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  1. ericontario

    10% tuition cut at Ontario law schools?

    Cutting programs and "not surviving this" is not at all the same thing. But hyperbole aside, are you saying you don't think that there has been any growth in salaries, programming levels etc in the last few years? Like, you can't just go back and say "we're going to run this school like it's 2015 but not cut any salaries or program costs that have increased since then".
  2. ericontario

    10% tuition cut at Ontario law schools?

    Why would it be up to them to figure out a way to make it work other than by cutting program resources? That doesn't make any sense.
  3. ericontario

    10% tuition cut at Ontario law schools?

    A $40 million drop from current levels is kind of a different situation isn't it? What do you think will be cut if not class offerings, TA numbers, etc.? I doubt the senior admins will all just cut their own pay and find office supply efficiencies to do without the extra money.
  4. ericontario

    10% tuition cut at Ontario law schools?

    I don't know why that would be doubtful. Western gets about $400 million from tuition fees every year. How would a $40 million cut to their annual budget not affect programming? 😶
  5. ericontario

    10% tuition cut at Ontario law schools?

    Agreed... for undergrad programs you're looking at what? $600 off for the year? Meanwhile OSAP cuts will far outstrip those savings, and at the same time program quality drops. Great. And I agree with the others above who say the 10% off likely won't apply to professional programs... but the OSAP cuts still will. So in essence, law students are probably looking at yet another increase in tuition over and above what the increases were already slated to be.
  6. Mine was class every day, break over lunch, possible evening classes, some days lighter than others. I had a block where my classes started a bit earlier in the day (10 or 11), except for legal research which was at like 8:30 or something once or twice I week if I recall.
  7. ericontario

    Key Facts to Know

    Parking at the school itself sucks. There's an indoor garage next door but it fills up very fast and was much more expensive than when I had a pass at my undergrad school. There is another garage about a 10-15 minute walk from the school that you can usually find a pass in (or at least you could 4-5 years ago, but there's a residence there now so no idea if that's still true). Some people also rent passes from small private lots in Sandy Hill. OC Transpo is actually really awesome though IMO. The transitway runs right through campus and the LRT line is supposed to open this year which will also stop right on campus, so it's pretty easy to get around the major parts of the city, and covered by your UPASS. So you probably don't need a car. I didn't have one for the first two years of law school and did fine. In 3L I had one but almost never drove to school except when it was -20 during January Term when even the 15-20 minute walk I had to school seemed like an eternity.
  8. ericontario

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    Yep, can't disagree with you there.
  9. ericontario

    Autism + Suits

    Love it. By the time the Court is expressing its displeasure with your choice of apparel, you're already on your way back out the door
  10. ericontario

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    Somewhat disagree... I mean, yes, law school can be that experience... but there are plenty of people who move along using their existing and family connections, or professional connections made well after leaving school, and who don't have their 2L intro to XYZ Law prof writing them reference letters ten years later. Let's not panic the youngins who don't have a favourite prof on speed dial or their Christmas card list. Incidentally, I have a friend who also went to Ottawa, articled out west, and ended up working out on the east cost. Not at all usual, but who knows. Maybe this person has family on both sides of the country.
  11. ericontario

    Without family money, can you afford to buy a home?

    This is why I left Toronto. Yes, it's possible to buy a home on a lawyer's salary without family money. Just depends in where you are and what you're looking for.
  12. As long as you pass both exams by March 2020 and start your articles by the cut off date this summer, then yes, you would be eligible to be called in June 2020.
  13. ericontario

    Autism + Suits

    There's always solicitor work!
  14. ericontario

    Autism + Suits

    Doesn't make any difference if the OP is just looking for somewhere to work that doesn't require/expect/want you to wear a suit, but FWIW I have heard from clients who appreciate coming to a law office that isn't designed to intimidate visitors. I recently had a family client in come and tell me he loves that I don't "sit around in a tuxedo all day"
  15. ericontario

    Weird LSAT Document

    This is why people should try to use more descriptive thread titles