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  1. Some profs are awarding “P+” and “High P” grades as interim marks. Does anyone know whether these marks are numerically significant ie: if a P+ is awarded on a 20% assignment vs a P, how does that affect the final mark in the class.
  2. I took both in June as did the vast majority of my colleagues... I don't personally know anyone that failed either exam. Get into an index group and practice page flipping. Unless something has changed these are not substantively difficult exams. Sitting in the direct energy centre twice, for upwards of seven hours in one month... that's the hard part.
  3. I agree. McGill Law is the best school in the country. Transystemia ftw.
  4. When I see a 416 area code for a business or professional (as opposed to 647 or 212*) I often assume it's for a land-line. A 416-number, whether it's for a cell phone or otherwise, could be an advantage for a business... I don't know that it matters much for applications in Toronto. Having a 514 number might even be an advantage if the person reviewing the file has an affinity for montreal (is from McGill / is from Montreal / is looking for someone who is bilingual, even if you're not bilingual). Toronto firms are not likely to worry that you're a flight risk. If you can get a 416 number, though, go for it. *is 212 the new area code? I still have no idea what it is... try not to get the 296/212/whatever it is code, it's just strange.
  5. Add text from the Materials to iTunes as a 'spoken track' chapter by chapter. I didn't really have to 'read' my Materials... I just went about my day listening. I also sat the practice exams for both. I did an online test that provided me with an analysis of what sorts of questions I got wrong, a percent for each section and an explanation for the correct answer. I made notes summarizing my wrong answers that cross-referenced the location of the correct answer in the Materials. That wrong-answer summary (based on the practice test, one for each exam) helped me find around ten answers per exam. I don't remember what ten answers are worth but it could have made a significant difference. As soon as I read a question that was similar to one I had answered incorrectly on the practice, I used a sticker-tab, flagged it, proceeded to answer other, easier questions and then came back and looked to the wrong-answer summary. Triage the questions: I don't know if this was mentioned above, but... if a question is giving you any trouble, skip it and come back. This is something everyone who has ever taken the LSAT knows, but quite a large number of NCA candidates did not sit the LSAT so it's probably worth repeating. Good luck. Edit: I wrote both exams in June, passed both on the first attempt - somehow left the Solicitor 45-60 minutes early and still passed...
  6. To be fair, the email is from the MAP not the LSUC. ... funny, though.
  7. Well, certain companies charge around 2k for a totally useless bar prep course... totally useless. I won't say who... but, yeah.
  8. Go for it, I wish you the best. I don't know that I would trust a commercial outline any more than I would trust a commercial exam summary. The test takers are the ones invested in the outcome (their licensure is on the line). But whatever works.
  9. I read the Barrister Materials once and forgot them almost completely by the time I finished. I didn't read the Solicitor materials. Passed both exams on the first attempt and in the same month... left the Solicitor exam with more than 90 minutes to spare in the second half. Don't try to memorize the materials. That's a very, very bad idea. Learn how to navigate the materials... In any event, both exams are not difficult so do not stress about them. I don't personally know anyone who failed. I know many people who wrote one exam at a time and regretted that later, though.
  10. See the revised post. I can send you a 2015 index and you will see what I mean. It's worth updating that index... I'm not sure there's any commercial equivalent. PM me if you like.
  11. A really good updated index will be much more helpful than the DTOC... I'm not sure how common my experience is but I was in the second of 3 groups updating and cross-checking the same index (group B)... Our job was to review an already updated index and there were about 12 of us. A third group did the same thing with our index and all three groups used the final index. We also had advice letters from student committee directors of a couple well-known firms on how to study. Mid to large firms often help their students with bar prep... if you work for such a firm or know students who do... try to get into one of those groups.
  12. If anyone has any insight (or precedents) for U of T's 'Plan of Study' format and expectations (precedents would be lovely), your help would be greatly appreciated. -Z
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