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    i received the letter than to double check i went online to check my status..and yup it said the same thing. maybe give unb ad com a call and see what's taking so long? (:
  2. ameobat


    Hey Yellow I will absolutely be reapplying for the next admission cycle if I get all dings. I'm flying to TO (in Vic) to retake the LSAT with June pscore course. While I play the waiting game I'm going to be finishing up a second degree (: Should be done by December. No more taking freakingly challenging-insanely hard-theoretical-20-30 page essay courses! *shrug* I can spare another year. :/ Ameobat
  3. ameobat


    dinged at.. UNB Western Ottawa - Still pending at.. Dal UoAlberta UoCalgary UoSaskatchewan ...not being pessimitic but will be getting dings from all of the others. :/
  4. ameobat

    Studying Partner

    hey sepandee, i'm going to be in T.O for the powerscore course. i'm going to be living in don mills area but i'll be d/t almost everyday for studying. you can email me at [email protected] (:
  5. ameobat

    GPA Calculation

    i think uoa does count summer classes.
  6. ameobat

    Dinged from Ottawa

    dinged as well even before they received my feb lsat mark.. guess they're really sticking to the min cgpa 3.0
  7. ameobat


    for those who have gone through the application process twice.. do you find it easier? is it still as stressful? if you provided lor the first time, did you come across any barriers asking for them the second time? what did you do with the extra year? ameobat- hates being in a limbo stage.
  8. ameobat

    3 Essential LSAT Books...

    Logic Games Bible by Powerscore Logic Reading Bible by Powerscore Master the LSAT-Kolby/Nova
  9. for me it was also LR-...i was about to quit on this one.. LG-eeeeh...one of the games didn't really get.. LR- RC-didn't find it to hard.. LR- anyone thinking about cancelling?
  10. ...I somehow managed to lose mine...:/
  11. ameobat

    what to do what to do..

    (: thanks yellow-you must have read my mind. I'm grateful for another opportunity..
  12. ameobat

    what to do what to do..

    nod, I know that with a 146 I'm going to be an automatic reject at all schools. I; however, am not going to give up hope on UoA though. When I get rejected by them this year, I'll apply again the following year. Thanks for the suggestion tho!
  13. ameobat

    what to do what to do..

    thanks guys punisher, you're right I did carry the fanciful idea I would score above my preptests (was at mid 150's for preptests.) mutuall, thanks for reminding me! I nearly forgot that with each new admission cycle the requirements tend to be a bit higher. ....as well as cost... mutuall & punisher, I think I'm going to take a few more preptests up until the late registration date for the feb sitting and see how I am. If I'm not atwhere I need to be I'll forget about the LSATs for a month or two and then re-attack it with a course. Thank you for the suggestions!! As for gpa-I'm sort of trapped to the schools I mentioned but I'm alright with that, I'm content with my last/best two years. Ah well
  14. ameobat

    what to do what to do..

    i wrote the dec test-scored a 146 hoping to apply for 2005 admissions. I'm applying to uoa (I really really want to go there), uoc, uos, dal, unb, uoo, uwo.. the two schools I really want to get into won't take the Feb lsat score (UoA & UoC), the other's will. My top choice is UoA-closer to home, not too small and not too too big, amazing chinatown, etc etc. ...what to do? Carry on with a sense of false hope/ bite the bullet/ study again for the feb test and accept a second best school. OR, invest the time to take a Powerscore/Testmaster course in TO/write the June test and reapply for 2006? -really really frustrated ameobat
  15. not getting into 2005 admissions scored a 146... too good to be true to receive my final grades of a 3.9 and have a decent lsat.. sigh