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  1. Also read Hoju’s absolutely amazing response to one of your earlier threads here: Now read it again. And then one more time.
  2. Stop drinking coffee and instead of walking, go for a run. You have a ton of nervous energy you need to 1. Expend and 2. Stop feeding. I am not going to internet diagnose you. But I want you to consider whether you are using this site for reassurance seeking and/or obsessive info checking. People who have Anxiety (capital A) fall into a number of recognizable patterns. One of those is obsessive information gathering, and one of those is reassurance seeking. These patterns address a sense of paralysis and mask the fact that you cannot move forward with decisions and have peace of mind. If you find you cannot function - and even begin to panic - unless some one is constantly right there with you telling you that you are making all the right choices and setting out exactly what happens next, and assuring you it will all be ok, you are probably getting in over your head and Anxiety may be the culprit. Anxiety is a real honest to goodness diagnosis along with Diabetes and Depression. If this is what you are dealing with, it’s really time to stop feeding it and start treating it. You can feel better. This can get better. But get help. Edit: in case this comes across as presumptuous, I have Anxiety. I treat it. Before I did, Life was pretty fucking shitty. So this is all with the very best wishes for you going forward if this is your particular demon.
  3. The best advice is to relax. If you stress out and get super overwhelmed ahead of time, during the interview you are going to come across as super high-wound and neurotic. No one wants to work with a person undergoing regular freakouts. Whether you need to meditate, medicate, or run a mile every morning and cut out caffeine (or all of the above) you need to figure out how to manage your stress. What are you doing right now to accomplish that?
  4. *** just going to make the point that in every courtroom I have ever been in, the mic only records - it does not amplify.
  5. Do not make the mistake that you need to devote full time to some imagined top notch EC. I came from blue collar, worked full time in my undergrad, and got pissed off about a single issue on campus that got me active and organized. You don’t need to wow anyone - just prove you are more engaged than “put enough time in to get the grades and then played games online every chance I got”. LSAT/GPA are king. Don’t fool yourself otherwise. Lots of people applying this year would KILL to have the opportunity you have to pull up those numbers. So seize the day.
  6. As an aside on an earlier comment: agreed - lot of American schools are extremely predatory. Definitely do your homework and don’t get excited over the glossy brochures.
  7. It’s just “the LSAT”. There is not more than one test. Just the one. No plural. /pet peeve
  8. Check it out for yourself: https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/support-and-resources-for-lawyers/lawyer-wellness-personal-support/lawyers-assistance-program/ very good people. Don’t hesitate.
  9. One of my favourite drunk Thursday nights in law school was spent with a room full of students all attempting to tie a perfect Windsor Knot in their variety of ties (at the time 80% of these were tending to red and blue stripes). Extras were brought so everyone had a tie. The winner was a petite red headed woman who had looked up a how-to online. We made fun of the guy who had spent a lot on his tie too. He told us to fuck off. He is working on Bay Street now. I think it is still the most expensive tie he owns.
  10. Not sure if this article was posted elsewhere yet, but it’s an interesting addition to this discussion: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/digital-insurance-privacy-1.5276692 Needless to say I personally would be keeping with the paper option.
  11. Seriously - you have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s hugely irresponsible to keep insisting you know - when you’re simply guessing based on what you think should happen. And you happen to be very wrong. It’s bad advice on many levels, not the least of which is showing a serious lack of integrity. That aside from the professional consequences.
  12. This is a great one to peruse:
  13. To cope with anxiety you need to be proactive and get yourself into some CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) sessions. I have done this myself. It is a structured and proven method that no amount of well meaning internet advice can match. Statistically it is more effective long term than drugs or anything else. You deserve to be happy and healthy. Invest in yourself and take a look. Law only gets more stressful from here.
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