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  1. Lol. Sure bud. Good luck with that legal article for publication.
  2. You're in second year, there's no point doing the LSAT now. You can write it after third year if you're so inclined.
  3. 1. If they pay the bills, no. 2. You'll learn these when you become a lawyer.
  4. This sounds even worse than just doing one law job.
  5. I'm in my early 30s and make double that with continued growth and can take way more than 4 weeks vacation if I choose. Hard pass.
  6. I have a science background, which I thought helped with writing exams. Exams are very analytical and (generally) not about crafting a nice narrative, but identifying issues and addressing them. I happen to be a decent writer, read fiction and didn't shy from social science/arts electives, so I was fine with that, but to the extent you find writing difficult, that's an area you should work on for essays, etc. Otherwise it's about the same as any degree.
  7. Articling was fine for me and a good chance to test what I wanted to do in the end, learn some skills, and network internally at my firm. I found them roughly as easy as law school. Practice is more rewarding and easier in some respects, but much tougher in others.
  8. Don't pay attention (generally) to this forum. This forum hosts the 99 percentile of anxious law students. It's really not that overly difficult if you put sufficient time in to learn and work at it. Most people who end up here asking questions are in a bad way to begin with. The vast majority of students will never come here. Also make use of office hours. Professors are there for a reason and most are very helpful and you can learn a lot taking a few minutes to chat through hypotheticals with them. Hypotheticals are how you learn to apply the law rather than just regurgitate it.
  9. There's not much of a formal 1L recruit outside biglaw (and the Ottawa IP recruit which already passed). You won't really lose by applying to some firms that might have openings, though given that you likely won't be seeking a job in the 2L OCI recruit, be careful not to throw your application around to every firm you can think of. While some firms may not care/remember, when it comes time to apply for a 2L or articling position, a firm that's already taken a look at you might pass a second time around.
  10. Most schools won’t take MA grades into account as part of a GPA calculation. At best, it’s a soft factor.
  11. All you've done is draw attention to it. Just leave it be. You submitted them, they are what they are.
  12. You put way too much emphasis on the LSAT.
  13. Pretty thin skinned reaction to someone making an obvious joke.
  14. Securities and secured transactions are very different things.
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