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  1. Rashabon

    Extreme Frustration With Jr. Crowns

    Life beat you to it, champ.
  2. Rashabon

    BigLaw to Private Equity

    Normal? No. Possible? Sure, if you have the background to be an associate or analyst in PE (typically an MBA or business background and can demonstrate the chops). It's not uncommon to join PE shops in some capacity, though more often on the legal/advisory/corporate development side, rather than being more like a "banker".
  3. Rashabon

    Attire for 'coffee chat' style meetings

    For anyone else reading, a more important lesson is: learn to get to the point. If you're in private practice, clients are paying you to do the work digesting the analysis for them.
  4. Rashabon

    Privilege is...

    I'm not debating with you. I don't debate people over whether the sky is blue nor do I debate with people whether privilege based on racial or ethnic characteristics outside of class privilege exists. Debating facts is a farce.
  5. Rashabon

    Privilege is...

    People who benefit from white privilege regularly deny its existence. That poster being non-white has nothing to do with whether or not they deny the reality of white privilege. Not sure what the difficulty is here.
  6. Rashabon

    Privilege is...

    I never said you were. I simply pointed out the congruency between your denial of white privilege and the fact that many people who benefit from white privilege refuse to acknowledge its existence. Not sure what your race has to do with your inability to accept reality, but bully for you on loudly proclaiming your ignorance. The world needs more confident ignoramuses.
  7. Rashabon

    Privilege is...

    Well this is just stupid. If you want to be ignorant of facts, go right ahead. Fairly typical of white privilege anyway to not acknowledge reality.
  8. Rashabon

    Privilege is...

    My dude, class privilege is only one element. Racial privilege is absolutely a thing. Someone growing up in the Appalachian hills as the child of out-of-work coal workers does not have class privilege over the child of a black NBA star. But if both of those kids were men and pulled over by cops, which do you think would get better treatment? Which would you think would be more likely to walk away, or not walk away from that encounter? Your second paragraph is entirely backwards. The very immutability of racial presentation is part of why that privilege exists. A white presenting person, in a white dominated culture, like U.S./Canada, will have certain privilege over those of other races. These are facts. Accept them. No one is asking white people to be ashamed for being white, but they are damn sure asking white people to recognize the lived experiences of minorities and the realities on the ground in white dominated (and in the case of the U.S., openly, consistently and aggressively white supremacist) cultures.
  9. Rashabon

    Privilege is...

    You doth protest too much. P.S., lawyers don't spring from Zeus's skull fully formed. There's generally 21-23 years of experience at a minimum before you get hired. Shit happens in those first 21-23 years. Your average white male started with some extra +luck when they rolled their character.
  10. Rashabon

    Privilege is...

    Maybe they've read one of the many articles, books, or other resources that acknowledge the very real existence of both white and male privilege?
  11. Rashabon

    Privilege is...

    Privilege is believing Christians get the short end of every stick in Canada.
  12. Rashabon

    Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    lmao this is delusional
  13. Rashabon

    Legal Hair

    The most prominent female defense attorney in the country has a similar hairstyle. You should be fine.
  14. Rashabon

    The Night/Day Before [in-firms]...

    I doubt any firm has a policy of "tell students they are great so they stick around". If someone is saying it to you, they probably mean it, but how far does that go? You made to and through interviews, chances are you are in some respects impressive. That doesn't mean a whole lot when literally everyone else is also impressive.