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  1. I never told anyone but some close friends when I got my job because I didn't care enough and I also don't post much on social media. Most of the people complaining are themselves law students or nobodies. I've seen a lot of students' posts in my feed and plenty of people that are actually lawyers congratulating them because lawyers are a step removed from the petty and childish concerns of law students. It's not something I would do and still seems self-aggrandizing but I also don't give a shit. I think it's absurd to have anything other than a neutral reaction to some over-eager student posting that they got a job. But the only people more annoying than students telling me they are taking their talents to South Beach are the sour grapes folks that struck out and are demanding people keep their mouths shut to protect their fragile egos.
  2. Those are some lame ass associates if they do anything more than chuckle and scroll past on to the next post from someone in sales.
  3. A tough time? Come on, this is that law student fatalism crap. Missing out on a job on Bay Street for the summer is not a "tough time" by any stretch. I think it's lame that people post this but this argument that the reason not to is because it hurts student's feelings is lame and childish. Law students shouldn't be so heavily coddled. Also if we accept your premise that missing out on a Bay Street summer job is a "tough time", the inverse must be true - that it is a significant and important achievement to have hit. I think we should expand this logic though and ban acceptance threads on the forum because it makes people feel bad too.
  4. In the formal 2L recruit offers need to stay open for a mandatory 24 hours. They cannot pull an offer.
  5. If you're fortunate enough to get a summer or articling position, your grades won't hold you back.
  6. My experience was more like some others. I signed up for Kaplan and had never taken an LSAT or even looked at it. No idea what it covered. Wrote a diagnostic cold, couldn't tell you the score. I aced games from the start - it was intuitive to me what the answers were, and so I spent some time just familiarizing myself with the test but didn't put a lot of work in and scored well on my actual test day (slightly above the handful of PTs I had done). Started in May, wrote in June. I never once used Kaplan's or another tutor's strategies for logic games, it was mostly in my head with some chicken scratch if I wanted to record a thought. So sure some people can work on it but will likely cap out and for other people this type of exercise truly is intuitive and innate and you can't teach intuition. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't be good at calculus and would never be able to do advanced math. Some people find that to be child's play.
  7. The vast majority of people that score 170+ and post here put in a fraction of the effort the people grinding through the 150s and low 160s do. And I’m sure a ton of those grinders put in as much effort as is humanly possible into studying without having an innate grasp of the LSAT. But the people scoring 177-180 for example? Probably putting in some of the least effort into studying.
  8. Nobody is reading your dumb as shit walls of text because nobody wants to engage in your idiotic straw man. Nobody here gives a shit about this argument you think you’re having about MMA. The stench of Ben Shapiro is all over you.
  9. Sorry I take back what I said earlier. ^ this is the stupidest shit I’ve seen in awhile.
  10. Bud, CPAC is going on right now. Stop pretending conservatism is anything but unchecked Id and the basest of impulses and views. It’s been 4 years of dominant conservative thought and the mask is long since off.
  11. It’s more interesting than having the school ranking discussion 1000 times.
  12. I mean you technically can’t get a job on Tuesday because of the rules. The chances of being hired after a single day of interviews in the OCI process is slim.
  13. That’s not the point at all. They’re arguing a 3.5 GPA precludes them from law school. Study time never even came up until you mentioned it. edit: I’ll add that if you need more than 6 weeks to prepare, you lack a natural aptitude for the LSAT and I’m again not persuaded that the difficulty of someone’s degree and obtaining a 3.5 GPA is the limiting factor in getting into law school.
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