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  1. Well the University i will be attending is in Spain and it's one of their most prestigious universities (the University of Salamanca). It is being conducted with a specific exchange program at U of T with a pre-determined set of courses. My only concern though is the fact that all these courses will be taught in Spanish, so my grades may not all be up to par. After having a reasonably low GPA for law school in first year (3.0) and aiming for high GPA's in the next 3 years, I'm worried that maybe i should skip the whole exchange thing and stick to getting my degree first. I'm also applying to U of O for their MA/LLB program in International Relations, and I figured that going away for a year and improving my spanish would be a big boost for admission.
  2. going away for a year leaves an empty year on your academic transcript. you have the courses but not the grades, how would law schools calculate your two best years then? based on the 3 of the 4?
  3. Did anyone get accepted or rejected? what were your stats?
  4. If you bothered to read my post instead of being a smartass, then you realized I specified that I wanted to attend the University of Ottawa. U of O has a holistic admissions, so all 4 years are looked at. thanks for stopping by!
  5. I'm incredibly paranoid about getting into law school. I have a GPA in first year of a 3.1 (A+, B+, B, B-, C) [funny eh?]. I really feel my GPA could be alot higher if it wasnt for the one C, (a stream of courses I will never have to take again). I go to U of T (st.george) and I am just curious if graduating from U of T will carry any weight with my law school admission and if this C- will come back to haunt me? I want to go to U of O for the LLB/MA program.
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