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  1. I dont understand the tone. I simply corrected something that was incorrect. There was no hint of any angst or defense directed to Pyke.
  2. MSU has been a 2nd teir school for a year now. Also, from people I have spoken to at Ottawa, you dont have to be exactly at the 50% mark, even the top 60%. Ottawa wants as many of these kids as possible. Morevover, once in the Ottawa program, you are judged the same as an Ottawa student. BUT, im not saying its not a gamble or a backdoor. It is. Its just a way safer bet than the UK because if you make it, you get the Ottawa LLB. Edited because I dont want to out people on here.
  3. ah i see that now. I guess thats another reason why that poster is incredibly worng in his explaination. For instance, if you bought a one bedroom in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, etc for $400,000 (which btw, is what they cost midmarket, not $150,000), it would not be unreasonable to lose $36,000. Thats only 9% total, or 3% a year! And, that doesnt even include the transactions costs, utilities, interest, upkeep, taxes or condo maitnence fees. Buying a place to live there for three years is suicide, as the other posters have pointed out.
  4. Good explaination and solid advice, but are you assuming someone is buying a house in Mogadishu?
  5. Full disclosure: I moved away from Toronto for law school with the intention of coming back. So I knew I was only going to be away for three years. Moreover, I knew I didn’t want any roommates. Anyways, buying or renting was a decision I debated for some time. In the end, I decided to rent. I figured that buying a place with the intention of selling it in three years would likely prove to be the same cost as renting. This is because I couldn’t be certain that the property would go up in value enough to offset the transaction costs of buying a home, tax and condo maintenance fees. I figured that in the end, unless I was lucky and the place went up 20% or something in 3 years, the cost of renting would be almost identical to the cost of buying and selling. Moreover, there was always the chance that the property would have decreased in value and buying would have been far more expensive than renting. Thus, my advice would be to avoid buying if you are planning only living there for three years. Unless of course you are wizard who can predict the market when you graduate.
  6. wut? Edit: oh nevermind. Its not even worth it.
  7. 0Ls - (for big firms) u have to go through OCI's first. Hence, in getting an interview, it does not matter what the school curves its grades to. Its relative to the other students at that school. The only advantage is what school u attend because some schools (osgood, toronto) interview more kids at the OCI stage and most firms like to hire more students from toronto and osgoode. As a result, the only way you can improve your chances of getting a job at a big firm is attending osgoode or toronto.E Edit - for the sake of argument, going to a school that gives out more A's can actually back fire because those schools have to give out more C's because of the very nature of a bell curve.
  8. Harry Rosen, Brooks Brothers, Holts, customs shops, etc. Dont go to Moores for the love of god.
  9. I agree that the class size is far too big, especially considering that Ottawa doesn't even place that many people at the big firms. (Usually 1 or 2 at each). However, to be fair, a very significant portion of Ottawa students summer and article in Ottawa, South Eastern Ontario, and Montreal. So its not like 300 kids are applying to the same Toronto jobs. Still, if Toronto is your goal, and you attend Ottawa, you have your work cut out for you. Edit: One other thing to add - far less people from Ottawa apply to Toronto for articling than they do during Toronto OCIs. This is because the Ottawa articulating recruitment schedule is before Toronto, and with OCI's, Toronto is before Ottawa. Thus, you automatically take away a good chunk of applicants during articling recruitment.
  10. yes, for OCI jobs you are at a disadvantage. Business, economics, engineering etc students are at an advantage. Edit: I say this after having done the process and being asked about my poli sci, soc, history, fine arts, french, etc degree.
  11. MSU does indeed place a greater emphasis on the LSAT. But, if you have a low GPA you better make sure you hit their upper quartile. Their 2014 class stats: Upper Quartile LSAT 160 Median LSAT 157 Lower Quartile LSAT 152 Thus, you should aim for a 160. Anecdotedly, I had a piss poor GPA and was accepted to MSU with a 161.
  12. 2/2 of the MAG office's I interviewed this week said they haven't hired back a student in years. Was not impressed.
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