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  1. Barack Obama is not a great dresser. Stephen Colbert, on the other hand, I am consistently impressed with.
  2. Agree with Longterm. Even if you scored a 180, I doubt you'd get in with that GPA. Hey CSamuel, what are you doing with yourself these days? Are you still a student?
  3. Seriously though, it doesn't make sense to use 1 letter less and save yourself a split second to write things like "mite" and "skool." In fact, doing something like that actually takes extran mental effort and time to think about since you're spelling in a completely unconventional way and it's just plain dumb. I think this dude is just "hooked on phonics."
  4. You know, they should be supplying us with guns so that we can at least protect ourselves since they are trying to force us to take ETS. People are getting murdered, stabbed, and having the sh it kicked out of them on buses, trains, and in the terminals. I personally have had a group of punks trying to kick my ass and then steal my money in an LRT station and I've also had a knife pulled on me in a different station. And instead of kicking the loitering thugs out of the stations the rent-a-cops at ETS are going around harrassing people to show them their transfers and passes.
  5. True, people just voted in self-interest without regard for others and how the U-Pass would affect anyone but themselves. quote]I guarantee you the university will rapidly increase parking costs within a year or two to make up for the lower demand for parking. In the past 5 years I think they have already doubled the price of parking. I don't know about your theory though; it doesn't really fit in with supply/demand economics. I also think parking will remain scarce at the University anyway. The craziest thing is that people who have to use a car because of poor bus service are already paying 10X the transportation costs of transit users when tyou factor in parking, gas, insurance, and car maintenance and now they are being forced to subsidize people who are already saving money. This is like reverse-communism.
  6. FYI, the line that "law school teaches you to think like a lawyer" is just a bunch of BS you hear from law schools. Law school is just about getting the degree you need in order to become a lawyer.
  7. Yeah if I get any info, I'll let you know, although it might not be for a while.
  8. Well, my situation is crappy because my living quarters are quite small and I am also living with other people which is a big pain in the arse. I guess I will have to think about going to the banks to see if this can be worked out.
  9. Do you guys think it would be possible to use a line of credit to enable one to make a down payment for a place and then use part of that line of credit to make mortgage payments until one finishes law school? I have spotless credit and no debts so does that make it at all possible without a co-signer and a very modest yearly income? I have 2 years of law school left and I figure if real estate prices keep increasing even at a much more modest rate this kind of move will pay for itself and it will get me out of my current crappy living situation.
  10. Negatory. I also looked into it myself as I was hoping to utilize the system to my advantage, but it's not available for students.
  11. At my law school there were a couple of guys around 50. They were OK guys. The other older students were OK people too.
  12. I would go with the investment banking route. You're fooling yourself if you don't think a law career willbe just as boring.
  13. Can the people who have had the surgery or know others who have had it explain what kinds of additional problems they or others may have experieced since getting the surgery? I am talking about things that the doctors don't bother to test, like reduced contrast sensitivity, halos, ghosting, dry eyes, etc. Also who has had the surgery and then still had the need to wear glasses, at least for some things?
  14. Most of the bus drivers are definitely assholes. They LOVE to leave the bus station just as the connecting bus is arriving with 20 people who need to get on, leaving those suckers having to wait for a half hour for the next bus. A while ago some guy was trying to catch the bus running alonside it, but the bus driver refused to stop for him and instead ran him over. GO ETS!
  15. Edmonton transit blows. I disagree about it being a viable alternative to a car. Unless you have no other option, it's crazy to try to get around using their shitty service. I swear to god I hate ETS so much. Those assholes can't cooridnate bus schedules or have the buses running on their proper schedules. And I've been on the LRT or bus more than a few times where it smelled like someone had just taken a fresh piss or dump. Taking transit is just disgusting - buses are like garbage trucks, picking all the human trash in the city.
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