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  1. I think you should take the job, pad the resume, take down a few of those shockingly high associate paycheques, and then lateral into the dream job you want later. If you turn this down, you are admittedly not guaranteed an articling job with the place you are summering with and run the risk of being unemployed come next May with close to $100K in debt, which I think is fiscally irresponsible bordering on dumb. I think the unwritten assumption in the above is that you are such a hot shit candidate that you would have no problem getting employed elsewhere, which might be true but I’ve seen plenty of brilliant students not get jobs, so imo it’s a roll of the dice. Best of luck with whichever way you choose.
  2. Why does it sound unrealistic that a large firm would change course in partner compensation and reward rainmakers more?
  3. It’s a commonly used colloquial term, get off your high horse.
  4. Those are roughly my hours and my sense is that BJs might be substantially worse than that but, again, this is probably practise group dependent, year of call dependent, etc...
  5. I know a few people there and their hours are among the worst on Bay, probably practise group dependent.
  6. Lol, this. Calling a $100K starting salary with potential to advance to $200K+ without generating a single client a pyramid scheme is offensive to any victim of a real pyramid scheme.
  7. I’m in my third year of practise and have met many surly senior clerks, maybe you’ll meet one on day 5.
  8. If you don’t establish the 6 month renegotiation timeline now, I doubt the firm will be willing to renegotiate in 6 months given that junior lawyers’ salaries are uniformly re-evaluated on an annual basis.
  9. Pretty poorly worded press release, are they implying that they’re going to eliminate unpaid articling? If so, I’m all for that change. I’m not a big fan of audits and mandatory training for articling principals, there are already plenty of disincentives to hiring articling students (I suppose an additional one is that now they have to actually be paid), not sure why the LSO wants to create new ones.
  10. I practise securities at a downtown Toronto law firm and my hours are similar to testcase’s; however, I tend to work slightly more over the weekend. I can’t speak to lawyers in other practise areas, but my sense is that most similarly situated lawyers are working similar hours. I’m a third year call for reference.
  11. You will probably get no interviews, so apply more broadly to increase your chances.
  12. Uriel I don’t know where you find the time to do this, but I suggest everyone appreciate the effort! I also work in ‘biglaw’ and it’s enough of a struggle for me to find the time to go for coffeee with the odd student, much less manage a Q&A.
  13. If you acknowledge that there is a stigma then I think it logically follows that it makes sense not to broadcast it to your employer to the greatest extent possible. I don’t think the stigma is justified either, but it’s a competitive job market so why bother giving the partners any ammunition not to hire you back?
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