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  1. i dont know why uriel's quote is where aquablu's is supposed to be....sorry!
  2. I don't see a problem of you making it to OZ nor other Ontario schools, With a 3.8 and 163 you will make it to UofT also. good luck obviously there is a big difference in a 164 vs 154 and a 3.5 vs a higher GPA....Good job tho.
  3. As i can see from your post on the other thread your stats were: last 2 years : 3.32/4 best 3 years: 3.575/4 lsat: 154 Unless you rewrote your lsat and got a higher score (or applied under special circumstances or as a mature student) to OZ, i fail to see how you got an offer. As for Queens, unless you rewrote it is hard to believe you got accepted into this early on. For windsor anyting can happen. But as you said, I am clearly wrong.
  4. Hi all, For those of you who were members of the forum in the begining of the admission cycle and recall me doing predictions for this year, I just wanted to know if i predicted correctly. I hope everyone is having a good summer and those who got accepted to LS, good luck next year. whowhere
  5. Congrats Limz. i'm happy to see you finally got in to oz, see u next year. Im sure you'll choose oz over any other school
  6. yes, they will calculate your best 3 years after they receive your final grades in April. Otherwise, how would they know what your best 3 years are without your final grades.
  7. That is true in case of Uottawa, they will mark it as incomplete. However, if you finished your degree and the only thing left if your Feb LSAT and you are an acceptable candidate, you will be accepted before Feb. LSAT marks are released.
  8. if the school takes the highest LSAT, and your current stats are good enough to get you admitted then they will send you an offer. If the school averages the LSAT marks, in this case they will wait.
  9. all the calculation are done according the OLSAS chart for every single school in ontario. OLSAS staff themselves do not do the calculations, they send your marks to individual schools who use the olsas chart to calculate either your CPGA, best 2, best 3. There is really no huge secret in regards to mark calculations. Once they gets your marks, they look up your underg school on the chart and calculate accordingly
  10. With these numbers you will get in into all of the schools. If ottawa is not your first choice and you do not intend on attending there then there is no reason to apply. With the numbers that you have provided you will get in to osgoode, wetern, and queens in the first round and most likely UofT in the first, if not then second round. So are you saying that GPA matters more than LSAT for U of T? I'm not sure how you infer that from this post. In UofT you need both the LSAT and GPA to be at a certain level in comparison to each other. For example, if you have 3.9 GPA a 162 will be enough, if you have a 3.6 you need around 166. Like any other law school they have a system to calculate the ratio of LSAT to GPA.
  11. To be sure that you get accepted aim for 160+. You can also sneak in with a 158+ to Western and Queens. In McGill they look at many more factors aside from the LSAT but you should have over the 75th percentile.
  12. With those numbers you pretty much guaranteed entry to most schools (Queens, Western, Osgoode, UNB, Delhousie, UMan, UAlberta, Ottawa (probably), windsor etc..... The only schools this is low is for Uoft, maybe Uvic and Mcgill (depends on many factors).
  13. Ottawa: probably in (depends on overall profile) windsor: same at ottawa Queens: In Western: In Osgoode: probably in during the later rounds (but depends on pool of applicants)
  14. First of all: IN at Oz, Queens, and Western For UofT: probably in. There have been people with very familiar stats. For example 3.86/163 which is fairly close to yours. In my opinion you will get in to UofT most likely
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