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  1. I can’t say I need to deal with this ever since I’m an employee but someone maybe explain to me how remitting CPP and EI is more complicated than remitting HST and ensuring your independent contractor receives their portion for remittance? Am I missing something whereby the latter is massively easier than the former?
  2. Here’s some legal information: 25. The articled student card attests to the candidate’s status as an articled student. It shall be issued by the Committee at the request of the articling supervisor and shall be valid for 7 months. An articled student may engage in the professional activities reserved for advocates under the close supervision and responsibility of his articling supervisor. He must comply with the laws and regulations applicable to the practice of the profession of advocate.
  3. Unless it’s the Windsor dual program I’d take it and go with it. The single JD program is perfectly fine and while it’s possible to improve a score and get in elsewhere (or to Windsor again) there’s no guarantee you will do so. Future cohorts could also be more competitive if people seek to stay in school longer or switch careers as a result of the current economic crisis.
  4. Here’s the thing: they don’t need to account for the difference in MA grades at all, because they recognize that all MA grades are worthless.
  5. Yes. How do you think I do my job? Do I call the law professor to explain new rules? No, I do it myself. Law school isn’t about learning content, it’s about learning a method for learning the law. Unless you want to be a historian or finance person just read a book. Also you can read Peter Hogg’s book if you want to learn about the constitution. Go look up a syllabus for an intro to Canadian history course and read the textbook they recommend. Be an adult. Anyway unless it’s allowable as part of your degree such that you’re not actually increasing your workload (U of T didn’t really allow for random undergraduate courses as part of your law program), yes it’s a bad idea. That’s the subtext of my post.
  6. Seemed to be a mix of all ages to be honest. I wasn’t paying a ton of attention to the people and I kept my distance. Lots of space in the off leash dog area.
  7. Yeah we were planning to go there for one of his first visits. He’s old enough and enjoys them but he’s small so sometimes there’s too many big dogs. Last time we went to High Park he was the smallest dog and it also seemed like people were having a big dog convention. Dogs with paws the size of his head would try and come play. Assuming it cools down I might try and go tonight.
  8. That’s an inappropriate question. Not sure Mal wants to say whether his chest is quite that large.
  9. If I ever make partner and am flush with cash, I’d consider moving to the High Park neighbourhood itself. But for now I’m fine being a few subway stops away. I’m steps from Bloor so subway access is convenient for if/when I ever take transit again. I can drive to the water quickly if I want but if I’m not going in, I’d rather green space anyway. Though will probably drive to a beach later today or this weekend so my puppy can experience it for the first time.
  10. I prefer my area of town. I’m close to everything without being right downtown and have a nice neighbourhood. Lots of green space for my puppy and a short drive to high park or anywhere else really.
  11. Ah, in typical fashion, the conservative exposes himself. One day maybe I’ll be proven wrong about my overarching political philosophy but today is not the day.
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