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  1. Stark

    Extreme Frustration With Jr. Crowns

    I think a lot of the more trivial type thefts (maybe even most) don't make it to a trial. I've gone to hundreds of shoplifting calls and don't think I've ever charged for a $5 sandwich or chocolate bar although we are absolutely called for every one of those stupid calls. The only time I could see myself charging would be if they have a history of shoplifting or if there's reports indicating that they've been given multiple warnings in the past but nonetheless, they continue stealing.
  2. Look through the Accepted threads for the last few years and you'll have an idea. As Canuck said, you're not going to get a concrete number but at least you'll have an idea of the LSAT's and GPA's of the accepted applicants.
  3. Stark

    So Um...What Now?

    As others have said, I wouldn't stress too much. Law school is an interesting environment where so many people are so competitive and too many students love to brag about their accomplishments so I can understand and sympathize how shitty it is to not have a job lined up when others are bragging about their jobs. With that said, you need to remember that you've got a full school year ahead of you. If it was March or April and you didn't have something lined up then sure that's a bit more worrisome but you've got 8ish months. Again, because of the braggarts it feels like everyone is succeeding while you're not, but there will be a ton of jobs that open up over the course of the year and I'd bet that there's more people in your class who are still looking for jobs than those who've already got one. It's definitely not something to get too stressed about. All the best!
  4. Stark

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    Not really a big deal IMO. I wouldn't be surprised if there's the odd firm out there who doesn't want to hire a TRU grad because they prefer to hire from their alma maters. If TRU grads weren't getting jobs, then yeah be concerned but based on TRU's articling numbers, their grads seem to be doing just fine. The biggest knock on TRU isn't that it's not reputable or that you won't be able to get a good job, but that their tuition is stupidly high.
  5. Stark

    Windsor Law - Mandatory Indigenous Law 1L

    Not a fan of pushing this stuff on students. They just introduced something similar for all articling students in Alberta this year. Everyone has to take a 12 week undergrad course through the UofA online during the CPLED year about Indigenous history. Doesn't even have anything to do with law. The first two weeks are about storytelling and the fur trade. Complete waste of time.
  6. Stark

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    That's great news. I could see in the waitlist thread how badly you wanted in so congrats! Good luck over the next 3 years. You'll have a lot of fun at TRU!
  7. Stark

    USask vs Dalhousie vs TRU

    The biggest issue with going to TRU is that some people don't know the difference between TWU and TRU and just assume you're a bible thumper. True story.
  8. Stark

    What Should I do? [3.14]

    This is an important point. The OLSAS conversion can be brutal on some applicants (it certainly was for me.) Thankfully, non-Ontario schools don't use your OLSAS grades so Psych is correct that you're probably more of a 3.4 than 3.2 to all the other schools. Your GPA could even be higher than that depending on the spread of your grades and how that converts with certain schools and drops. Going to an Ontario school is not the be all and end all. It's obviously preferable to attend law school in the province you wish to practice in, but there are countless graduates from every other law school in the country who go to Ontario to practice. At most, it may just mean that you have to do a little more leg work in trying to find a job. Not a huge deal.
  9. Stark

    Deciding not to article?

    That's great news, congrats! All the best during your articling year! I think you'll find that even if you switch to another career after you're called because you didn't enjoy the practice of law, the skills you've learned along the way and being able to identify as a lawyer will only be a benefit to you.
  10. Stark

    Improving Your Application for Articling

    I don't think it really matters why it's weird since there are clearly people who do find it weird. I haven't ever hired anyone for a job, but I would feel weird if I just interviewed someone and they tried to add me on LinkedIn or any other social media platform. Just stick with the thank you email and you're good. Maybe the interviewer is someone like you who receives the notification and it's not a big deal, but just based on this thread alone, there's several people who wouldn't view it positively. Why risk it?
  11. I never saw this thread in 2016 so had some good chuckles reading through the last 6 pages. I'm actually curious about what happened to Shirley Temple or whatever her name was though. Did she remain as obnoxious as she was when she was a summer student or did she calm down now that she's probably a lawyer? I want to know!!! EDIT: Did some creeping and she hasn't been active since 2016. Sigh. Thanks for chasing her away Diplock!
  12. Stark

    Improving Your Application for Articling

    @QueensGrad, just wanted to say that this was one of the best threads I've come across on this site in recent memory. I hope it gets pinned like Pyke's OCI one from 2012. There is so much good information there that I think could be of assistance to any student looking for a job and most of your points in my opinion are applicable for any sort of articling job one is looking for. Nice job with the headings and organization as well. One comment that jumped out at me was your comment re the handshake which is pretty spot on. When I was in law school, I interviewed for a job where the interviewer placed a lot of importance on the handshake. She later showed me her notes and for every interview, the first thing she wrote down was what their handshake was like ie. limp, strong, firm etc. Now I don't know if she was an anomaly or that a limp handshake was a deal breaker if everything else was good, but she certainly gave it a lot of weight as she believed that a handshake revealed a lot about who you were.
  13. Uriel, you're a beauty. Thanks for doing all of this!
  14. Stark

    Mid-life crisis during Articling?

    This thread is starting to get interesting. Time to bring out the popcorn.
  15. I'm a little late to this, but you should report back with what you were told. I'm sure prospective students in the future would be interested to know whether TRU takes grades from a graduate certificate program into account and there's some good info in this thread for prospective students. Back when I was admitted I had a graduate certificate, but I never asked whether they calculated those grades into my GPA or whether it was just a soft factor. Granted, that was also 6 years ago so I'm sure the admission requirements have changed.