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  1. Has anyone had any luck migrating their Alumni Osgoode account to Thunderbird? We lose access mid-month, and it's been a struggle trying to back things up (even with IT's help).
  2. Dentons sent some ITCs to Osgoode last Wednesday
  3. Does anyone know the etiquette regarding whether to send a thank you email after an ITC for OCIs? ITC Gowlings (Oz)
  4. All are welcome....athough gnocci making abilities are a large asset
  5. So it looks like we have plenty of support to establish an association like this for the upcoming school year so if anyone is interested you can feel free to PM on here or join the tentative facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/185962281535507/ Look forward to meeting you all in September
  6. Yeah, I actually got my personal advisor through the regional sales representative who takes care of the program for all the different professions so maybe that is why my experience has been reallly good.The relationship with your advisor is definitely key.
  7. Are you with Scotia bustle? My experience with them has been great so far, as I have even needed things released early/without official documentation and everything was taken care of prompltly. Maybe my specific rep has been really good but I have 0 complaints about my relationship with them thus far.
  8. I have heard from a couple of upper years that past year notes/summaries are readily available through some type of online portal that we will gain access too. I just wanted to confirm that I understood correctly or if you seek the notes yourself through an upper year source. I personally work well through making personal edits to past year notes so this is definitly something I wanted to figure out. Appreciate the input guys.
  9. For what it's worth, when I attended the "business casual" Fasken's event earlier this month I was one of the 10% not wearing a suit. I suppose that it was a firm event so most of the firm's alumni lawyers were in suits but it's hard for me to really not take business casual to mean suit after that lol
  10. Just did the same, look forward to meeting you all very soon!
  11. I'd glad to hear that Law isin't so different from Pharmacy lol, gonna be a good few years.
  12. Just for anyone who has been accepted and is still considering, I just received an entrace scholerhsip offer (following an email asking if I was still interested in Osgoode), so for those that were wondering they are indeed still sending out their first round entrance scholerships.
  13. I think I am going to like my time at Osgoode lol. I look forward to setting up some wine and cheese receptions.
  14. I had the exact same idea and I am ver interested in setting something up for the upcoming year.
  15. In as off today as well, realllyyyy happy I don't have to move out
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