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  1. Some of the statements said in here are incorrect. With respect to landing Calgary big firm jobs, there is no advantage between U of A or U of C, they are viewed identically by the big firms. If you want to practice in Calgary, you can choose either school. Each year summer students at Blakes, BJs, BDP, Norton Rose, etc. will have students from both U of A and U of C.
  2. Yep agreed. I think StudentLife has a warped reality of actual salaries.
  3. Not sure why you have such an issue with MR Edmonton. They are one of the city's most respected firms despite being a 5-10 minute drive to the courthouse. In any event the salaries vary greatly in Edmonton.
  4. This is incorrect. McLennan Ross pays very close to Calgary salaries and is a mid size. Bennett Jones also pays Calgary salaries. Re: small firms, the numbers you're quoting are closer.
  5. Some of the advice here is strange. If you will go into financial stress by living close it will outweigh any benefits by living closer. I would say a 45 minute commute is fine.
  6. Should have been a bit more clear. Many businesses make $2 million a year, doesn't mean those profits are all drawn out of the business in the form of a salary by the owner.
  7. I think the OP is mixing up being a businessperson and being a lawyer. It is very difficult to earn north of $1 million as a lawyer in income as there are a very limited number of lawyers in the country that earn above this income. The same cannot be said for business people, there are many business people across the country that earn north of $1 million income (after expenses). I think he needs to adjust his expectations for what he will earn from actually being a lawyer...
  8. Exactly big law firms are aware that out of their 30 articling students for any given year, one maybe two will make partner. That is how the model works and just because only a couple people make partner doesn't mean the other students that 'fell off' were not profitable and useful while they were with the firm.
  9. I don't think the Calgary salaries have increased in 10-15 years and with the downturn in oil, I don't see it happening for a while.
  10. I thought they changed the rules that if you fail one module you automatically have to repeat the year?
  11. Have you actually gone through the process or this just based on your own assumptions?
  12. This is bad advice. All the Calgary large firms recruit equally between U of A and U of C. The Calgary firms do a ton of recruiting at U of A and you are at no way disadvantage by attending U of A. I don't want this to get into a pissing match between both schools but one is not better than the other for landing a job in Calgary.
  13. Probably the worst advice when recommending which bank to go with respect to who to use for a LOC.
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