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  1. This isn’t really a hot take, how is this different from what literally every news source is saying
  2. “If you miss target and get a small bonus, we’ll that sucks but a lot of people are in the same boat” is a pretty zen attitude towards extremely non-standard billing practices that seem designed almost exclusively to result in missed target and a small bonus. All due respect, but it sounds like you and the other associates at your firm have drank Kool Aid and have convinced yourselves that your firm’s billing practices are an industry norm - they’re not, and it sounds like you guys are getting screwed by the partners.
  3. As Confucius once said : “no”.
  4. What practice area are you looking for?
  5. I have the one I sent to the last guy in 2017, if that works send me a PM with your email and I’ll send it across tonight. I practise in the area and not much has really changed.
  6. No partner at a Bay Street firm is making under $200K, you are full of shit
  7. No partner is making that money at a large Toronto law firm, that’s barely mid level associate money
  8. It might not get better, I’m a fourth year, don’t docket non-bills since my firm doesn’t care about them, and bill about 200 per month, and would guess another 50+ easy in non-billlables. As others have mentioned, it could definitely get better if you change forms, get more senior, etc... but I also know of plenty senior associates doing the same.
  9. “With the greatest of respect..” you wouldn’t have to work so many hours if you used fewer words to say same thing
  10. I articled at a firm with fewer than 10 lawyers and I paid, I assume smaller firms are less likely to pay but there is probably a limit to the anecdotal info you will get here
  11. Well I assume they can generally make the same at any firm, so why would compensation be a differentiator between firms
  12. I’m also a Tractor regular, it’s legit and in my opinion way better than B Good, which it’s somewhat similar to
  13. If the assumption is that you aren’t hired back, then 1 is clearly the better option.
  14. I feel like an oft-overlooked factor is how great those substances are!
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