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  1. Lawyers already get this shit from the public. Do we really need to be posting nonsense/crap like this about ourselves on public forums?
  2. Volunteering with female politicians? Odd description.
  3. Lots of people do it.
  4. You'll need to figure out a way to show that you are actually dedicated to staying in Ottawa depending on the type of job you're looking for. I mean if you're coming to Ottawa for a government or NGO-type job, that's a bit different. But if you're talking about applying to firms, they will want to know that you're not just using them to try to get a job and then leave as soon as something opens up in, say, Toronto or Vancouver. There are lots of jobs to go around, so I would definitely focus more on building your connections and ties to Ottawa itself.
  5. Hard to say because many people come from out of town and aren't looking to stay in Ottawa in the first place. The numbers will vary from year to year.
  6. The interview that led me to my articling job happened in late March, and I got the offer in early April. I knew others who were hired in to the summer. I even got an interview offer from the Crown Law Office Civil in June my year although I had to turn it down since I already had another job lined up. I always thought they must have had a bunch of people flake out or something for them to be restarting the process that late. Point is, there is still lots of hiring going on even though it feels like you've already been searching for ages. Don't get discouraged, just keep pushing forward!! ETA: The trial period sounds pointless and a waste of time anyway, but I certainly wouldn't do it for unpaid articles. And someone correct me if I'm wrk g but I thought the LSO was changing the rules to put a stop to unpaid articles anyway?
  7. I lived in a condo about a 10 min drive out of downtown TO as an associate at a criminal firm in Toronto... our place was tiny, and the rent was still way more than I'm paying now for three times as much space in my current city. It's doable, but it's freaking expensive. Even worse if you want a place downtown. That's mainly why we left Toronto.
  8. I went with Harcourt's in 2016 and they still had the huge discount for new Ontario calls. They did a custom fitting for everything and they sew a tag with your name printed on it into the gown so they don't get accidentally exchanged at the office or court. The quality is excellent. I went with the tropical wool. I'm in them minimum four times a month, but I also just finished a two week trial and they are more comfortable than a suit.
  9. I had a supervisor at a clinic I worked at who I had similar feelings about. I remember she once got upset at me because I hadn't drafted a letter she asked me to draft. Except that I had drafted it. She made a super big deal in her office about opening the student drafts folder waiting for review to show me it wasn't there... except she then saw that it was there. So then she started telling me all about how if I send her a draft and don't hear back within a "reasonable amount of time" that's it's approved or not, it was my responsibility to tell her.... and the whole time I just kept thinking "ya right... I'll just tell her she's kept me waiting too long.... bet she'll love that" Bad attitude? Possibly... but by then I'd had enough experience with knowing that no matter what I did, she would find fault with it. Another time, the same supervisor told me I was taking too long to get through a certain project, so I stayed late and got it all done in one evening. The next morning she chastised me for dumping too much in her "waiting for approvals" basket all in one day. It was just one of those situations where we were just never on the same page, even though when I was first hired I felt great about it and really thought we would communicate well. So you know what I did? I just tried to take the feedback on board as best as I could, correct what I could correct, and then transferred to something else when my term in that section was complete. On the other hand, my articling principal and I hit it off amazingly well. There were zero of these issues, and it was the same when I got my first associate position in my new city... I loved my boss, she was awesome, and we worked incredibly well together. The point is, do you see this firm as somewhere you want to work long term? Maybe it's just not a good fit for you. If that's the case, just continue to do your best, take feedback on board (although feel free to go home and call your principal whatever expletives come to mind while you're complaining to your partner/roommate/friend over dinner), and look to move on when you're done. OTOH, if you legitimately think you can open up better lines of communication with this person, then by all means try. But if asking more questions, and sincerely trying your best to be a team player just isn't working, it might be best to just finish out your commitment and move on.
  10. You're not a baby lawyer, you're a lawyer. You have serious responsibilities to your clients and to the court, justice system, any other system you're working within, etc. Be aware of your limitations and abilities, but never forget that being a recent call or referring to yourself as an infant won't make a problem with LawPro any easier to deal with. It's good that you're aware of your limitations early on, but you also have to be mindful that if you take something on, you're responsible for it full stop now.
  11. I remember being all depressed and starting to consider other options at this time of year back in my year, then I was accepted by two schools in April.
  12. Good for you! Hope the rest of your articles go fantastically well
  13. I was starting to imagine that scene with Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, and the empty fireplace when I thought about you and your articling students
  14. Really? Based on what? I mean, unless you've signed a contract I guess. Doesn't mean it's wise to throw the relationship away after two weeks... but "refuse to release you"? Hm. I found this in the Licensing Process Policies... Termination of Articles 10.38. Articles may be terminated prior to the anticipated end of the Articling Term by either the Candidate or the Principal, or by mutual agreement. 10.39. Where Articles are terminated, the onus is on the Candidate to find another articling placement in order to complete the Articling Term. 10.40. Where Articles are terminated, both the Candidate and the Principal must provide to the Society, within 10 business days of the termination of Articles, written notice that includes the effective date of the termination, and the Principal must provide to the Society, within 10 business days of the termination of Articles, a Certificate of Service under Articles in the Prescribed Form. 10.41. Where the Candidate transfers to another articling placement immediately upon the termination of the Articles, the former Principal, the Candidate and the new Principal must complete and provide to the Society an Assignment of Articles in the Prescribed Form within 10 business days of commencement of the new articling placement.
  15. I don't think reading ahead is a bad idea at all. It's certainly not necessary, but there's no reason someone who's not in law school or already a lawyer can't or shouldn't read cases or current texts on the law. Just make sure that you go in with a mind open to being told your previous reading or interpretation of whatever you've gone through is flawed or even outright incorrect. Law school is supposed to provide you with the context and guidance to better understand what you're reading, but let's not pretend that reading Constitutional Law in Canada as an unguided "civilian" is somehow harmful to their future ability to contextualize or better understood what they've already started to chip away at in terms of learning.
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