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  1. Wanting to see the style of how a few successful ones are written before I proceed to write my own. For instance, how one incorporates their expected call date into their cover letter. I have written successful ones for articling positions, but wanted to see the transition and the sort of skills / experiences mentioned in an application for an associate position. I am aware of the utility of the cover letter, as well as what the point of it is. I am not sure it was really necessary for you to try and 'enlighten' me on this. It's somewhat perturbing that you think I would want to review a cover letter to 'copy'.
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have an associate cover letter sample that they wouldn't mind sharing with me? Something that they perhaps successfully used to land an associate position. Or, perhaps, even a link to an associate cover letter sample would be useful. Much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Living in Kamloops is not so great, speaking from my personal experience on the matter. TRU does have fantastic professors though.
  4. *Ari*

    Suits For Men

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  5. I know lots of 3L's who continued to study just as much. This year was different insofar that many had failed to receive an offer of articles.
  6. I did it during 3L for 8 hours a week. It went well, but I didn't study / read very much.
  7. I didn't land my 2L job till much closer to the end of semester. Nothing to worry about here and you STILL could land a 2L spot. If you're TRULY concerned about articles, apply in the major cities (i.e. Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary, Edmonton).
  8. 1 & 2) It is a hodge podge of students. Some are interested in corporate and some have only a desire in criminal law. Calgary offers a fair few of criminal courses: Advanced Crim, Crim Process, International Criminal Law. 2 & 3) You can certainly learn a lot about criminal law through SLA. It's also a great platform to a criminal law focused job. Everyone who wants to can volunteer for SLA and many volunteer at least for their first year. Many students who volunteer for SLA have an interest in practising criminal or family law and some tax law. I am not sure whether TCAP is offered this year, but it was an excellent opportunity to gain a bit of experience in the area of tax law. 4) Both Dalhousie and Calgary are excellent schools. Many suggest to go to school in the legal market that you want to eventually work in. Lots of students from the East have come to UofC and successfully secured articles in their desired location. In my opinion, what matters is a connection to where you want to practice and your grades.
  9. ISSUE, RULE, ANALYSIS OF SITUATION - argue from both sides of the argument, CONCLUDE what you feel is the best outcome. It is really that easy. She should meet with the professor to go over the midterms and find out where she went wrong. It may be possible that she just isn't 'absorbing' the correct information from the cases. CANs are a great resource to affirm whether you found the correct ratio of the case.
  10. UofC offers Advance Crim, Criminal Process, International Criminal Law. Advanced Crim is only offered twice every three years I believe, as Justice Fradsham teaches it. I could be wrong, but I believe sentencing is also offered at some point.
  11. As a 3L who does QUITE well, I have to say that the LSAT did not help me in law school in any significant way.
  12. From talking to others and faculty, I would wager 50% in 3L articling period. I don't know much about how the recruitment period for 2Ls went. I think by the end of the year, at least 90% will have articles. I took part in the tax program in the pilot year and it is an excellent experience! It is certainly something that will help 'differentiate' yourself from the other students.
  13. It's unfortunate, but a lot of my 3L colleagues have yet to find a position still. I would say you will almost certainly find a job if you do not have a preference for a specific city. Otherwise, it may take a little longer to find articles if you fail to secure one in the designated recruitment periods. I have faith most will have one in their city of choice by the end of the year though.
  14. What SerDavos is said accurate about online accessibility. I preferred to leave the book at home rather than lug it, even if the professor made specific reference to it. In that case, I just marked his reference in my CAN and said REVIEW - pg 66, para 4. As long as you have case briefs, you're typically fine without bringing the book.
  15. 1. I always have my laptop with me. If I bring the book is dependent on the class (I did in Crim Pro, as it was constantly referenced), but I always have case briefs done. If possible, the online version of the book was my #1 preference. 2. Most are laptops from what I have seen. I saw one classmate taking notes on an Ipad. 3. You can spend as much or as little time as you want doing SLA. I would say SLA definitely doesn't hurt your chances of landing a job, but it isn't necessary. The MOST important part is to differentiate yourself from other students as best as you can. 4. You will be fine if you do not get a 'law' job for 2L summer. I ended up working in-house for my 2L summer and managed to find an articling position. Lots of articling positions at small-mid size firms are filled through the articling requirement period.
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