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  1. To those mentioning that there have been departures to NYC - what practice area and year of call have these lawyers been? Have they been proactively reaching out to recruiters or being recruited?
  2. Quite frankly we're all losers for spending time on an internet forum posting about this. I try to limit my posts to 3 sentences because anything longer is time wasted.
  3. Expectation: I want to show gratitude to all of the people that helped in the hiring process for giving me this opportunity. Reality: Goddammit recruitment always happens at the busiest time of year. Okay, out of these 40 names on a list, let's just go with the ones who have the highest scores and be done with it. Definitely not doing this again next year.
  4. Ehh..if those are the benefits, not really worth it IMO. It'd be more believable if you just came out and said you wanted to show off to people. But to show gratitude? 🙄 But you do you. Edit: Will also add, making a post a week later might look worse upon you given the backlash people have been getting. At least those who made posts early didn't expect the backlash. Cons >>>>>>>>>>> Pros
  5. Does law school really prepare you for working in big law? Looking back, my three years of law school were the biggest waste of time except for the fact that it's necessary to practice law.
  6. You made one of these posts didn't you...?
  7. Saw this posted on my LinkedIn feed (bolded the important part):
  8. All forms of social media are garbage, partly for the reasons mentioned above. Linkedin's the same as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and the rest, just guised as a "career tool". Having it might be good for visibility but otherwise I'd recommend only using it when you need it - like a plunger.
  9. The number one priority of every firm is to secure their top choices. Naturally, once a student falls out of that group, they become secondary. This may seem obvious, but rest assured any disinterest is not intentional. I know that the recruitment team at my firm has been putting in 25 hour days trying to evaluate candidates and doing the best they can to secure who they believe to be the best possible summer class. In a perfect world they'd have the resources to be keeping every candidate in the loop and responding to emails, but unfortunately that's not the way it works. For the record, as an associate host I've been trying to keep my candidates updated, but sometimes even I'm in the dark on where they stand and they best possible option is to keep any emails from the candidates unanswered as to not jeopardize the process.
  10. So what I've gathered from the last few posts is that Bennett Jones is clearly circumventing the rules.
  11. Yes, the consensus seems to be that firms will adopt hybrid policies where people have to work from the office a couple of times a week but can work remote for the reminder. I'm curious how this will play out though - will lawyers' offices remain or will they be removed in place of an open-concept and/or hoteling type of arrangement? A number of people I've spoken to couldn't imagine doing their jobs without the privacy afforded by an office, and I tend to agree just given how much time is spent on the phone. Another arrangement seems to be for senior partners to get first dibs on whether to keep their offices and then down the list by seniority for remaining offices, or for firms to conduct a survey of lawyers and to keep offices just for those who plan to use their offices more often. But then this will just lead to a power imbalance of sorts where those without offices will feel slighted or will cheat the system to have an office. Of course, another alternative is for all offices to remain as they are now, but then there may not be significant cost savings.
  12. Word on the street is that some big firms are changing their policies to allow for more flexibility in the future (i.e. letting people work from home even after COVID-19). Curious if anyone's heard anything and if this is something that's going to become normal. The shift to permanent or partial WFH may result in a shift in how firms recruit and likewise, may be attractive to certain people who prefer that flexibility.
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