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  1. I know of BLG, Lavery, Clyde & Co, Miller Thomson... Who else?
  2. Out of curiosity: how many events are scheduled next Monday? I hear of lots of people that have to decline / cancel events due to a conflict.
  3. I am wondering as well! They called people that had their interview Monday on Tuesday early afternoon but I did not hear of anyone interviewed yesterday receiving a call.
  4. It may come today for a few lucky people but I wouldn't stress about it too much.
  5. Lapointe called yesterday during the evening.
  6. I'd like to but it's a bit too early given that my plans have changed drastically. I'll try be there for the Student Meet-Up though.
  7. I got a call yesterday from the faculty and was accepted ! I'll see you all on Tuesday !
  8. I received the further waitlist letter this afternoon (aka the VIP list)... I'm in to wait until the very end of August. Anyone else in my position ?
  9. Should we expect to receive answer soon ? It's getting awfully long...
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