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  1. Hey homies/homettes... Im looking for a 1-bedroom FULLY FURNISHED apartment/suite/etc to lease or sublet for the upcoming 2007-2008 academic year. My name is Jon Lim... born and raised in Vancouver... I attended Dal Law for my first two years of law school but I will be attending UVic for my last year as a "visiting student"... I need a place to stay- time is running out! If you have a fully furnished 1-bedroom suite you are trying to lease/sublet, or if you know of a place, please let me know! Price isnt a big deal but Im looking to spend under $1000 per month. I will also have my car with me so location isnt a big deal either! I will be in Victoria next weekend (aug 18-19) so please contact me before then so we can arrange to meet! Here is my info: Jon Lim - regular 24 yr old dude; 3rd year law student - non-smoker (that includes the wacky-tabacky!) - super clean and a bit of a neat-freak (e.g. i cant stand crumbs) - no pets (my cat died a few years ago ) - requires a parking spot - requires a fully-furnished suite! - dont care about utilities - enjoys cooking but wont stink up the place with strange herbs and spices! anyways.. pls contact me ASAP if you have or know of a place i can rent!! phone: 778 8819134 email: [email protected] THANKS FOR LOOKING AND SEE YOU ALL IN SEPTEMBER!
  2. Jon The Natural Lim

    Professor Morrison? (LRW)

    Morrison wasnt THAT bad... she should be the least of your worries for LRW. Sure her lectures were brutal.. but wtf.. it's LRW, homie! What got to ME, personally, was the inconsistent marking on the assignments. Some of the grad students who marked my assignments were total fugging NOOBS when it came to citations, etc...! When i knew for a FACT that an answer i got marked wrong was actually right, i bitched to prof morrison and she was always super helpful. She didnt mind changing my mark when it was CLEAR that i should have gotten an answer RIGHT. In other words, what im trying to say is that she's very fair. Shes not MEAN or anything, either... I did poorly on my first memo and she took a tonne of time to make comments on it for me (i.e. where i went wrong/how i could improve, etc...) I ended up PWNING the second memo and a big part of that was due to the advice she gave me. Or... I could be wrong. Maybe i got a kick ass mark because im such a fugging PIIIIIIMP!!! (prof morrison)----> 8) <----(me)
  3. Jon The Natural Lim

    orientation website!

    HEY! What the...! How come im in so many of those Orientation website pics??? I look like such a geek haha! And where did u get that pic of me and Mahdi where Im throwing up the "westsiiiiiide" sign?! Argh I look like such a wankster in that pic
  4. Jon The Natural Lim

    laptop and law school-necessity,luxury or useless???

    the trick is to become extremely profficient in MS Word (or whatever program you are using to take notes in class). Learn how to use/make hotkeys for things like "highlighting", "boxing", underlining, etc... so you can take nice notes FAST. I can never understand how law students can write so damn much in class without having their hands fall off afterwards. I guess they are really good at picking out the key notes to take but I dont like taking that risk. I will copy out a whole lecture word for word if i have to. Then when i have time later in the evening or on the weekend, i can go back and pick out the important stuff... invest in a good laptop, learn how to type FAST, and become an expert in using HOTKEYS!!!
  5. Jon The Natural Lim

    People misleading others about being lawyers---thoughts?

    take a dump in a paper bag, light it on fire, and then leave it by her desk one morning
  6. Jon The Natural Lim

    Random Dal/Halifax Q's

    UG exams and law school exams are totally different first of all, the law school exams are worth 100% of your final marks (unless you do better on the midterm, in which case it will be something like a 70/30 split)... the ability to grab a second year summering job is pretty much solely based on your first year exam marks so basically, there is a TONNE of pressure to do well on these exams... another thing: even if you write for 3 hours straight, chances are you STILL wont completely finish the exam in conclusion, law school exams SUCK.. they suck harder than the toronto maple leafs... and boy, do the leafs SUCK this year...
  7. Jon The Natural Lim

    Halifax questions

  8. hey guys... summer sublet with option to renew... check out the details: My roommate and I are going back home for the summer. Here is your chance to lease a MASSIVE 2 bedroom apartment between May 1st and August 31st! PLUS, you will have the option to renew the lease on Sept 1st! The location is Prince Joe Castle at 5778 South Street - right across from the hospital (because you are right next door, you wont be affected by the power outages during the winter!). 8 min walk from the DAL main campus and 8 min walk to Sobeys! Perfect location... 10-15 min walk to downtown... The apartment is fully furnished (for the summer only) with hardwood floors and has a FULL kitchen, 1.5 washrooms, heat, and hotwater. There is a laundry room on each of the 4 floors of the building! I'm not exaggerating when I say this apartment is HUGE. The living room and BOTH bedrooms are MASSIVE. Most importantly, the location is great (especially if you are a student) and the superintendents are the nicest people you will ever meet! The building itself is in great condition and everything looks new! See link for further info: http://www.halifaxapartmentrentals.com/ ... o.asp?id=8 Price: $1200 a month ($600 each)... PRICE IS FULLY NEGOTIABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to contact me for questions and/or even some pictures at [email protected] or (902) 412-1463 or by email! Thanks for looking! Jon Lim
  9. Jon The Natural Lim

    Racism / Minorities in Halifax?

    im a canadian chinese... born and raised my whole life in vancouver... first year so far is awesome... nova scotians (and eastern canadians in general) are sooooooooooooooooo friendly... havent experienced any racism whatsoever. Sure it exists- im not so naiive to think that it doesnt. but it exists in vancouver too... it exists everywhere... IF WE ALL CLOSE OUR EYES, ARE WE NOT THE SAME COLOR?!?!?!! anyways.. i forgot what my original point was... im sitting here at the dal law library about to crack open my crim book and i think im just trying to kill time and procrastinate like i usually do. Oh well... In conclusion... DAL LAW IS AWESOME! Great balance between working hard and having a great time... ok back to work! good luck with getting in! And if you are already in, see you next week at pith and substance! Jon the POKER ASSASSIN Lim
  10. Jon The Natural Lim

    Honestly folks

    to my understanding - in general, on a scale of 1-10 for importance of your personal statements (1 being "not important" and 10 being "very important") for your law school apps, it would fall around 3-4... in other words - worry more about your LSAT score/GPA, which lands around 9-10 on the scale!
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    thats so awesome! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Jon The Natural Lim

    Guidebook for Prospective and Current Law Students Canada

    what a crappy cover!
  13. Jon The Natural Lim

    When is tuition due?

    which means i have exactly one month from today to convert my $100 into at least $6000 thru online poker!!!
  14. Jon The Natural Lim

    When is tuition due?

    isnt the date much later? bursaries/financial aid apps arent even available at that time and furthermore, dont you only have to pay the first half of the year's tuition at the first deadline?
  15. Jon The Natural Lim

    Mention gym membership/personal hobbies in apps?

    honestly, i dont think you have to go into that much detail and say you have a membership, spend an hour in the gym everyday, etc.. i think at most, you can mention that you are very interested in your own "personal health and physical well-being" and thats it. Going into too much detail would be irrelevant