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  1. Question for you guys living in ECV: how is it? in terms of - cleanliness -noise -general ickiness?
  2. Theres some talk that several grades are being upheld due to disputes. Im waiting for one mark too and its driving me insane.
  3. Im gonna be dropping these two, but wanted to ask if anyone here wants the courses, so you can scoop them up. Please let me know. Cheers!
  4. Yayha = exams are brutal, but easy to do well if you knw your stuff Bills = best prof ever.
  5. Wookie: If you find me so aggravating, dont read my posts, or hold your typing tongue so to speak. I have found you (and some others on this board) equally aggravating and thus rarely reply to your posts anymore. I am on this board to help others and hope that most posters will agree that I have done so most of the time - but I cannot help potential or current students by lying or conforming to what you or other people want to hear. I *think* Im a pretty nice and trustworthy person and try my best to give 100% to help others when they need it, whether its on this board, through PMs, at school with classmates, at work, or any others - however, if being honest - standing up for what I believe in and have experience from is "contemptuous" of my peers, that I guess I better work on that lying, back stabbing, note stealing, gossiping, collectivist hype buying persona thats so well accepted by people like you as genuine friendship. End of discussion for me.
  6. BTW, on a non-confrontational note, and for your own sanity, you are buying into first year hype. If you think that is true, you need to simmer down. Just check out any 2L or 3L class.
  7. Wookie: What I hate most about law school are the douchebags who over hype and over exaggerate the difficulty of everything becuz a) they shouldnt be in law school in the first place or b) they are inept, or c) it makes them feel more important to be "stressin" out so it seems they are moving mountains (completing this insanely hard task) instead of stomping on a mole hill. Would it make you feel better if I lied and told everyone I study insanely long hours, so to fit your perceived norm? Would it be better to tell all potential and incoming students that IT REALLY IS impossible so they stress out too? Somehow, some people in law school like to make themselves feel overly important or as if they are acheiving this crazy task only a few select people can endure ---- to gain respect. AS IF. Law school is pretty much like any type of school, and it requires less intellect out of any other discipline - its just rule and fact application. Most readings can be wittled down to ONE rule/ratio. OH - and - everyone who knows me, knows what I say on here is true, I do what I say, and say what I do - and I havent been afraid to voice my concerns in real life either. PS: Wookie, if you need my help, Id be glad to. Your last few posts on the board seem to show an air of being lost and thus, frustrated. Dont project your insecurities onto my posts - its unbecoming.
  8. Tom: I think it depends if you can afford to go and how you feel about short term-long term goals. When I was applying for law schools/deciding where to go, I let finances solely dictate which school I chose - and it was a huge mistake. I just couldnt imagine the debt I would incur if I went to the Tier 1 US - plus the scholarships for Canadian students (I got around 1 semester tuition) didnt even touch the ones from Canada (compared to full three years tuition). However, now that Im a little older and perhaps a bit more mature, if I could do over, I definitely wouldve gone South or at least Ontario.
  9. But it seems to be exceedingly difficult to get very good grades. It seems that most people can get Cs and Bs without much effort, but it is very hard to crack into the A or A- range. I havent found it to be too different from my undergrads; Ive put in less effort (around 2 hours of studying before an exam) and my grades stayed about the same. I do agree that exam courses are harder to get in the A range, especially when youre not sure what the prof's style is.
  10. baka: The course content is the same to an extent, but the exams vary, even within professors at the same school. My 1L contracts exam was completely different in terms of focus than the other sections at my school.
  11. No one actually fails law school unless they really want to. Some people drop out for their own reasons, but you dont actually fail out (like most first year engg students do) - there is no weeding process to deliberatly reduce the numbers. The marking is on a curve, so if you fail out, you really have to try, or you have serious issues. Contrary to what most people say, law school is not academically hard. Ive found in the last 3 years that its easier than what most people would want you to believe. However, the weeding out process starts at the articling stage (whether you find one, and what firm/organization its with) and the bar exam.
  12. Jay: Where do you want to go/end up?
  13. I think everything worked out...unfortunately, I did not experience it personally or else I would remember for sure. I think what happens is the site gets logged with so many people trying to submit at the last minute that it ends up kicking people out.
  14. This happened last year - try to search for the post.
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