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  1. Good morning: I'm curious as to whether anyone in Greater Toronto has had their test center changed, or been offered accomodation somewhere new in the city... Lately LSAC seems to be (permanently) switching out of many of its traditional major writing centers, namely: U of Toronto Downtown, Humber/Guelph Campus, & Father John Redmond -- none of these are on the docket through April 2020. Others like Madonna Catholic look to be done in July. In their stead, new centers include multiple Xyna Campuses (Vaughan, Brampton), Leap Edge Centre/Dewey College in Mississauga, even the Montecassino Hotel near Downsview. In light of the vastly increased number of annual writings, it appears that LSAC is switching to smaller centers. Instead of the University/College sites and Catholic Secondary Schools, it seems that most future writings will be at private adult education facilities. In any event, a few of our students have been bumped out of their scheduled writing centers...I'm wondering if others have been similarly affected... Lastly, a query for those who signed up for the mysterious "Downtown Toronto Writing Center" ... I gather they've decided on the Delta Chelsea hotel ... but another of my students seems to have gotten conflicting information from LSAC....is anyone else writing at the Chelsea today? (I'll call LSAC when they open if I get no response...but there are always a few anxious souls up at this hour before a writing.) I'd ask the same query in regards to Madonna Catholic & St Basil's Collegiate...anyone scheduled there today? Thanks for any replies & best of luck! ...from all of us at OzPrep.
  2. I'm trying to stay within the rules, folks. Not looking to ruffle feathers. Thanks, BlockedQuebecois, you're quite the gentleman. But I will follow up on the SEO and link errors. Strikes at York are common, but they don't always affect Osgoode as they do on the Schulich side. Yes, the 2015 really threw me for a loop.
  3. I know, right? The reason being is that I did the long 4-year JD MBA program, and encountered some medical problems midway through the degree, and was granted clemency to redo quite a few courses. So I know Osgoode (as well as Schulich) better than most! I have written a very long, insightful blurb about my whole experience, but I now tutor the LSAT professionally, the material is posted on the same url as my tutoring site. In light of ls.ca's rules against self promotion, I'll share the link only once a mod gives me the go ahead. (Mods: there's nothing promoting my services on the pages I would link to). Incidentally, it was all written (bit by bit) on this very blog years ago! I'll answer any questions posed with total honesty, but try to keep them concise. I'll take the usual admissions 'chances' queries, but do remember Osgoode is considered a 'holistic' school (with a big grain of salt added), so results are a little less predictable than the pure index schools out West.
  4. When I was applying 5 years ago, the ONLY Cdn school that averaged was U of Alberta! So keep that in mind. But for Ontario, you're fine.
  5. In late May, LSAC announced it would be making majoring changes to the pre-existing limitation on LSAT writings as well as the number of yearly LSATs administered. A few days ago, they released the following: (1) There is no longer a "waiting period" of two years after you write three LSATs. It seems now that students can write as many times as they can bear (slash afford). (2) Instead of the traditional 4 annual sessions we're all used to, a NEW schedule for 2018-2019 was released, adding an extra writing in the fall (write in September OR October) and an extra writing in MARCH, totaling SIX. For your convenience, I've compiled all the important dates into a .ics file that will easily sync to most calendars: http://icalshare.com/calendars?query=lsat --> So, for an institution that still hasn't figured out toll free numbers (anyone else notice this?) this is QUITE a change; the biggest since the test's inception. It's supposedly brought about by Harvard's decision to allow students to write the GRE instead. But to some, it looks like a bit of a cash grab. Schools will clearly have to increase their standards....and it seems like the truly motivated (with money and time to spare) will benefit. Thoughts?
  6. Seriously? Like a digital form of handwriting? I don't THINK that you're pulling my leg, but it sounds so incredible.. What if I just type with like one finger 'tap' 'tap' 'tap'...
  7. Hi there: I'm a tutor in central TO and I'm always looking to buy gently used (totally clean or very few pencil markings) copies of the "NEXT" 10 Actual, Official Lsat Preptests (the purple one starting at test 29). I teach out of this volume. I'll also buy the other four if they're totally devoid of markings. I'm right on the University line (pm me for address)...so dropoff is easy. I'll pay $10 for the NEXT and $8 apiece for the others. This is comparable to what they sell for Used on Amazon.ca incl s/h. No PDFs! Thanks
  8. Hi there. Can you msg me where you are in the city? I'd be happy to take these off your hands.
  9. I buy lightly used LSAC Official Actual Books for the students I tutor, and you wouldn't believe how many people try to sell me $20 PDF files on Craigslist and Kijiji. There's so much fraud on those sites it's shameful. And doubtless they acquired the PDFs on a free torrent site in the first place. Pure profit. I'm sure lots of kids get conned in this way -- I just report it to Kijiji (which does nothing), point out the copyright violation and threaten to call the RCMP. Maybe scaring them will make them think twice? Doubtful. But I get angry seeing people try to defraud bright-eyed 20-year-olds. Glad to see the mods are watching out for this.
  10. I've never done this kinda thing (scout's honour) but besides obvious cases like this one, how do sites/forums actually catch the more clever Sock Puppeters? (love the epithet). Same IP addresses? What if they just use their Smartphones to control the puppet account. Different IP addresses, right?
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