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  1. Think you’re on the wrong forum. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew post on www.detectivesrus.com.
  2. There are some things that require a physical presence but not much.
  3. Yes, I do. Literally us, the Toronto Securities Jays.
  4. The securities groups are booming at most of the big firms right now. COVID-19 has INCREASED work, rather than decreased it. That's partly what I was responding to. As I said, you don't know shit.
  5. Davies puts up photos but they're not even close to Bay Street. Maybe there's a correlation.
  6. Lol bud you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.
  7. Not well and while missing out on a lot of learning and experience, but they can do some things and learn a little bit and gain some experience.
  8. Let them write, otherwise law students will embarrass themselves by finding something to complain about like “I’ve got endless free time and a free ride, woe is me”.
  9. The big firms seem to be doing fine for now. I'm working as much as ever as are most people in my group.
  10. The former. Faskens doesn't have the latter in the traditional sense.
  11. The descriptions sounded like make work, half non-law stuff to me. Faskens doesn't normally hire 1Ls. When a first that actually cancels their 2L (or real 1L) classes, then there's some concern.
  12. They weren’t real law student jobs, so not surprised they were cut.
  13. Not sure this is the right forum for it as opposed to PMs, but U of T and it was not hard for me, but that's not most people's circumstances or situations so take it with a grain of salt.
  14. Sure, but most of you haven't practiced practiced law in years, and some of you may never have been in private practice :). I don't doubt that an academic has a better sense of the practice of law than an administrative person, but even "transferable to the practice of law" and "transferable to law school" are not necessarily the same skillset, and someone out of touch with current practice probably doesn't have a big sense either. All to say that focusing on how an EC would make you a "better lawyer" isn't, in my view, what admissions committee faculty personnel are analyzing (you tell me if I'm wrong) because largely, they aren't really looking at it from the lens of "being a practicing lawyer".
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