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  1. Don’t worry. Your first semester of law school sets out a lot of these structures and they lose their mystery pretty fast.
  2. As a general note, do remember that after an hour your post stays up forever. So sharing which school you are at or which class you are in are identifying details that can be read in conjunction with other posts you make here. Not trying to deter people from replying but telling you all now will likely save the mods some work later.
  3. This kind of thing is what a cover letter is for.
  4. In BC most remand courts are via TEAMS. We have COVID PTCs for every trial and the Crown is expected to have things arranged so witnesses are staggered or appearing by video and both parties are expected to file proposed materials well ahead of time to minimize passing things around.
  5. Waste of time and money. More likely to confuse you once you start law school than anything else. Our systems are different.
  6. I know an incredibly successful lawyer who has a degree in musical theory. He played the piano at some ridiculous level during undergrad. Others here have Theatre majors, English majors, Women’s Studies majors, Forestry Management majors, Geography majors, Anthropology majors, French majors, History majors.... and all of them got into law school. Sciences might be your interest and/or comfort zone, but there is no magic degree to be competitive. Keep that in mind.
  7. Yeah, OP, I forgot how young you are. This is not a knock on you or your plans by the way. It just means you still have a real gravitational pull from your parents and if you aren’t fulfilling their expectations - these people who have been steering you right your whole life - it’s flat out scary and feels wrong. This awful feeling that will nag you for the next few years is part of the difficult path to real adulthood. Separating yourself from your parents as a child and learning to interact with them as an adult means that you will (maybe for the first time) assert your desires ahead of their wishes. That’s what being an adult is - taking responsibility for your own future and choices. It’s not easy and people really don’t talk much about it. This is not a test where there is a right or wrong answer. This is your life. And that’s harder than any test. Good luck.
  8. There aren’t any wrong choices here - just choices. You can stick with your current track and still apply to law school. They take any undergraduate degree. Maybe stick with it for now and keep both options open?
  9. Somewhat related, I am going to suggest that you aim for a specific lifestyle three to five years out and not from the moment you get Called. Here's why, from another thread:
  10. The OP hasn't logged on in a year. But maybe some one else can chime in.
  11. What you want to do is use the phone. I know we all hate this. Do it anyway. Call the office. Do this in the afternoon and NOT first thing in the morning when no one will have time for you. You call and you be friendly and respectful to the person who answers. This is either going to be the lawyer or their right hand employee. You want this person’s good opinion. They will be passing it on afterwards. A good way to start would be to say “Hi, I’m a law student in my third year at UBC and I was hoping to chat with some one about the work you do. Do you know if anyone might have time for me sometime in the next couple weeks?” DO NOT open with “Are you hiring?” Because that is a yes or no answer and if the answer is no it’s a waste of time. But an indication of interest in the work, and interest in connecting with a possible mentor - that’s different. Even if that firm isn’t hiring any lawyer willing to give up twenty or thirty minutes of their time to talk with you will feel an investment in helping you move forward. If they have work they will let you know. If they don’t they will likely point you in a few directions with some inside info (“Try Alexia, she’s about to start a big trial and might need some one” etc.) You need to be more than just a pdf in an email. You need to be a voice and a personality. Good luck.
  12. Alright.... let's all take a breath and stop the dogpile I can see coming. If anyone has anything constructive left to say please do. OP, you asked for advice and you're getting it. Take what you want and leave the rest but don't throw matches unless you want a flame war.
  13. Depends on where you are. In BC there are a handful of Call ceremonies per year. In other provinces it’s an application before the courts. Google the province you are interested in. You should be able to find this stuff easily.
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