjunction with their other posts. If this is what you need, then make sure to send us the links to the posts - don't make a broad request that we remove "any time I mentioned doing improv in Winnipeg" without linking it. We won't do the work for you. [Edit: no promises that we'll agree to do this, but this is how you ask.] It's a great community here, and this has to be hashed out on a regular basis, but hopefully this post puts a dent in the requests we've been getting lately as new members cycle through.
  7. It does fit here. I wouldn’t worry about our readers. They have lots of different views available to them and it’s quite clear you are in a very specific circumstance.
  8. Glad you found the forum. Hope we can help. Is there a type of life you want to live? Big city condo? Rural homestead? Small town and weekends at a lake? Might help you reset your focus a bit. Don’t throw away all your advantages, just consider them in a new light.
  9. You have won the lawstudents.ca Phrase Of The Month. Please pick up your three-legged gerbil and iPhone 5 at the concierge desk.
  10. Odd to say as the poster has been a lawyer for five years. Not in Canada, but they are hardly a typical 0L.
  11. Hello Arash - just wanted to let you know that we don’t permit people to advertise goods or services on this forum. So if you would like to donate your time (as the rest of us here do) you are more than welcome to continue this thread. But if you are leading up to offering your services in consulting or whatever based on your time as a lawyer [edit: note OP was not, actually, a lawyer] and student, be aware the thread will be removed
  12. This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  13. Nope, I am pretty sure those responses were considered and measured retorts to an extraordinarily provoking statement.
  14. I do get it. I once - once, many years ago - re-registered and then posted a single post on a single thread opining on something I knew a lot about (that was very identifying). But as an apparent newcomer to the board, I was treated very differently. Nothing abusive, nothing insulting, nothing that broke any rules- but there was a definite tone of dismissal and smugness to a lot of the responses including from people I've never ever tangled with otherwise. Which, if I weren't very secure in my status as a lawyer and as a seasoned member of this forum, would have got my back up. As it was, I laughed. However it was a useful glimpse into how this community can come across sometimes. So we can all do better, sure.
  15. How many times do we have to go over this. If it hurts, you're doing it wrong.
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