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  1. Why does it feel like acceptances are moving so slowly? What was the date given to those accepted to respond by? AH. WAITING for that massive stream of acceptance/rejections just to know either way!!
  2. I think you can just send them an email and ask to withdraw your application. You wont get the deposit back but I guess you would open up a spot sooner than later for someone else if you're positive its not where you want to go. But yea, an email should be fine hope that helps!
  3. For schools in Ontario, you have to "provisionally" accept on SAM and pay whatever non-refundable deposit. At this time you also click that you wish to still be considered for admission to whatever other schools you applied to. The provisional acceptance, I believe, holds your spot until August at which point if you havent accepted elsewhere (which btw, if you have accepted elsewhere, the first provisional acceptance becomes void automatically as you can only hold one acceptance at a time for Ontario schools), automatically becomes a firm acceptance. For out of Ontario, I don't see how they would ever know. EDIT: also waiting for Ottawa 154, and an 80%, last two at 84%, but I have a lot of softs that I hope play some role. I, too provisionally accepted elsewhere in hopes of Ottawa. I talked to admissions and they said by the end of May, all the applicants will have an idea where they stand. Furthermore, provisionally accepting elsewhere doesnt make a difference to them as they know students have to keep their options open, just like they keep their options open on whom to accept within such a long wait period.
  4. thank you! I actually decided to read up instead of blindly asking questions and found out! But thank for the reply all the same
  5. Also, is there some place that states the deadline for accepting??
  6. This provisionally accepted stuff. Did you guys get something in the mail with details. Mine just says "accepted final" but no details as to what I should do from there..?
  7. You should definitely contact OLSAS. Maybe they can see where they may not have accidentally sent in a letter or something. Have you applied to other schools? Is the application complete there? You really should, because at this point you have nothing to lose. They will not look at an incomplete file and if you've sent everything in, then it's only in your best interests to find out what the problem is. Also print out a copy of that submission page on OLSAS, or save it and forward a copy to one of the admin assistants at UO and see if they can help you figure out what's missing, and how to solve the problem without them penalizing you for late admission (since I assume everything was actually in on time) Again, you have nothing to lose, but you really should try and contact OLSAS, if it is in fact their screw up. You paid 185$ or whatever it was, you deserve the service that theyre supposed to provide you with (especially since it'd be WAY more convenient and cheaper to just send a complete file to the school yourself). Don't linger on this, you've notice the application is incomplete, rectify the situation.
  8. Would it be possible for you to post the message on Infoweb that's stating that your application is incomplete?
  9. oh no! They seem to have started so much earlier this year! I swear last year it was sometime in April or at least thats when someone started posting?! I wonder why they're doing this so early???
  10. Congrats to all, It appears this cycle, they're favoring the high lsats, in my opinion. There's so many low-gpa-ers (low in terms of UO standards) but way higher lsats as opposed to last cycle.
  11. I'd add Ottawa. Your cGPA isn't very high but people have gotten in with that. Also, your L2 aren't bad. Provided you have a lot/ good ECs, there's a chance
  12. OK, in the end you're going to have to do what feels best for you, but since you asked I'll tell you what I think... 1. If you have the stomachache because of pressure, I hate to say it, but they will most likely be there in Feb. 2. Do you feel as though you have prepped as much as you can, not in terms of tests you can do, more like do you understand all the concepts and youre PT-ing around the score you're aiming for? 3. You can also wait until tomorrow to see how you feel, and then just not show up if you still feel horrible, I don't think those count. If you feel like you absolutely can't do it, then don't. Regroup for Feb, but don't just put it off because you're scared, that probably won't go away. I've been there, and I know how stressful it is but it's not that bad, everyone else is scared shitless too. I believe "FindMeMikeRoss" said it, but this will be someone else's prep test in a month, in fact it will be a prep test YOU do if you choose to do the Feb one, so it's not a big deal if you really think about it. You can always rewrite if you don't do well on this one, schools usually take the highest but again if you really feel like you absolutely will not succeed then don't do it. Just make sure if you don't do it, it's because of that reason and that you know if you wait until Feb you WILL DO BETTER (not necessarily FEEL better, but that you will score higher with the extra time to prep and all that), and not because you're just feeling pressured and scared. Waiting till Feb is a little risky for acceptances for some schools, so you kinda want to take advantage of this December test (they also apparently have the easiest curves) Good luck if you do it tomorrow , please write back when you return and tell us about the experience! If you don't write it tomorrow, that's completely okay too, you can just own it in Feb.
  13. What are your last 60 credits - not cgpa, and not best two? This is what they will use, so provide us with that. I'm assuming if your first year was the low one and your best 2 were 4.0 you should have a good chance, but it would be easier to figure out your chances with last two calculated. Your ECs are good, I don't see you having too much of a problem. Good Luck.
  14. Yes - would stay away from LR Bible.. but it is useful for question classification. Further, you can buy tests w/ LR Explanations off LSAT blog by Steve. (http://lsatblog.blogspot.com/p/best-lsat-prep-books.html#logicgames) I think you can buy the explanations by themselves as well (but it might be a better deal to buy them with the tests, I don't know, look into it). The explanations aren't AMAZING, but they do the job. There's also explanations for RC and LG. Good luck on the Feb test!
  15. Congrats!! - stats? I'm starting to think me and muffins constantly have a browser tab open to ls.ca! (possibly infoweb - I know I do) De-pressing. (when there's no change)
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