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  1. It might not get better, I’m a fourth year, don’t docket non-bills since my firm doesn’t care about them, and bill about 200 per month, and would guess another 50+ easy in non-billlables. As others have mentioned, it could definitely get better if you change forms, get more senior, etc... but I also know of plenty senior associates doing the same.
  2. “With the greatest of respect..” you wouldn’t have to work so many hours if you used fewer words to say same thing
  3. I articled at a firm with fewer than 10 lawyers and I paid, I assume smaller firms are less likely to pay but there is probably a limit to the anecdotal info you will get here
  4. Well I assume they can generally make the same at any firm, so why would compensation be a differentiator between firms
  5. I’m also a Tractor regular, it’s legit and in my opinion way better than B Good, which it’s somewhat similar to
  6. If the assumption is that you aren’t hired back, then 1 is clearly the better option.
  7. I feel like an oft-overlooked factor is how great those substances are!
  8. I think you should take the job, pad the resume, take down a few of those shockingly high associate paycheques, and then lateral into the dream job you want later. If you turn this down, you are admittedly not guaranteed an articling job with the place you are summering with and run the risk of being unemployed come next May with close to $100K in debt, which I think is fiscally irresponsible bordering on dumb. I think the unwritten assumption in the above is that you are such a hot shit candidate that you would have no problem getting employed elsewhere, which might be true but I’ve seen plenty of brilliant students not get jobs, so imo it’s a roll of the dice. Best of luck with whichever way you choose.
  9. Why does it sound unrealistic that a large firm would change course in partner compensation and reward rainmakers more?
  10. It’s a commonly used colloquial term, get off your high horse.
  11. Those are roughly my hours and my sense is that BJs might be substantially worse than that but, again, this is probably practise group dependent, year of call dependent, etc...
  12. I know a few people there and their hours are among the worst on Bay, probably practise group dependent.
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