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  1. If you want to be a law professor, seems best bang for your buck is to just change your name to Weinrib.
  2. She probably was just neurotic about not being plagiarized. Also how would the person who has been plagiarized possibly get into trouble because someone else plagiarized their personal statement? There's no issues. Share as much as you want.
  3. Why would sharing your resume or personal statement get you in trouble?
  4. When you're earning a Bay Street partner's draw, the money is never objectively bad. But money for work has always just been a proxy for how you are valued, and how you think you are valued. Someone earning 100K a year but thinks they want a raise isn't saying the 100K isn't good, they're saying they think their value is more. The reason the partners all compare to each other and get pissed (or not) is because where you land on the list of partners reveals how much the firm values your contribution vs. a similarly placed peer. I've seen partners who focus primarily on those working in the same space, because that random solicitor can't really tell whether Litigator X deserves more or what value they bring. But that solicitor sure as shit has a view on where his partner working in the same sphere is or should be.
  5. I mean, yeah, not the norm for all firms, because that includes two person shops, and the small firms I think you're hinting at. The article is focused on large firms and makes the claim that the largest law firms used that model.
  6. The article mentions that most firms don't use lockstep anymore, just that it was once the norm, and portrayed it in a somewhat positive light, which is what I was responding to.
  7. They don't get in yelling matches. They just go home right after and then you see people start thinking about exits if they feel slighted enough. The lockstep system seems stupid, especially one based on seniority in this day and age. Partner compensation now is arbitrary, but like most compensation at a high enough level, it will always be somewhat arbitrary.
  8. Somewhat apropos to this thread, but a bunch of rich white folks just got busted for running an SAT/ACT scam in the U.S.
  9. Mine requested it near the beginning of the summer, so yes.
  10. All that means is that they lack natural aptitude for law. Don't feel guilty that you're going home earlier.
  11. Answer depends on the type of firm. Bay Street? Yes, summer basically guarantees articling. Smaller shops? Harder to predict unless they have established practice.
  12. I can't answer everything, but the work/life balance thing is typically overblown and hearsay from students or lawyers who don't actually work those hours but "have heard" of those who do. I work at a large Bay Street firm, in a busy group, routinely pulling in some of the largest billable hour amounts in my group. Can it be tough at times? Yes. Is it every week? No. As I've gotten more senior, it has become easier to manage my time and schedule and I find myself working less. I can also work from home in the evenings and on weekends. A lot of my busy hours simply came from not saying no to enough work and being in demand. Outside of Bay, I can't comment, but it doesn't seem the hours are regularly as high, except for the boutiques that do "Bay-style" work. I started at $100,000 and have had a substantial raise every year since, including across the board raises that bumped up both the base starting salary for first year associates as well as the lock step categories above. It takes a while, but the income (at least on Bay) does continue to scale upwards. I can't say whether you get there faster than an equivalently placed engineer, but there is potential for high six-figures/low seven-figures on Bay.
  13. Much higher in fact, especially when factoring in the exchange rate. A first year NY salary in numerical terms (not factoring in the exchange rate) is roughly equivalent to a 5th year on Bay.
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