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  1. Stark

    Work hours in big law

    My experience has been quite limited, but I've worked for 3 different government/corporation type jobs in my short law career. At two of them, it's been standard 40 hour weeks and I'd rarely have to do more than that or bring work home because very few things were urgent. With my third one, I'd usually do 8-5 and would usually bring some work home, particularly if I was in court the next day.
  2. Stark

    Workload in UK

    Thanks for sharing that @lioness. I usually see the same rhetoric used time after time when none of us actually really know much about the UK law system so it's nice to get an informed perspective.
  3. Stark

    Articling Salary

    Best comment of the day. Well played sir.
  4. Stark

    Law Jobs without 70 hour work weeks?

    So much of this depends on what kind of law you want to practice and where. There are a lot of jobs that don't require 60-80 hours a week. In terms of my experience, I've worked at two different in house corps where the expectation was that no one works more than 40 hours a week and no one brings work home, but I also did a short rotation with the Crown where I certainly worked a lot more than 40 hours a week. Every law job is so different and it depends on what you're looking for.
  5. Stark

    Law School or Masters (MPP/MPA)

    I agree with a lot of what providence said. Your question is very broad which is fair since you're not sure what kind of law you're interested in, but the type of law you practice and where you choose to practice factor in heavily to some of the questions you posed. Again echoing providence, I really think researching, talking to lawyers and going to court to watch what happens are great ways of trying to determine if this is something you're interested in.
  6. Stark

    Please help me to understand health law

    @healthlaw you're up. You going to help this kid with his homework?
  7. Stark

    Taking a year off after law school

    I did the same. Best decision I ever made.
  8. Stark

    Taking a year off after law school

    I would absolutely prioritize your family over starting your law career one year earlier. Not even a question.
  9. I've heard it's rough but I'd personally prefer having the 2 months off to study for the exams (I'm assuming most people have time off to prepare for it?) vs having to do the bi-weekly assignments of CPLED throughout the articling year but that's just my preference. CPLED isn't overly difficult but it's time consuming.
  10. I'm a little surprised and envious that there's so many posters here who expect and get 2 weeks off in only a 10 month articling period. I'm in Alberta so full 12 month articling term here and I was told on my first day that I wouldn't be permitted a single vacation day while articling.
  11. Stark

    A Tale of Two Cities' (Recruits)

    Absolutely this. You need to maximize your chances of getting an offer and as providence said in another post, it's not your concern if you're taking an opportunity from someone else. That's life. You can't take anything for granted even if you are an excellent applicant. I saw many classmates with fantastic grades who had a full slate of OCI interviews strike out everywhere. I also had a close friend with fantastic grades (I think her lowest mark was a B+) who received an interview at just about every place she applied, but who didn't end up receiving an offer until the summer after 3L. She looked great on paper but I assume there were interview/fit issues. Bottom line is if you're able to handle it and you could see yourself accepting a job in city A (even though it's not your ideal situation), I'd go for it to maximize your chances of getting a job.
  12. Stark

    Extreme Frustration With Jr. Crowns

    I think a lot of the more trivial type thefts (maybe even most) don't make it to a trial. I've gone to hundreds of shoplifting calls and don't think I've ever charged for a $5 sandwich or chocolate bar although we are absolutely called for every one of those stupid calls. The only time I could see myself charging would be if they have a history of shoplifting or if there's reports indicating that they've been given multiple warnings in the past but nonetheless, they continue stealing.
  13. Look through the Accepted threads for the last few years and you'll have an idea. As Canuck said, you're not going to get a concrete number but at least you'll have an idea of the LSAT's and GPA's of the accepted applicants.
  14. Stark

    So Um...What Now?

    As others have said, I wouldn't stress too much. Law school is an interesting environment where so many people are so competitive and too many students love to brag about their accomplishments so I can understand and sympathize how shitty it is to not have a job lined up when others are bragging about their jobs. With that said, you need to remember that you've got a full school year ahead of you. If it was March or April and you didn't have something lined up then sure that's a bit more worrisome but you've got 8ish months. Again, because of the braggarts it feels like everyone is succeeding while you're not, but there will be a ton of jobs that open up over the course of the year and I'd bet that there's more people in your class who are still looking for jobs than those who've already got one. It's definitely not something to get too stressed about. All the best!
  15. Stark

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    Not really a big deal IMO. I wouldn't be surprised if there's the odd firm out there who doesn't want to hire a TRU grad because they prefer to hire from their alma maters. If TRU grads weren't getting jobs, then yeah be concerned but based on TRU's articling numbers, their grads seem to be doing just fine. The biggest knock on TRU isn't that it's not reputable or that you won't be able to get a good job, but that their tuition is stupidly high.